My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1032

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1032

The lady’s identity was revealed on the card—Anna Yard, president of the Ronney Group.
This can’t be right. Did I really bump into such a significant person while having a meal? No, she must be a swindler.
How was it possible that the lady Sophia had met on a casual day out was also a member of the Yard Family? Not to mention, the president of the Ronney Group?

Before Michael went to the Yard Residence, he repeatedly reminded her not to let her guard down and not to trust strangers so easily, especially the Cethosians.

Many Cethosians who had traveled a long distance away from home could not help but feel a sense of familiarity with other Cethosians they met here and would willingly believe everything they said.

But in actuality, those swindlers were only taking advantage of this sense of familiarity to swindle Cethosians.

Some of the Cethosians in this place were atrocious. They had originally followed the Yard Family over centuries ago and were now foreigners in disguise as Cethosians. Nonetheless, they were still against mainland Cethosians.

It was possible that the numerous Cethosian children at the black market were taken from their parents by those people.

While Sophia carefully fed the child in her arms, she was also thinking of a way to bring these children back to their parents.

Michael did not want to get the police involved as the police force here was also heavily corrupt and might also be part of this dark industry. If they made a report, it could ruin the business and lead those people to seek revenge for destroying their wealth.

Michael and Sophia were foreigners here. They had no power in someone else’s territory, so they were better off laying low.

Moreover, it might not be helpful to report these children here since their parents were probably no longer in the country. The local underworld was quite reasonable. They did not attract the attention of tourists and consumers. Hence, these children were probably sent in from somewhere else.

Essentially, finding their parents was like finding a needle in a haystack.

They could only take the children back to Cethos for now and worry about other things later.

Michael and Quinton returned at night.

“How did it go? Did you find the child?”

Sophia rushed out excitedly to ask them. Unfortunately, both of them came back empty-handed; not even a strand of a child’s hair was seen.

As expected, they did not manage to bring the child back.

How could it be that easy to convince the Yard Family to surrender one of their people? Even though Quinton had killed someone for them before, it was not much use.

Quinton’s mentor, the former Phantom Wolf, was once a security guard for the Yard Family.

No, he was not just a security guard. The Yard Family came from an imperial background. The former Phantom Wolf was probably an armed guard in the palace or the chief of the palace guards.

After that, for various reasons, he left the Yard Family and became a first-generation Phantom Wolf disciple; he became an assassin.

To the Yard Family, however, that friendship was completely worthless. To them, Quinton and his mentor were no more than dogs.

Michael was also a bit worn out. After coming in and taking off his coat, he asked, “Where are the children?”

Simultaneously, he went to open the bedroom door and found eight new small beds laid out with eight small children lying on each one.

Bubbles and Snowball were also sleeping inside the room. There was also a Ragdoll in the cat cage. The cat was a model Sophia had brought with her when she planned to work with the Ronney Group to launch a series of pet luxury goods. Since she was not looking to work with them anymore, the cat was used to keep watch on the children.

Looking at each of the children sleeping soundly, Michael felt satisfied and fulfilled.

Since they had already bought those children, they might as well find them a good home.

Later, Quinton stayed and the three of them had a drink and a midnight snack on the balcony. They also thought over ways to bring the child back.

Sophia was grilling some meat on the barbecue in the enclosed balcony where there was an air circulation system.

Quinton took a sip of beer and said, “I want to find a way to meet the head of the Yard Family, Anna Yard. My mentor saved her life before; perhaps she will help us out.”

Anna Yard?

Sophia recalled the name card she received today.

Was she the president of the Ronney Group or the head of the Yard Family?

Michael ate a piece of meat on a skewer. The meat skewers in Ronney lacked slightly in flavor compared to those in Bayside City. They are probably still adhering to the taste of the Yard Dynasty. It tastes awful. He inquired, “What connection does your mentor and Anna share?”

Quinton was getting a bit tipsy. After he put down the beer bottle, he looked at Sophia who was staring at him with her big round eyes and waiting to hear the story. “I think the Fletcher Family is still to blame for this.”

Michael raised an eyebrow. “Oh?”

Quinton chuckled. “That year, our ancestors led troops to attack the Yard Family’s mail boat. They killed the foreigners and the Imperial Yard Family!”

He was probably a bit drunk to talk about their ancestor’s feat all those years ago, but it showed that he still had some pride for being a Fletcher.

“That night, the Imperial Yard Family’s ministers and generals held a court on the mail boat to settle state affairs. Their emperor, empress, princess, and crown prince were all present. They were planning on setting off to Bayside City under the protection of the foreigners and enter the imperial palace there to make their comeback. But, the Fletcher Family rushed in unexpectedly and killed all of them.”

“That battle was truly horrendous. The Fletchers wiped out the Yard Family’s direct line of descent, only letting a group of women and children go. In the end, they only had one son in their family for generations. Now, Anna Yard is the only one left. But, the branch families were growing steadily, so of course, those extended families plotted something.”

“The Yard Family had internal strife. Anna was being hunted and my mentor was the one who saved her. She has secured her place in the Yard Family and even has two capable sons. But, without my mentor, she would have been dead by now.”

Sophia and Michael finished hearing the whole story and could not help but feel astonished. They did not know that she had such a history.

If Quinton could meet Anna, there was bound to be a solution. The problem was that he could not meet her.

They could not even meet her sons, much less Anna, who was constantly attending to important matters every day.

“I can meet her!” Sophia was eating meat skewers at the side and listening to them when she interrupted, “The reason I came here was to meet the Ronney’s twin representatives and get a chance to work with them. The appointment is tomorrow. I can go and talk to them!”

The two representatives of the Yard Family were twins and they turned out to be Anna’s sons!

Quinton and Michael thought that it was a good idea. Since they could not have a private meeting, Sophia could go and meet them under the pretense of discussing a business deal.

The three of them talked late into the night before Quinton finally went back to rest. He had a good conversation with Michael and even had a lot to drink. He was not walking straight anymore by the time he left.

That was the first time the two brothers drank together.

They were actually very much alike since they shared the same genes.

The next day, Sophia set off to the Ronney Group. Michael and Quinton also followed along inside the car. As they drove in the city center, Sophia admired the busy streets outside. “The Ronney Group has made this place into the capital. Look over here and over there—these are all ancient imperial city plans.”

“If this were ancient times, who would dare plan a city like this? Their whole clan would be implicated!”

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