My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1031

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1031

The child of around two to three years of age leaned pitifully in Sophia’s arms. She was scared, anxious, was too afraid to speak, and had her lips pressed together tightly. Despite having suffered, she did not dare to say a word. Michael was a father himself and did not have the heart to turn the child away.
“Okay. If you like her, we will buy her.”
After they paid for the child, Sophia stopped going in further and went to a rest area with the child in her arms instead.

She knew that she was not fit to go in there. She feared that she would not be able to control herself and end up buying all the children in the market.

Meanwhile, Michael and Quinton went into the specialized area where they were selling children and asked around for a while before they got a definite answer—the Yard Family had bought the child.

“D*mmit! It had to be the Yard Family!” Michael cursed.

After finding out that it was the Yard Family, he thought it was fortunate but also a pain.

At least, the child was not sold into the pornographic industry or a killer organization. She was not sold to gruff old men as a plaything either. It was the most fortunate outcome in that wretched place.

The Yard Family was of imperial descent and they still carried on the imperial family’s traditions. Every year, they took in children of unknown origins and trained them to become bodyguards from a young age. They were similar to shadow guards in ancient times.

But, why did it have to be the Yard Family?

The Fletcher Family turned them from a flourishing entity to being left with only one son for generations. It was going to be a lot of work to bring that child back.

Suddenly, a frown appeared on Michael’s forehead and he ran out of the specialized area toward the rest area. When he got there, however, he did not see Sophia but only Hale with five to six children. Hale looked at Michael helplessly with his palms in the air in front of him.

Not long after, Sophia came back with two more children. Now, there were eight of them in total.

Both Michael and Quinton gaped at her.

I knew I shouldn’t have brought her here! She is going to buy all the children in the market at this rate!

The eight children were all around the same age as Carmen. Each one of them looked pitiful. Michael felt his head start to ache at the sight.

If that had been eight cats or eight dogs, or even eight alpacas, it would have been better. These were eight children!

While other people splurged on bags, she splurged on children.

His wife did have a very peculiar way of squandering their family fortune.


Sophia knew that he was mad. She simply looked at him pitifully with a child in her arms.

Giving in to her, he quickly paid for the children and left that precarious place.

Once they brought all the children back to the hotel, Sophia had people buy bags of necessities for the children.

The children should have been at an age where they were lively, adorable, and cheeky, but none of them uttered a single word. They listened to everything Sophia said without making a sound or crying. How much did they suffer to become so traumatized?

When she bought the children, she was completely furious and could not bear to see them in misery. Who knew what they would go through after today?

Looking at them, they all seemed healthy. They probably had parents who adored them but were somehow sold off to a place like that.

The children were all of different races—Caucasian, Black, and Asian. If Sophia wanted to find their parents, she would have to search the entire world, which did not seem possible. It looked like she would have to take them all in, but she did not regret it.

It did not matter if she had to take them all in. She wanted to find them adoptive families once they returned home. If no one adopted them, then she would raise them.

At the same time, Michael and Quinton were having a discussion in the study.

“We have to get the child. Let me do it instead. It won’t be good for you to show up there. I’ll make a deal with them as a member of the Phantom Wolf and bring the child back. The animosity between the Fletcher and Yard Families runs too deep. You shouldn’t go there. I’ve made a deal with the Yards before. They paid me to kill one of their enemies. I have had some history with them.”

After a moment of hesitation, Michael decided to entrust Quinton with the matter. Even though he did not trust him completely, he felt like he could, at least, trust Quinton on this.

“Okay, but I want to come along.”

The following day, after their visit to the black market, the two men went to the Yard Residence to find the child.

Sophia did not go with them this time. She felt like she would ruin things if she went with them again. She did not go anywhere and only stayed in the hotel to care for the children.

She was looking after eight children by herself. If that had been eight Carmens, she would have been exhausted, but these eight children were unusually obedient. They ate as they were told, slept as they were told, and did not speak a word. That, in turn, left her emotionally drained.

Even though she did not know the experiences they had prior to this, she knew that it had left them scarred for life.

She planned to bring the children back to the country. Trying to find their biological parents did not seem possible now, so she might as well find a reliable family to adopt them. She also wanted to adopt one of them too.

Last month, she went for another medical checkup at the hospital, took a lot of medicine, got multiple shots, and went through a lot of suffering. Yet, she was unable to conceive. She had almost given up completely. Because Carmen seemed lonely by herself, however, Sophia wanted a second child. If she could not conceive on her own, then she could adopt!

After Michael and Quinton left to go to the Yard Residence, Sophia brought the children out to eat. There was a Crimson House branch in the area and she walked in without a second thought; she ordered children’s meal sets and since there were no private rooms, they had to sit in the main dining area. But since she had the V-card, the place they sat at was also quiet.

The part of the restaurant next to the windows only had two tables.

She and several bodyguards sat with the children at one table while the other was occupied by a charming Cethosian lady in her thirties. She was wearing a jade ring, and her black hair was pulled back behind her head. The traditional Cethosian dress she wore complemented her very well. She was currently reading the newspaper. There was a slight hook on her chin and her swan-like neckline was very elegant.

Indeed, she was a charismatic and beautiful lady.

Sophia sat down with a child in her arms and said gently, “We’re going to eat soon. Aren’t you all excited?”

Silence was all she got in return.

The eight children were still afraid to speak or even cry. They simply had frozen expressions on their faces.

Sophia felt saddened. Letting out a sigh, she held the youngest girl in her arms and spoke to her.

Suddenly, the lady at the next table put down the newspaper and looked over. “Excuse me, ma’am. You bought those children, didn’t you?”

Sophia had eight children with her, but none of them made a sound. If she wasn’t a seller, then she was someone who had just bought from a seller. However, sellers did not usually bring children to these places where the rich wasted money or dress them in high-quality clothes.

Sophia knew that she could not hide where the children had come from. Moreover, they still had the imprint on their wrists from where the wristband used to be. It would not disappear in such a short amount of time.

But still, she did not know who that lady was, and she did not want to reveal too much, so she denied it. “No.”

The Cethosian lady did not refute but simply gave her a warm smile. “That is not a place a woman should go to.”

It seemed like she had seen through everything.

Sophia did not say anything else and silently fed the child in her arms.

After a while, the charming Cethosian lady put down the newspaper, picked up her bag, and left the restaurant.

Suddenly, her bodyguard turned back halfway and presented a name card with both hands to Sophia. “Ma’am, the lady of the house is very fond of you. If you have some time, you can come see her for a chat.”

Sophia took a look at the card and saw an extremely eye-catching word printed clearly on it—Ronney.

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