My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1029

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1029

Michael and Quinton raced against time to find the child.
More than a month ago, Blade had gone to steal a glance of the child. Even though he lingered a distance away from the school, he was still found out.
Thus, the child became a target.

Although Blade was mysterious, powerful, and had remained on the list of top killers for over a decade, he was no longer invincible once a chink in his armor was found.

If Blade had really come to kill Sophia, she would be dead by now. Moreover, even if Stanley and Michael teamed up, they would not have been able to kill him.

But, he had come for Celine or rather, for Katrina—a part of Celine that once existed. Despite knowing that Katrina was long gone, he still came.

If it weren’t for Katrina, he would not have fallen for Michael’s act and sustained those serious injuries. More so, he would not have died by Stanley’s knife.

A killer’s fate was to kill or be killed.

Upon returning to the hotel, Michael started to dispatch his people. He had the most extensive network of connections in North America. Several organizations and gangs were at his service, so it would not have taken long to find a child.

Meanwhile, Quinton had contacted the local killer black market to find out the whereabouts of the child.

Sophia also contacted Michel Group and a few of her old friends here.

Back when she was a student, she had a group of friends and classmates at Bayside University. Some of them went overseas to study and some developed their careers abroad.

Unfortunately, those connections were cut off when she lost her memories. Now that she had returned, however, she was contacting them to rekindle those connections. She could also ask her classmates to help out.

To their dismay, two days had passed but there was still no news about the child.

It was not time for Sophia’s appointment with the representative of Ronney Group yet, but she did not wander off and kept looking for the child with Michael.

Everyone who was looking for the child felt weary.

Where on earth was the child?

Regardless of where she was, she must not have been doing well.

Sophia was putting in all her effort even though it was not her own family matter. However, wasn’t Michael’s problem her problem too? She was also part of the Fletcher Family! They had to bring that child home!

After searching for two days, they finally received some news—the child was sold off to Ronney!

Ronney was the name of a city because that was where the Ronney Group’s headquarters was.

Everyone made their way to Ronney City promptly.

After the imperial Yard Family fell from power, they fled to North America. They rose to prominence there and slowly gained a foothold. Today, the south-eastern coastal region of North America belonged to them, making them the owners of the most bustling and prosperous place in the world. After they established the Ronney Group, they slowly developed Ronney City into what it was today.

Ronney City was the origin of many global luxury fashion products. It was named the capital of fashion—it was the holy ground for fashion icons in the world. It was a city of addiction; no matter who went there, be it men or women, they were unable to stop shopping.

For the sake of finding the child, however, Sophia suppressed her desire to shop and rushed to book accommodation at a hotel.

Inside the hotel, a haggard Michael went to take a shower and washed his hair. Before his hair was even dried, he was already on the phone. In the hotel suite where they were staying, there were people coming in and out of the office with various updates on the situation.

Michael was also mentally drained. There was still no news on the child. After she entered Ronney, it seemed like she had disappeared into thin air. When Michael finally returned to his bedroom late at night, he found Sophia sitting on the bed and reading the hotel’s fashion magazine.

Seeing Michael come in, Sophia showed him the magazine in her hand. “Why don’t we go and ask the Yard Family? They are the local tyrant here.”

She wanted to remind him after seeing the whole magazine filled with advertisements about Ronney Group’s special luxury items.

Michael put down his phone and let out a long sigh. “Although I have endorsed the luxury products for Ronney Group’s subsidiary before, I only did it because the assistant manager and I are good friends. But, I don’t want to interact with the backbone of the Ronney Group, the Yard Family.”

“Why not?”

Sophia felt dumb after asking.

Obviously, it’s because they’re the national enemy!

Drawing the curtains open, Michael was confronted with the view of a vibrant globalized metropolis.

This was one of the most prosperous cities in the world—the origin of the Ronney Group, the Yard Family’s nest overseas, and the fashion capital. Even the items for sale on the side of the road were all famous luxury brands.

Aside from luxury goods, there were also casinos, horse betting, and other playthings for the rich. The pornographic industry was also well-developed, and it was a bustling city for killers to carry out their business. Additionally, it was where overseas Cethosians gathered typically. Standing there at night, one could clearly see, among the multi-colored neon lights, the ancient Cethosian-styled buildings—beautiful seven-layered pagodas. It was even more authentic than those built within the country—as if they were looking at a second Cethos.

After letting out a sigh, Michael began speaking leisurely. “During the Yard Dynasty, our ancestors were military generals and the leading commanding officers. Throughout their reign, our family sent out over a dozen generals.”

“Nearing the end of the Yard Dynasty, the Imperial Yard Family was beyond cruel. The ruler extorted the fruits of the people’s labor to live a pleasurable life on their own. At the same time, natural disasters were happening everywhere. While the rich reeked of wine and meat, the bodies of the poor were frozen at the side of the roads. The country’s population declined by a third in a short amount of time. Not long after, the farmers formed a rebellion. Our ancestors realized that the government was incapable of salvaging the desperate situation, so they decided to turn against them and join the rebellion along with other noble families to overthrow the Yard Dynasty.”

“A century ago, the Imperial Yard Family worked behind closed doors to plan for a foreign entity to invade our country. The direct line of the imperial family once personally responded to the plan, but their mail boat just so happened to stop in Fletcher territory.”

“That year, our family was also one of the warlord factions. My grandfather and father led their brothers and sons, and five thousand people, to sabotage that luxury mail boat, capturing the Imperial Yard Family and the foreigners they colluded with at once.”

“The Imperial Yard Family put up a strong resistance and were unwilling to surrender. But, the Fletchers wiped out all the troops of the Yard Family, except for women and children.

Turning to look at Sophia with an aggrieved look, he continued, “Our family destroyed the once prosperous Yard Family and left them with only one son for generations. To this day, the imperial line still has not been able to recover from the scale of that year’s event and have remained with only one male descendant.”

The story left Sophia in a daze. The Fletchers were so ruthless. But, they can’t be blamed either; the obsolete imperial family brought it upon themselves.

Nonetheless, their history ran quite deep.

Hence, asking the Ronneys for help to find the child did not seem plausible. At this point, they were already being quite gracious for not having killed the Fletchers already.

Michael sat by the window and looked out at the lively city. The multi-colored neon lights were reflected in his eyes.

How many crimes were happening under the guise of this bustling atmosphere? Every year, so many children were sold off to this place.

Wherever these children came from, they all disappeared once they arrived in this huge city—as though they had been swallowed by a giant beast in one gulp, not leaving a single trace.

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