My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1027

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1027

Sophia was shocked. She only knew that Quinton had helped Stanley take down Blade, but she was not aware that he was still in Cethos.
Quinton replied, “I can save on flight tickets if I take your plane out of the country.”
He boarded the plane as if he still had something to say to her. However, Michael stretched out a slender arm and blocked him fiercely. “Your room is on that side.”

As he spoke, he pointed to a remote corner of the plane. He had arranged a room and a seat for Quinton. Thus, Quinton could only reluctantly take his luggage and head toward his seat.

After that, he led Sophia to their room. Despite the existence of a hindrance like Quinton, it couldn’t stop his long-awaited plans to join the mile high club. As the oxygen content at such a high altitude was much lower than on the surface, one’s blood vessels would dilate, making them more prone to arousal. For that reason, it was the best time to have sex. I’m going to join the mile-high club!

Sophia felt that it was rather embarrassing to be playing these tricks despite being an old married couple. Still, we’re already here, and the game is set. It’s a waste not to enjoy ourselves; we might as well do it. After making love for a long time, she became tired and lay on the bed to rest.

Getting out of bed, Michael went to get some water in his birthday suit. When he came back, he noticed a project proposal lying on her work table. It was titled ‘Proposal to Develop Pet Luxury Goods in Cooperation With the Ronney Group’.

“The Ronney Group? The Yard Family?” Upon seeing the words ‘the Ronney Family’, he scowled fiercely with a trace of disgust in his eyes.

“What’s wrong? It’s the Yard Family! The world’s greatest Cethosian financial conglomerate! Is there a problem with it?” Sophia sat up on the bed and asked. The disgusted expression on his face as he stared at the words ‘Ronney Group’ was as if he had swallowed a dead fly, and it made her even more curious. “What’s with your expression? Why do you have the same expression as my father?”

The ‘Ronney Group’ was the world’s greatest Cethosian financial conglomerate. Its strength was comparable to that of the Michel Group. The family behind the Ronney Group was a Cethosian family—the Yard Family—that was said to be an ancient family that migrated from Cethos. They fared the best out of all the Cethosians that had migrated abroad—so much so that they controlled the parliament of the country they were located in. Moreover, they operated many luxury brands. For example, L/K was one of their many assets. This time around, Kenny Blair had spearheaded the efforts to bring Sophia and the Ronney Group into contact.

Hence, she planned to work together with the Ronney Group to develop a series of pet luxury goods. For that reason, she was going abroad to officially discuss this business plan. If the discussion went smoothly, Pourl would officially take its first steps into the international market. However, Cooper had shown a similar expression of disgust when he heard that she was going to cooperate with the Ronney Group and the Yard Family.

“Ugh.” Faced with this company, Michael only had that one word to describe it. He lightly dropped the cooperation proposal on the table. Climbing into bed, he hugged her close and gave her a lecture on the origins of the Ronney Family and the Yard Family. “The Yard Family originated from the river basin of the Lombardi River in Cethos. They claim to be descendants of Lady Lombardi, who was part of the former imperial family which established imperial power and ruled over Cethos more than 700 years ago. Their regime lasted for more than 300 years. At the time, Cethos’ borders were vast, and it was rich in natural resources. It was the richest country in the world. However, the last emperor of the Ronney Family 300 years ago was unspeakably brutal. As a result, the peasants raised an army, started a revolt, and built the previous dynasty. Before the peasant army invaded the capital, a total of 100,000 civil and military officials of the Yard Family and the imperial court entered the sea by way of the Lombardi River and escaped overseas. Back then, the Yard Family monopolized the most advanced textile and porcelain technology in the world. It was the private property of the imperial family. Even now, that technology is lost to Cethos. Using these technologies, they created a stable foothold for themselves abroad, became a hegemon, and took control of the silk, porcelain, and tea businesses overseas. They gradually formed a huge conglomerate, operating dozens of luxury brands.”

She was very astonished to hear the story he was telling her. It turned out that the company is operated by the former imperial family. No wonder all the luxury brands under the Ronney Group are so extravagant!

Smiling coldly, he continued, “The Yard Family used several hundred years to build a stable foothold overseas. 100 years ago, they took advantage of the weakening power of the previous dynasty and the declining state of Cethos. Claiming that they were the legitimate Cethos imperial family, they colluded with foreigners to invade Cethos in an attempt to seize the country and restore it.” As he spoke, his expression was full of hatred. “Back when the Eight-Nation Alliance and the Eleven-Nation Alliance invaded Cethos, they were manipulated by the Yard Family from the shadows. They held power in various countries’ parliaments and did not hesitate to work with foreigners to regain their ruling power. How dare they think of themselves as the legitimate imperial family?! Hmph—”

The history that came after that was something she knew well. At the time, the foreigners had invaded the capital city of the previous dynasty. They even stole the Imperial Seal of Cethos. Therefore, the regime of the former dynasty collapsed, and Cethos was completely subjugated. Thinking that their chance was here, the Yard Family was about to return in force when the people rose up in resistance. The unprecedented unity of countless Cethosians formed a powerful force, which allowed them to push back the invaders, establish a new country, stabilize the society, and develop rapidly. To this day, the weak country that was looked down on by all had become a huge economic body that now stood among the greatest powers of the world.

Back then, the Fletchers, the Mitchells, the Winstons, and the other families had actively participated in the national restoration and preservation movement, donated money and materials, and lost many of their family members on the front line. For example, the Fletchers were once a huge family. However, no more than 10 or so members of the Fletchers survived by the time Cethos was re-established. During Mark’s generation, dozens of his brothers had died on the front line protecting the country. He was the only one who survived; to bring honor to his brothers, he participated in the founding ceremony on behalf of them. It was extremely tragic! Similarly, the Mitchells and the Winstons also suffered heavy losses. Still, that was not considered bad. At the very least, they had descendants that survived, unlike some other families that were completely annihilated!

The history books only recorded that foreign coalition forces had invaded Cethos. However, both the Fletchers and the Mitchells knew that the Yard Family was greatly involved from the shadows. Later, as Cethos started over from scratch after the bloody war, the Yard Family used their economic and political influence to join forces with other powerful countries to suppress the country. Despite being under heavy oppression, Cethos did not fall to ruin. Instead, they became stronger the longer they fought—until they grew to their present strength. Now, they no longer feared the Yard Family.

In recent years, the Yard Family slowly began to re-establish contact with Cethos, bit by bit, following economic globalization. As such, several brands managed to enter the country. Retaking the country was impossible now, and the Yard Family had firmly established themselves overseas anyway. However, they were not willing to give up on the Cethosian market. By making a deal with Cethos to return some of its lost national treasures and lost technologies, they achieved a breakthrough and forged a collaboration with the country.

“Huh?” Sophia had not expected the Ronney Group to have such a background. Thus, she suddenly felt awkward. “Should I continue with the cooperation?”

Michael sighed. “To be honest, it’s nothing much. Although history should be remembered, people still need to move forward. Back then, the Fletcher Family killed countless foreigners. Besides, am I not being equally hypocritical by working with foreigners when filming movies?”

Despite that, she still felt slightly angry. No wonder the people working in the Ronney Group’s Cethosian branch are so arrogant. From general employees to janitors, they all had a sense of superiority around them—so much so that they were indifferent and haughty toward the head of the Cethosian Brand Department, Kenny Blair. I thought that they had a claim to the throne. It turns out that they truly have a claim to the throne. Bah! They are simply an imperial family past their time; why are they putting on airs?!

Calculating her options, she decided that if the other party’s conditions were too harsh, she would refuse the cooperation. Still, the Yard Family held a large number of skills and craftsmanship that were lost to Cethos. Besides, they were leading in the luxury goods market around the world. It would be great if she could cooperate with them. Lying in his arms, she mulled over it for a while. All of a sudden, she asked him, “Why did you want to go abroad suddenly? As far as I remember, your film set is not in North America, right?”

Michael closed his eyes and pretended to sleep. It seemed like he wasn’t willing to let Sophia know about it, but she learned about it anyway. Turning on his phone, he pulled up a photo on his phone and said, “This was what Blade was holding tightly in his hand before he died.”

Sophia glanced at the phone. It was a blood-stained and crumpled photo. Looking at the photo, she gasped in shock. “That can’t be! How could that be—”.

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