My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1024

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1024

Blade had an ordinary Westerner look. He was not easily recognizable in the West, but he was even more indiscernible to the Easterners. Still, he was rather handsome. Unfortunately, he was also dead.
Quinton felt that he had died too easily. Although the Fletchers were rather strong, he had prepared for so long to deal with the Fletcher Family, only to succeed in bombing two of them. Quinton even suspected that the man in front of him was not Blade.
How could the man, who made Katrina betray him without any hesitation, turn out to be so ordinary? Katrina was the personality he had created from scratch and instilled into Celine’s mind. She should have been completely loyal to him. Unexpectedly, Katrina had asked to quit the Phantom Wolf for Blade’s sake.

He thought Katrina’s mind had been broken; he thought she had gone silly due to love. Who, among those that were in this line of work, was not stained with blood? Quit? Was that even possible? Moreover, she wanted to quit with Blade; she wanted to live an ordinary life. That was nothing more than a fantasy!

However, she was stubborn in her intentions and even went so far as to break her finger. In the end, he made her take one last mission. He promised her that she was free to go if she completed her mission. Thus, she accepted the mission. She was hypnotized by him, allowing Celine’s original personality to temporarily take over the body. After that, he sent her back to Cethos to remain undercover next to Michael, looking for a chance to attack.

I thought Blade was some earth-shatteringly beautiful man, but… Despite having one less rival, he was not happy. Killers were not allowed to be emotional. Katrina and Blade had both broken the greatest taboo! For that reason, Katrina’s personality had been obliterated without mercy. Similarly, Blade became nothing more than a corpse lying on the ground.

All of a sudden, Quinton saw that Blade seemed to be holding something in his hand. Putting on a pair of gloves, he tried hard to loosen Blade’s tightly-clenched fist to take out the item in his hand.

Stanley said, “When he was on the verge of death, he took that out of his pocket and held it tightly.”

When Quinton saw what it was, he couldn’t help smiling bitterly. He finally understood why Katrina had betrayed him for Blade.

At the hospital, Sarah had awoken. However, her throat had been injured, and she temporarily couldn’t move nor speak. Alas, she was rescued.

When she saw Sophia, she wept uncontrollably, and her guilt grew stronger. Yet, she couldn’t make a sound. She shakingly lifted her hand that was not connected to the intravenous drip.

Thus, Sophia quickly grabbed her hand and said, “I don’t blame you. I really don’t.”

In response, Sarah’s mouth flattened into a line, and her tears rained down. Sophia hurriedly wiped Sarah’s tears away. She understood—after going through Sarah’s Twitter feed the other day, she understood what was going on.

When Sarah was young, her family had been very poor. Her family of four had struggled to get by every single day. She couldn’t even take art classes even though she wanted to. Back then, Peter and his first wife, Mrs. West, would push their cart through the streets every day to sell breakfast. Their earnings were slim, and their family was poor. That amusement park was located close to their home and it was the place she used to dream about the most ever since she was young. Unfortunately, they needed tickets to enter the amusement park, and using the amusement park facilities required tickets too. Since they had no money, they couldn’t go.

One day, on her birthday, Peter suddenly took out a large sum of money and brought their family of four to go and play at the amusement park for the whole day. Even if they were so poor that they couldn’t afford the food and drinks inside the amusement park, their joy on that day was genuine. That day, she played to her heart’s content. In her eyes, her father was the world’s greatest father!

After that, the whole family would visit the amusement park on her birthday every year. At the same time, their family’s financial condition got better and better by the day—to the point where they could go to the amusement park any time they wanted. However, the frequency they went became less and less.

Later, Peter and Mrs. West divorced for various reasons. Mrs. West refused custody of her children, split their finances, and remarried. Meanwhile, Peter took another wife and had another daughter. Thus, he got more and more estranged from Sarah. As Sarah’s brother grew up and went abroad to study, she was left all alone in the world. What kind of experience was it to completely break off all relations with the person she once loved with all her heart?

Although she once fought to regain what she lost, the results she obtained were not satisfactory—her father was no longer the world’s greatest father from her memories. When she learned that Harry had murdered Peter, she finally understood. The person she once loved the most had long since disappeared. She believed that her father deserved what he got. At the same time, she felt sad and bitter. All she wanted was to calm down in the place which was filled with her beautiful memories. However…

Sophia understood it all. Everything that happened was not Sarah’s fault. Hence, she stayed to talk with Sarah for a while before leaving quickly. She wanted Sarah to have a good rest to recuperate from her injuries. Although she returned with her life, her injuries needed time to heal.

When Sarah woke up again, she kept crying without stopping. Only a small part of her tears was for her father. Rather, she even felt a sense of relief when she learned that her father was dead. The greatest father in the world she had as a child was completely gone, and what was left was simply a monster who became evil after becoming rich. Without money, he was a disaster—a monster. What truly saddened her was that she nearly brought harm upon Sophia, Harry, and Sean…

Harry couldn’t help feeling uneasy as he listened to his beloved wife weeping. Holding her ice-cold hands, he said, “Please don’t cry anymore. Everything will pass with time. I’m fine, and our child is fine. I’m sure Sean will be fine too.”

Even so, she continued to cry. If anything were to happen to Sean, she would hate herself for the rest of her life.

Lightly touching her slightly pale face, he said, “I’m sorry about your father… But, I had no other choice… I will never let any harm befall you and Hope.”

She said nothing, her small hands tracing several words on his palm: ‘I don’t blame you.”

He knew. How could she blame him? Besides, he knew why she was in pain. Alas, that sort of pain was something he would never know nor experience.

His mother had been a stripper who danced at nightclubs. Her life was considered worthless, and she had poor luck. Anybody could kill her, and she survived only through the lust of men. Although she looked strong, she was extremely fragile too. In the end, his father had fallen for her. In front of everybody, she became the lucky girl who was taken away by his father and later gave birth to him.

However, his father had many wives and mistresses. Living together in the same manor was a secret power struggle every day. Thus, his mother passed away very early. She had been framed, raped by the gardener, and beaten to death without reason. After a hasty burial, she then vanished from the world without a trace. At that time, he was only three years old. He couldn’t protect his mother; he didn’t even know where she was buried.

As a result, Harry grew up alone with a cold father that he rarely met—he had never known what ‘the world’s greatest father’ Sarah mentioned was like. Competing with his half-brothers and half-sisters, he survived alone until today. Meanwhile, his father simply coldly watched his children fight against each other. He had never received any kindness from his father, so he had not hesitated to swing his blade to take his father’s head and sit on the throne as the head of the Winston Family. Having never received his father’s love before, he did not feel sorrow over his father’s death. However, Sarah was different.

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