My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1023

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1023

The members of Fletcher Family stared at Quinton with ugly expressions. This man had a longstanding blood feud with the Fletchers. Although they, more or less, entered a truce and were in the process of making peace with each other, he was still a killer. Good and evil could never coexist—not since the beginning of time!
Still, Quinton came and said, “If you want to find where a killer is hiding, it’s best to rely on another killer. You will never find him by yourselves.”
Stanley coldly said, “Are you really that nice to help us?”

Quinton shrugged. “Of course, I’m not that nice. It’s just that Blade is the second-best in the world. As the best in the world, I have a lot of pressure on me. Therefore, I can’t wait for him to die. Assisting you in capturing Blade is nothing more than getting rid of my competition.”

Stanley said nothing. Even so, he allowed Quinton to enter their team and cooperate temporarily. At present, he only had one wish—he wanted to kill Blade and avenge both Sarah and Sean!

Sure enough; only a killer could find another killer’s hiding spot.

“Blade is a white man. Most Cethosians can’t tell a white person and a black person apart. Knowing this, he would surely use this to his advantage.” When Quinton heard how Stanley had been going about searching for Blade, he analyzed the situation. “You’ve been searching in several inconspicuous places, as well as smaller clinics and hospitals, thinking that he would be hiding in a corner licking his wounds. However, Blade cherishes his life very much. He will never go to such unknown clinics.”

Stanley was silent. In their experience, most desperate people would look for shady and unmonitored small clinics nearby. No wonder we couldn’t find him. It turns out we had the wrong idea all along.

Quinton set the target range. “Go to some of the large hospitals and high-end private clinics in the center of Bayside City. Perhaps you might find something.”

Stanley immediately did as Quinton suggested. At this point, anything was fine as long as he could kill Blade. When Quinton saw Stanley accepting his suggestion so easily, he was rather surprised. I thought this b*stard would act haughty for quite a while.

They met nine years ago at Bayside University’s military training. Back then, Stanley had left a particularly deep impression on him. Stanley was a stereotypical member of the Fletchers—he was self-righteous, smart, and capable. However, he did not choose the path his family and his natural talent had chosen for him. Despite being a rare, gold-level sniper in Bayside City, he had resolutely chosen to withdraw from the army to continue his studies.

Sometimes, Quinton truly envied Stanley. Born in a powerful family, he was protected by his family and had their understanding. Even if he had chosen a career nobody liked, he would still receive his family’s support…

Sure enough, Quinton was right. They soon discovered the location Blade was suspected to be hiding in. They found a place where there were many credible suspects. A high-end private medical center in Bayside City had accepted a medical doctorate who came to Cethos for inspection. He had a deep injury on his waist and just finished surgery.

“That’s him,” Quinton confidently affirmed. Killers usually disguised themselves as medical doctorates—just like himself.

They were professional killers. To kill a person, they needed to understand the methods to kill a person in the fastest and effective way. Therefore, they needed to study all sorts of medical courses to learn about the meridian points, blood vessels, internal organs, and whatnot. By accident, they could almost receive a medical degree. Besides, they needed a public identity to hide their identity as killers. A career as a doctor was the perfect disguise as both killers and doctors had the same stench of blood around them. Thus, it was easy to disguise themselves.

Although Blade was injured, he was not to be underestimated. This time around, they had Quinton’s assistance. Even so, Stanley was still extremely wary. He was particularly wary of Quinton. He didn’t know whether Quinton would suddenly act up and do something terrible. Hence, they chose to perform their operation during the day. After all, the time when killers were most relaxed and unguarded was not during the night, but during the day.

Only the wealthy came in and out of that high-end clinic. Moreover, more people came and went freely in broad daylight. Thus, Stanley’s actions had to be carried out in secret. They could not cause large-scale public panic nor be reported on the news. If they caused a major incident, they would be dealt with by military law.

Fortunately, it was a high-end clinic. Although not many were at the clinic, they could not make everybody leave in advance, lest they made Blade suspicious of their movements. Therefore, they hacked into the clinic’s system in advance, found the appointment list, and intercepted all the patients who had made appointments. Soon, everybody inside the clinic was switched with their own people…

Quinton simply gave some tactical guidance; he did not personally participate in the operation. Instead, he stood outside and watched as the members of the Fletcher Family gradually surrounded the entire clinic. His eyes were calm—there was no sorrow nor joy. He just watched quietly.

There was no suspense during the battle this time around. The Fletchers had dispatched the elites of the family who were highly experienced in combat. Coupled with the fact that Blade was still recuperating in the hospital room after undergoing surgery, killing him would be easier than usual.

The stab wound, followed by the explosion, then jumping into the water to escape—he sustained several injuries from these incidents and was severely wounded. Moreover, the river he jumped into was originally a dirty ditch. The water was filthy, and his injuries were deep. Thus, his wounds were badly infected. With all of that combined, he was no match for the Fletchers.

The battle ended within a short while. No more than 10 minutes after the Fletchers went in, Quinton heard a voice reporting back on the walkie-talkie: “Mission accomplished.” Putting the walkie-talkie down, he entered the clinic.

In the lobby of the clinic, the members of the Fletcher Family were maintaining order. At the same time, they evacuated the doctors and the staff. Quinton entered the VIP ward on the third floor and saw Blade’s corpse inside. Blade was lying on his back on the ground, next to the hospital bed. The hospital ward was extremely messy, with bullet casings and blades scattered across the ground; one could tell that a fierce fight had taken place mere minutes ago.

Blade was killed with a clean stab to the heart, and his blood was splattered all over the floor. At that moment, the Fletchers were taking photos of the crime scene for recording purposes. Still, some of the Fletchers were wounded and had been sent to have their wounds treated. Meanwhile, Stanley silently held his knife and sat by the side while staring at Blade’s corpse. He was the one that delivered the killing blow!

Blade had killed Sean! And thus, Stanley killed Blade in the same manner! But, despite avenging Sean, he did not feel happy at all. Even if he could use Sean in exchange for the entire world, he would refuse! What he wanted wasn’t Blade’s death. Rather, all he wanted was Sean alive…

Stanley looked at the blade in his hands that was still dripping with blood, then he glanced again at Blade, who was dead. Recalling how Sean looked moments before his death, his tears flowed down his face like rain.

While everybody was cleaning the scene of battle, Stanley’s arm that was injured was also treated. Standing up, he noticed that Quinton was still staring at Blade and coldly said, “It’s just a dead man; what’s there to see?”

Quinton smiled. “I was just curious. I wanted to see what my rival of so many years looked like.”

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