My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1022

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1022

Harry’s sudden appearance made the whole ward fall silent. Shocked, Sophia stared at Harry in a daze, then she glanced at Michael, then back at Harry.
Harry only had a gauze on his forehead and other parts of his body were perfectly fine. He could even walk to Sophia’s ward by himself. Sitting next to the hospital bed, he glared at Sophia and Michael.
“Tell me the truth. Have you been coveting my son and my dog for many years and are only waiting for my death so that you can adopt them?”

Sophia hadn’t recovered from the shock that Harry was still alive. With a smile, Michael patted Harry’s shoulder and said, “How can we take them away from you? Aren’t you still alive and well? Even if we were coveting your son and your dog, you would have to die first.”

Harry instantly looked upset and he didn’t say a thing.

Sophia was worried so she asked what happened. Harry replied, “Speaking of which, I have to thank you. If it weren’t for you, I might’ve died on the spot.”

When Harry found out that Sarah was hurt, he drove a car to the hospital.

He was really anxious so he drove really fast and sped through all the red lights. The car that he drove was the sports car that Sophia gave Sarah. It was fast, easy to control, and most importantly, it was military grade.

Cooper had custom made a few sports cars for his daughter, and they had the same quality as the mobile phones produced by Michel Group. Not only were they beautiful, but they had good performance, looked luxurious and were bulletproof.

Sophia had spent a lot of money to buy one for Vincent and gave one which was strongest in terms of preventing explosions to Sarah. It was this car that absorbed the impact for Harry in the accident yesterday.

After being rammed by a muck truck, the car rolled over and all the stones and building materials the truck was carrying fell onto Harry’s car. If it was another car, it would’ve been squashed.

Fortunately, Harry was driving the car that Cooper prepared for his daughter, and it managed to withstand the heavy pressure and protect the people inside. After the accident, the airbags were quickly released and protected Harry. Because he had suddenly braked after driving at high speed, Harry was thrown forward and he slammed his head, but he only got a concussion from the inertia.

Hale had not given an accurate report as he only saw that Harry was in an accident from the news. Harry was one of the best actors so shortly after his car was buried in stones, videos and photos started circulating on the internet. Generally, cars would be squashed in these kinds of situations. Unexpectedly, when the traffic police moved the stones and building materials away, they saw that there were just a few dents on the car and Harry, who was inside, was still alive.

At that moment, the car was even more famous than Harry himself.

After hearing this, Sophia was in a daze. She couldn’t believe that she had actually saved Harry’s life unknowingly.

Oh my god! The cars made by Michel Group are amazing!

Sophia was happy but immediately afterward, she remembered Sarah and a solemn expression appeared on her face, and she couldn’t help but sob.

“I’m sorry, Uncle Harry. Sarah…”

Harry hurriedly raised his hand and said, “Stop right there. Sarah’s fine now. Fortunately, the robots and Roger did proper rescue procedures and Blade didn’t intend to kill her immediately. He only wanted to lure you out so he didn’t make a deep cut. They sent her to the hospital fast too, so she and the child are out of danger.”

Hearing that both Sarah and the child were safe, Sophia’s lips immediately curled into a smile.

This was the best news she learned today. After a moment of silence, Harry bowed and said, “I apologize to you two on behalf of Sarah. If it weren’t for her capricious behavior, all of this wouldn’t have happened.”

Hearing this, Sophia couldn’t help but sigh and said, “It’s not her fault.”

The person who is the most upset right now is probably Sarah…

Harry only had a slight concussion and because Sarah’s injury was small and she was rescued and sent to the hospital in time, she was already out of danger and her child was miraculously saved.

This was already a great miracle. However, there was one person…

At that moment, in the corridors of the same hospital, there were doctors and nurses rushing around. The lights in the emergency room were still on and Sean had been in there all day and night.

Blade had shot Sean in the heart but fortunately, Sean was wearing a bulletproof vest produced by Michel Military Enterprise. The vest had passed all necessary tests, and it could withstand bullets produced by even Michel Group themselves.

In fact, the production volume of bulletproof vests was low. However, because of Sophia’s relationship with Cooper, they had a dozen of these vests at home. Even though the chance to use bulletproof vests was very small in a country that prohibited guns like Cethos, Sophia still gave everyone close to her one vest each.

Last night, when Michael pretended to be Katrina to kill Blade, the knife he brought was a telescopic knife used on set, and he also brought a fake tummy and some fake blood. Of course, he put on a bulletproof vest too.

Even though the bulletproof vest could withstand bullets and knives, if one was shot at a close range, the bullet would still have a strong impact on the body and would cause internal injuries.

Sean had worn the bulletproof vest, but Blade’s shot had been too close. Even if the bullet didn’t enter his body and the bulletproof vest had lessened the impact, the force he had to withstand was huge. Although he didn’t immediately die on the spot…

After visiting Sarah, who was still sleeping, Sophia went to see Sean.

They were separated by a wall. Sean lay inside the ward, fighting with the god of death, while Sophia could only worry from the other side.

Sean is a perfect man. He has always acted like a big brother and helped me with my career. He’s a good and gentle man. Why did Blade hurt him?

Nobody had notified Sean’s mother and stepfather about the incident yet, and even the Mitchell family wasn’t notified. Only Shae and Dimon were guarding the corridor outside his ward.

“Where’s Stanley?” Sophia looked up and asked Michael.

With a sad expression, Michael solemnly replied, “… We haven’t told him yet. Right now, he still thinks that Sean is already dead and he and Justin are searching around Bayside City for Blade’s whereabouts.”

Sophia wanted to call Stanley but after giving it some thought, she changed her mind.

He has now accepted the fact that Sean is dead. If I tell him that Sean is alive now, how would he feel if Sean still dies in the end? The cruelest thing to do is to give someone a little hope and when he reaches out to hold onto it, it snuffs out. It is too cruel for Stanley.

The two of them sat outside the ward and prayed for a miracle. At the same time, Stanley was following Justin on the hunt for Blade. When the Fletcher family found out that someone crazy had sneaked into Cethos, they instantly sent over a group of men to follow Stanley on his chase.

Meanwhile, Linus and Cooper provided technical support for them.

Blade had been stabbed by Michael and affected by the explosion. Even though he escaped, he couldn’t have run far. Moreover, the injuries on his body could only be treated in hospitals.

The Fletcher family, Mitchell family, Harry and Mr. Nobody had groups of men searching all over Bayside City for this man.

After half a day, they still had no clue where Blade was, which was why Michael sent someone to help Stanley. When Stanley saw the so-called helper, a cold expression appeared on his face and it was full of detest.

“Quinton, why are you here?!”

With a smile, Quinton replied, “My surname is also Fletcher. Why can’t I be here?”

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