My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1021

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1021

After the physical examination, Sophia took some time to rest. She had been so worried and frightened the whole day, she couldn’t eat and sleep well. Exhausted, she fell asleep right after making a goodnight call to Carmen.
At the same time, Cooper went to deal with other things while Michael continued to stay in contact with Justin.
At that moment, Justin was chasing after Blade with his subordinates. I can’t let that man survive. Michael gave him a fatal blow this time round, so it’s the best opportunity to kill him.

However, the news that Justin sent back was not good. They had lost a lot of men but after being stabbed by Michael, Blade became more and more courageous and he forcefully fought through the numerous men who surrounded him.

The situation was similar to the hunt for Phantom Wolf years ago. Back then, they had many men hunting him down, but Phantom Wolf still managed to escape.

One of them was the world’s No.1 killer while the other was the world’s No. 2 killer. Those who could get their names on the Killer List did not rely on unspoken rules, and it wasn’t like ‘Light of Cethos’, which relied on votes from fans.

That night, Michael didn’t sleep. He sat next to Sophia’s hospital bed and looked at her peaceful sleeping face. Then, he took a short nap in the chair.

At that moment, it was still early in the morning in Bayside City, so it was extremely dark outside. Under the night sky, in a deserted suburban area, a figure galloped forward like a gust of wind and dozens of men were chasing behind him.

After being stabbed by Michael in the waist, Blade’s movements became slower and slower. Unfortunately, they were in a hurry and there were too many arrangements to make, so they didn’t have the time to bring a poisoned knife. Otherwise, he would’ve died a long time ago.

However, Blade’s running speed was not to be underestimated. Those dozen men may not even be able to catch up with him.

Under the night, the great hunt began. Blade fled to an abandoned town that was about to be demolished, and realized that he had escaped to the place he killed Sarah. The gloomy town was already sparsely populated in the first place, and the buildings were in ruins. Later, when the demolition was ordered, there were even fewer people. Red warnings of demolition were plastered everywhere in the town.

As Blade ran deeper into town, the men behind continued to follow him. There were even dozens of drones flying in the sky, looking for traces of him. Under the mask that he never removed, his gaze was still unruffled. It was as if he wasn’t human and had forgotten how to feel fear.

Blade ran down the main street of the town. All of a sudden, he felt a tingling sensation. His experience as a killer told him that there was incoming danger. As expected, the next second, he felt as if his calf was bitten by a poisonous snake. He looked down and saw that he was shot, and the bullet had gone through his calf. Snipers!

Blade gritted his teeth and continued moving forward. He had amazing fitness. As he ran, he kept searching for escape points. He was fast and moved very cautiously so the snipers couldn’t aim for a second shot.

There was a parking lot in front that wasn’t demolished yet. There was even a car that looked brand-new, and under the moonlight, he could see that the ruts on the ground were pretty fresh. The car was probably owned by residents from the nearby suburbs.

When Blade saw the car, he quickly backed up. He didn’t think of stealing the car and driving away. Instead, he ran away from it. If someone drove that car not long ago, it means that there is gasoline inside. Gasoline can cause explosions…

As expected, a bullet accurately hit the fuel tank of the car. A few seconds later, there was a large explosion and the entire parking lot was submerged in a sea of flames, including Blade…

The explosion ended one minute later and the car’s scorched parts scattered all over the ground, some of them still burning. A man carrying a gun slowly walked into the fire and with a relentless gaze in his eyes, he searched the area, but there was no trace of Blade.

A group of men rushed over from behind and searched around, but they couldn’t find anything either. There was a small river nearby so they knew that Blade had escaped. Not knowing whether he was alive or dead, they sent men to find him. However, everyone knew that if they couldn’t find Blade’s body, he would definitely come back in the future.

Justin looked solemn while Stanley, who was standing next to him, was expressionless. It was as if Stanley had changed overnight. He used to act like a happy Husky, but just yesterday, he lost the most important partner in his life, and he could only watch as they died. At that moment, all he wanted was to get revenge! He had completely changed from a cute and silly Husky into a hungry wolf. I’ll avenge Sean and Sarah!

He didn’t get the result he was hoping for, but it was not out of his expectations. Blade wasn’t any weaker than Phantom Wolf. If they could easily kill him, the Killer List would be for nothing. The ranking within the Killer List was decided by the number of people the world’s best and most brutal killers killed with their own hands. Even Michael was not able to kill Quinton after so many years, so it couldn’t be easy for him to kill Blade.

Carrying the gun, Stanley left without saying a word. His eyes were gloomy, and it seemed like something inside him was changing…

Justin watched Stanley leave before he pulled out his phone and sent a message to Michael. ‘Mission failed.’

When Michael received the news, he was having breakfast with Sophia in the hospital. He wasn’t surprised when he learned the news. His feelings were the same as when Justin failed to hunt down Phantom Wolf when he was still known as Abel.

After breakfast, Michael shaved his beard, hid in the washroom and called Quinton.

Quinton was not surprised by their failure. “I have been fighting him for more than ten years, but I still couldn’t kill him, let alone less-skilled people like you all. Dealing with Blade requires careful planning and you must kill him with one shot. Otherwise, it will be harder next time. That man is scary. However, right now, you have a better chance to deal with him. This is the first time I’ve seen Blade give up his mission for other reasons. This is a good opportunity.”

Michael knew what he meant. Blade was really in love with Katrina. In order to get Katrina, he was even willing to let go of his target, Sophia. As a killer, this was a taboo. He had violated the standards and regulations of the industry. This was the first time Blade had made a violation, and he had received his punishment. Blade will be back.

Michael hung up the phone and returned to the ward, only to find Sophia sitting on the bed, crying silently. “Missus, what’s wrong?”

Sophia remembered that Blade shot a bullet straight into Sean’s heart, so it was certain he could not be saved. She also remembered that Sarah’s throat was slit by a knife. A moment ago, she heard that Harry was crushed by a truck on his way to see Sarah at the hospital, and he probably didn’t survive too…

When they rescued her yesterday, they had kept everything a secret from her, but she received terrible, terrible news that morning. I never thought the four of us who used to study in Bayside University and went through military training together would turn out like this…

Sobbing, Sophia said to Michael, “Let’s adopt Sour Face and the dog. They can be Carmen’s companions.”

Just when Michael was about to say something, they heard a cold voice coming from the doorway.

“I’m not dead yet! Why are you plotting to take my son and my dogs away from me…”

Sophia turned around and saw Harry leaning on the door frame, looking at them with a gauze on his forehead.

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