My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1020

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1020

Blade, who was known as the world’s top killer, naturally knew what it was and pulled out the small knife from his waist with trembling hands. He stared at the object with an unreadable expression; it was a pocket-sized knife, but it was also a murderous weapon that pierced through his waist instantly.
Blade stifled a painful grunt as he looked up at ‘Celine’ incredulously and saw her staring at him coldly.

He gave a startled cry and his voice trailed off instantly.

No, that’s not Katrina. This person has an Adam’s apple!

It’s a man!

Blade’s shock lasted only for a brief moment as he retreated in a flash. After all, he was an assassin; as soon as he realized that he was in danger, he retreated immediately.

The person with an Adam’s Apple pulled out a gun from his stomach and fired several shots at Blade, but as the world’s top killer, he was agile enough to avoid the gunshots and like a shadow despite being injured. Soon enough, he scurried into the darkness of the night.

Covered in blood, ‘Celine’ quickly chased after him. Ripping off the fake stomach and wig along the way, he finally revealed his true appearance.

After using almost half of Sophia’s toning cream and painting his face as pale as he could, the disguise looked quite realistic. The waterproof eyeliner’s effect was simply unbelievable—it made Michael look simply enchanting and feminine, and his disguise was flawless.

The effects of Sophia’s eye shadow were even more amazing; after he casually smeared some on his face, Michael looked less manly and more womanly.

Together with his superb acting skills, he looked almost identical to Celine. Blade, who had not seen her for years, naturally fell for it.

As Michael chased after him, he made a phone call and said, “He got away.”

Blade disappeared into the night. Michael was very uncomfortable wearing a skirt and women’s sandals; it slowed him down and Blade managed to escape.

However, Michael already had numerous traps set in place.

In order to prevent Michael from playing tricks on him, Blade had changed the meeting place multiple times. Finally, they agreed on this location so that Michael and Cooper’s men could not set up their traps in time.

However, Blade never imagined that Michael would have a backup plan.

Meanwhile, Cooper sped toward the hospital with Sophia in the car as Michael took a shortcut and followed them.

Inside the vehicle, Sophia was throwing a tantrum as she cried and screamed.

Cooper had replaced her with Celine; how was she going to face Michael without any sense of guilt in the future?!

She wouldn’t listen to anything Cooper had to say and even scratched him.

But when they arrived at the hospital, Sophia saw Michael standing at the entrance; he was waiting for her in a bloody skirt and a pair of slippers.

When she got out of the car and saw Michael, she was stunned for a moment and suddenly realized what had happened earlier.

Instantly, Sophia burst into tears as she leaped into Michael’s arms and hugged him tightly.

Michael caught her in time and coaxed her. He said, “Alright, it’s okay now. It’s okay, good girl…”

Cooper’s face darkened when he got down from the car. Sophia had argued with him without even listening to his explanations; she blamed him for sending Celine to her death and even scratched his face.

Although he had grown older and looks were no longer that important to him, he was scratched by his beloved daughter—the pain was not from his face, but from an old father’s fragile heart!

Sophia cried like a child as she touched Michael everywhere and sobbed. “You’re covered in blood,” she said.

Michael quickly assured her and replied, “This is fake blood from the filming crew!”

Sophia continued to sob. “I saw a big hole in your stomach, though!”

“That’s fake as well—it’s a prop from the filming crew too. Look at this…” he answered.

Hale held the fake stomach that Michael had used earlier; when he put it on his body, it looked very surreal. Since it was night time, it had been effectively disguised. The filming crew typically used this as a prop for their movies.

Sophia was dumbfounded; she had probably experienced too many things in a day and her brain couldn’t seem to digest all of it.

She stared at Michael’s pale face and asked, “Your face is so pale; there’s no color at all. Are you injured?”

Michael quickly explained, “I used your toning cream.”

Sophia finally accepted that Michael was alright; Cooper hadn’t exchanged Celine for her, and she came back safe and sound. She wiped away her tears and turned toward Cooper before murmuring, “I’m sorry, Dad. I shouldn’t have scratched you.”

Cooper could never stay mad at her. To him, Sophia was the world’s most adorable daughter. When he saw his daughter fussing over her husband and not the old man, Cooper felt slightly upset. However, his dissatisfaction dissipated once he saw her cute little nose and eyes; only the relief and joy of her being alive remained.

“It’s okay, I’m not mad at all.”

He reassured Sophia as he patted her shoulder.

Earlier on, he was really afraid that Blade would harm Sophia; his hands were trembling while he held the knife.

If he had taken one wrong step, he’d probably be looking at a dead corpse right now.

Fortunately, Sophia came back alive—it was like a dream!

This time, his negligence had almost caused an incalculable damage to himself.

Looking at Michael who was still wearing the dress, he suddenly felt gratuitous.

Michael was the one who had come up with the idea of disguising as Celine. Cooper initially thought that it was impossible, but after putting on a skirt and some makeup, Michael looked exactly like his sister.

The two siblings had always looked alike, but looking identical wasn’t enough; the most significant part was their gaze and temperament. The disguise was simply divine as Michael successfully turned himself into Celine. If they were to stand opposite to each other, it was completely impossible to tell the two siblings apart without Michael’s Adam’s apple—even Sophia and Blade didn’t realize it was Michael.

If he did not receive an Academy Award for his acting, who else would be qualified enough for it?

Cooper used to think that his son-in-law was always passive in life; he was a man who could do anything, yet he chose to sing and act in movies with heavy makeup and outfits. However, Cooper realized Michael’s pure talent. If it had gone to waste, it would be a real shame…

Michael was still waiting for his father-in-law to thank him, but after almost an entire day, Cooper said nothing. Michael eventually caved in and thought that there was no need for it. Since we’re already a family, why should we say ‘thank you’ to each other?

With that, Michael accompanied Sophia into the hospital. Her body was covered with bruises from being tied up with a rope. Although there were only a few scratches here and there, they insisted on doing a thorough checkup.

That night, the hospital was heavily guarded and impenetrable.

After Sophia went through a full body checkup, she was lucky to have only gotten away with superficial injuries. Blade had no intention of letting her live after the exchange with Celine; he had a thousand ways to kill her, but he unexpectedly met with the ruthless Copper.

Cooper was even more ruthless than Blade; his intimidation had finally forced Blade to hand Sophia over.

Throughout the entire plan, Michael’s job was the hardest. Had he not acted like Celine, Blade would’ve seen through his bluff. By then, Sophia would definitely be gone…

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