My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1019

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1019

The other party quickly replied, ‘Put her down and you will be able to see your daughter.’
Cooper read the string of English messages and his ocean-blue eyes flashed with rage.
He had guessed that the enemy never intended to let Sophia live.

He put down the phone calmly while the knife in his hand was still stained with blood.

Cooper pointed the knife at the abandoned factory and shouted coldly, “I will give you one minute, Blade! I want to see my daughter now, or else I’ll kill this woman! I mean every word I say!”

Celine’s soft whimpers and Cooper’s voice echoed in the empty factory, each one sounding colder than the other; it felt like a gust of cold wind whistling and scraping people’s faces on a snowy mountain.

Unfortunately, the enemy did not respond; it seemed like he was waiting to watch something.

Cooper’s cold eyes glanced around. It was quiet and empty; there was no Sophia and no Blade, but he knew that his daughter was somewhere in a corner and Blade was already here.

Celine cried helplessly in pain, looking like a baby with her face covered in sweat and tears. Her thigh, which had been stabbed by Cooper, was still bleeding as it soaked through her pants.

15 seconds later, Blade and Sophia still hadn’t shown up.

Cooper struck without warning and plunged his blade into Celine’s bulging belly, the entire blade sinking into her flesh.

Celine grunted a painful grunt as her stomach was instantly soaked red. Cooper loosened his bloodied grip on the weapon, the hilt of the sharp knife coming out of her bulging belly. It was followed by Celine’s rapid breathing and painful spasms.

She screamed in pain as her throat barely made a sound; her mouth was blocked with tape, and only a faint, raspy sound escaped.

If Cooper continued to stab her like this, her unborn child would definitely not survive.

Cooper acted as though he couldn’t see Celine’s pained expression while he ruthlessly drew out the knife from her stomach; the blood from her abdomen spurted out like a bloody flower all over Cooper’s hand.

However, Cooper had no sympathy for her pain. He was a father who had gone over the edge and just wanted his own daughter.

If he had to do it for the sake of Sophia, his daughter, he would exchange the world for her life.

Moreover, Celine had nothing to do with him!

Cooper lifted the knife and aimed it at Celine’s stomach for a second stab.

Judging by the angle and the force of the knife, it meant that he didn’t plan on keeping Celine alive.

He just wanted his own daughter!

If Blade planned to trick him, then he would kill Celine right there and then!

The second stab landed on Celine’s stomach again, and a burst of blood gushed out immediately. At that moment, Cooper looked like a murderous maniac; his eyes and face were stained with bright red blood.

Celine curled up in pain like a shrimp. Her hands were tied with some rope that wrapped around her neck; when she struggled, the rope at her neck would tighten.

A streak of blood seeped out—Celine had no idea whether it was the child’s or her own.

When Cooper lifted his knife for the third time, the sound of footsteps finally came from behind him.

Cooper quickly grabbed Celine by the neck and pushed her in front of him as he cautiously stared at the man who came out of a corner.

Blade wore a black shirt with a pair of black sneakers. His light blue eyes were less majestic but more sullen compared to Cooper’s.

Cooper noticed that the pair of eyes above his mask were filled with rage and murder; it seemed like a husband had witnessed his wife being tortured and abused.

As Blade walked over quietly, he carried a petite figure who was also tied up on his shoulders.

He placed the person in front of Cooper and revealed her face—it was Sophia.

She seemed to be asleep; her cheeks were rosy and her breaths were regular.

Cooper was still not convinced as he choked Celine’s neck and threatened, “I want to see my daughter alive! If anything happens to my daughter, I will kill her!”

Meanwhile, Celine was still bleeding; her face had gone pale as her eyes started to roll back. Her fragile neck was defenseless against Cooper’s hands.

Blade took out a spray bottle from his bag and sprayed it on Sophia’s face. Seconds later, her eyes suddenly opened as she woke up and looked around in a daze before finally remembering what happened before.

Blade had killed Sean and abducted her! He even wanted to exchange her for Celine!

By the time she recollected her thoughts, she saw Celine being choked by Cooper.

Celine was still breathing but her face was dangerously pale—even her lips had turned white. Her whole body was covered in blood; not only were her stomach and thighs bloodied, there was even blood trickling down her pants as it soaked through her white sandals.

The knife that Cooper was holding onto dripped with blood as his other hand was wrapped around Celine’s neck.

Obviously, the person who had hurt Celine was none other than Cooper.

In that instant, Sophia was completely stunned; it was as if she did not recognize Cooper.

“Dad? Why…”

Her voice was strained as she looked at Cooper incredulously.

Cooper had actually traded Celine in exchange for her!

Sophia went silent as she stared at Celine’s bloodied stomach, unable to say anything.

Cooper was heartless to the whole world; he was only kind to his daughter. For her sake, he’d go out of his way to hurt others.

Even if that meant hurting Celine, he would not hesitate to do so.

That’s Michael’s sister, though…

How could he be so heartless? Was his daughter a human being while the other person’s sister wasn’t?

Nonetheless, he was Sophia’s father!

She finally understood Sarah’s feeling of cleaning after her father’s mess when he owed money from gambling. At the end of the day, he was her father!

Sophia lay on the ground and sobbed, not daring to look at Celine’s fearful and desperate expression.

It’s all my fault!

When Cooper saw that his daughter was fine, his hardened face finally softened. However, he still held Celine’s neck with his hand and spoke to Blade. “Put down my daughter, and I’ll give you Celine.”

Blade saw the puddle of blood under Celine and knew that this ruthless man in front of him would never hesitate.

He silently picked Sophia up and threw her somewhere in front of Cooper.

Remembering how Sean had died and Celine’s appearance, she had gone weak from all the crying. However, when Blade loosened his grip on her, the strong desire to live gave her strength as she rolled as hard as she could toward Cooper’s feet.

When Cooper saw his daughter, he was secretly relieved as he threw Celine over and quickly rushed forward to pick Sophia up. Meanwhile, Blade dashed forward to hold Celine as they both hurriedly backed away from each other.

Cooper carried Sophia and retreated. At this moment, Sophia no longer had the strength to question Cooper.

Between Celine and her, Cooper would definitely choose his daughter—even if it meant exchanging Celine’s life for another.

Having picked Celine up, Blade was ready to take her away. All of a sudden, he felt something cold on his waist while he was getting ready to untie the ropes on her body; it was as if something had viciously pierced through his waist…

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