My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1018

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1018

In the dark corridor, Cooper continued to stare at Sean’s corpse.
Sean had always been a promising young man that he liked. He was smart and strong-willed; with a little guidance, he would achieve great things. Cooper had trained him as his future heir—if Sophia was not able to manage the Mitchell Family, Carmen and Sean were his second and third choice.
However, no one had expected…

Cooper gritted his teeth and turned around in silence.

He’s planning to wipe out all of my heirs!

Sean, Sophia, and eventually Carmen…

Linus was also his heir, but his identity as Fass had been well protected. In other words, the other party had not discovered it yet.

After taking two steps, someone called him from behind and said, “Come and take a look at this, boss!”

As Cooper turned back and saw what was in front of him, his eyes glistened immediately…

Meanwhile, Michael rushed over to the hospital while Hale relayed what had happened. Harry was on his way to the hospital when he learned that his wife had been harmed; he was feeling very anxious when a dump truck skidded out of control, tipping all of its contents onto Harry’s car and smashing it….

At that moment, he was in the hospital ward right next to Sarah’s. Both husband and wife were currently being resuscitated.

Michael forced himself to calm down. “Hale, send someone to The Imperial; get them to pick Hope up and send him to the nearest Fletcher Family house for the time being.”

“Gary, go back to the Edwards Residence and protect Carmen well.”

In reality, he wanted to send Hope back to the Edwards Residence. Since it was Cooper’s old place in Bayside City, it would be hard for the enemy to sneak in, but the distance between The Imperial and the Edwards Residence was too far away. What if something happened along the way?

Meanwhile, the Fletcher Family’s house was nearby; it was sufficient enough to protect Hope. Since Nathan had been undergoing military training in the Fletcher Family, he could keep Hope company as well.

He hadn’t been thinking through things clearly—the enemy was not only fighting against Cooper himself, but also all the forces under him.

Although Michael and Cooper didn’t see eye to eye, they had already become one in everyone else’s eyes. Cooper only had one daughter and Michael was his son-in-law, which meant that he was part of Cooper’s forces.

Harry and Michael were partners, so they were counted as a mutual community.

Not only that, Michael and Harry were considered a menace to that person; it was only a matter of time before he would have attacked them.

Michael’s cell phone rang all of a sudden, and it turned out to be a call from Quinton.

He went straight to the point and said, “The mission I received before was to find Sophia and kill her on the spot; Blade should have received the same task as I did. However, it seems like he has other plans since he took her instead. Wait for his message—he’ll definitely send you one anytime soon.”

Michael’s expression turned grim after he hung up the phone.

Blade definitely had other plans—his sister, Celine.

Suddenly, he thought about one question; if a person’s sister and wife fell into the water at the same time, who would they save if they could only rescue one person?

One was his sister while the other was his wife; how could he give either one of them up?

He’d beat the son of a b*tch who pushed his wife and sister into the water!

Shortly after that, Michael arrived at the busy hospital. Even though it was already late at night, the hospital was filled with people as nurses bustled around the wards.

Academy Award winner Harry had an accident; the news spread like wildfire all over Bayside City and shook the city to its core. The best surgeon in the city had also been called in to work overtime.

Since Sarah had lost a lot of blood, it was likely that she and her child would not be able to survive. Meanwhile, Harry’s whole body was fractured; his internal organs were severely injured and was still in resuscitation.

Shortly after that, Sean was sent in with a gunshot to his chest. Naturally, no one thought that he’d survive it…

This was a really long night!

Michael sat on a hospital bench; no one was loitering around the hospital as everyone was trying to rescue those people who had just come in.

His men came in and out while the doctor and nurses raced against time to save those four lives.

Four human lives…

Michael’s heart had gone numb from all the anxiety; everything fell apart one after the other, giving him no time to prepare at all.

It was cruel, helpless, and devastating!

The men he sent out had sent back an endless stream of news, but none of them was about Sophia.

Some time in the middle of the night, Carmen called.

“Why aren’t you and Mommy home yet, Daddy?”

Carmen’s sweet voice was laced with sleepiness. She was supposed to be asleep at this time, but she couldn’t do so without talking to her parents. She stayed up and waited for Michael’s phone call but it never came, so the slightly annoyed Carmen decided to call him herself.

When he heard her voice, Michael’s throat tightened as tears spilled out from his eyes. He stayed strong and replied tenderly, “Mommy is still busy with her work. Daddy is with Mommy at the company; perhaps we’ll try to make a little sister or brother for you later tonight. Carmen, do you want Mommy to give you a little brother? Would you like a little sister instead?”

Carmen pouted and snapped back impatiently. She said, “You’ve asked me several times and I’ve answered it already! I just want an alpaca baby!”

After talking to Carmen, Michael hung up the phone. His heart was filled with sweetness, pain, and an endless pit of despair and suffering.

Where are you, Sophia?

After a sleepless night, Cooper forwarded an anonymous message he received the next day. It was all in English, and the person wanted to meet at an abandoned factory at 12.00AM to exchange hostages; he even attached a video of Sophia being tied up.

In the video, Sophia was only tied up and not injured. She was even energetic enough to kick over the mineral water beside her.

Cooper and Michael both sighed in relief, but right now, they had to deal with the most important question at hand.

Was it possible to exchange hostages—a sister for a wife?

“No! I will never hand over my wife like this!” Justin shouted as he slammed the table emotionally!

Having lost his daughter, Cooper was completely frustrated as he tethered on the brink of erupting into a storm.

“Does that mean my daughter will not be saved?!”

Justin’s expression hardened. For the sake of his wife and child, he dared to face Cooper head-on even though he usually respected the latter.

Even if they really handed Celine over, how could they guarantee that the other party would spare Sophia’s life?

The two of them slammed the table and argued loudly. They almost fought with each other, and even Linus couldn’t seem to calm them down.

On the other hand, Michael had been silent and didn’t involve himself in their argument. He simply looked out the window and saw Carmen swimming in the pool; she was carefree and happy, while Celine clapped her hands innocently by the shore.

They look so happy; they deserve to be in such bliss forever…

However, Sophia must come back!

Michael’s heart tightened as he made a difficult decision!

That night, a car stopped near the abandoned factory. As the car door opened, Cooper dragged a person with him.

It seemed to be a woman who was crying as she walked, and she looked incredibly scared and sad. Her mouth was taped shut, her hands were tied to her back, and she had messy hair with a bulging stomach, clearly indicating that she was already pregnant.

When they arrived at the location, Cooper took out his phone as he received a message that read, ‘Why is it you? Where are Justin and Michael?’

Blade hadn’t appeared yet, but he was definitely around there and had seen them.

Cooper replied to the message coldly. ‘They didn’t agree to exchange hostages so I had them locked up. Where is my daughter? If I can’t see my daughter, I will kill Celine right in front of you.’

Without waiting for the other party’s reaction, he stabbed a knife into Celine’s leg as she stifled a groan; blood started pouring out and soaked her dirty, white dress. With that, Celine fell to the ground on her knees painfully…

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