My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1017

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1017

It was already too late by the time Sophia realized that something was amiss. Her body fell limp to the ground with a loud thud as her brain scrambled from the shock of the fall; she saw stars dancing in front of her eyes while her whole body plunged in chaos.
However, she refused to pass out as she struggled to open her eyes. She watched as the others fell to the ground; just like her, they became weak and had no strength to move.
Then, a pair of black sneakers appeared from the mist with silent yet heavy steps.

The owner of those shoes had a very clear target—Sophia!

Struggling to lift her head, Sophia finally saw the man’s face. He wore a black gas mask which covered the blond-haired foreign man’s features, leaving only a pair of deep set eyes as a cold, ruthless glare of light shone out of his light blue eyes.

He walked toward Sophia with eyes that were void of any human emotions. Just like a cold machine, he blandly stepped over a bunch of people who were unable to fight back.

Sophia tried hard to retrieve her self-defense gun, but she was so weak that she couldn’t even lift a finger, let alone fight back.

She could only stare at the man with black sneakers as he walked toward her. Her eyes were filled with indignation and desperation, but she was utterly helpless.

This was a trap.

If I’m not mistaken, the man in front of me should be Blade—the legendary killer that’s only second to Quinton, right? Blade never leaves any survivors… Am I going to die here today?

As Blade got closer to Sophia, she had already whipped out her gun when she sensed danger earlier. However, her body turned limp all of a sudden as she lost the strength in her hand; naturally, the gun fell out of her hand.

Blade bent down and picked up the gun. Raising the gun without any hesitation, he aimed it at someone who was lying on the ground.

Sophia closed her eyes in despair…

She never thought that she would die here. I still have so many dreams and revenge that I’ve yet to fulfill.

She still had people she needed to love and accompany for the rest of her life.

Carmen is not even big enough yet; I want Michael to grow old with me…

Meanwhile, Michael only heard a gunshot when he got out of the car; his hurried steps froze after he had heard the gunshot.

Looking up at the sinister-looking amusement park that was shrouded by the night, Michael’s mind went blank and he instantly lost the ability to think.

He had been here before to shoot one of his crime thriller movies—he even played a psychopathic murderer who killed and dumped bodies here.

When he saw the rows of buildings, he no longer had the courage to step forward; it seemed like there was a black dragon curled up somewhere, waiting for him to take a step forward and immediately devour him.

Cooper, who was right behind him, hurriedly ran forward in big strides.

There was a strange smell lingering in the air throughout the amusement park. The strong chemical gas paralyzed peoples’ nerves in a very short time.

Cooper held his breath as he put on a mask and walked inside. Michael quickly followed behind.

Meanwhile, the poisonous fog had almost dissipated in the night breeze. There were seven or eight people lying on the building’s leaky corridor—all of them were Sophia’s men. After sending Sarah away, they wanted to stay behind and investigate the traces of the killer who had harmed Sarah, but they lost contact with the other group all of a sudden.

Just then, there was another gunshot.

Cooper didn’t dare to move forward. According to Roger and Shae’s report, Sarah’s throat had been slashed with a knife—it was Blade’s signature killing move. Nicking the artery and trachea with a cut to the throat, that person would die in mere seconds.

If this really is Blade’s doing and his target is Sophia… she wouldn’t be able to survive. No, it can’t be…

Cooper’s hand trembled. He had seen all sorts of things in his life; he thought that he would be able to react swiftly, but he didn’t dare to step forward at that moment. He was afraid to see his precious daughter lying in front of him as a lifeless corpse with a slash on the throat.

Michael quickly walked in as he glanced at the people who were sprawled across the ground. To his surprise, Sophia wasn’t there!

“She’s not here! She’s not here!” he exclaimed.

She must still be alive if she’s not here!

Tears stung his eyes, but after the burst of false delight, a surge of anger and grief coursed through him.


In the end, they still fell into Blade’s trap!

It was all because Sarah had suddenly received an anonymous call which informed her about Harry murdering her father; that was why she lost control and ran away alone.

Meanwhile, Sophia left the house because of Sarah’s incident and fell for the trap.

Everything had been a trap, and they were all careless about it.

Sophia’s small and delicate gun was left on the ground. Built as a self-defense tool for women, the gun was not too heavy and looked quite nice.

There were shell casings on the ground. They heard the gunshot earlier, and the bullet had been aimed… at Sean.

Affected by the poisonous fog, Sean was also paralyzed and couldn’t move. Lying on his back with blood everywhere on the ground, it stained his light colored shirt. His eyes were shut with few traces of blood seeping out of the corners of his mouth and bullet holes in his chest.

The bullet hit him squarely in the heart, and there was no way he could have survived it.

Whenever Blade strikes, he never misses.

If he didn’t kill Sophia, there had to be another reason.

Stanley was lying next to Sean. He watched as Sean dropped to the ground after being shot in the heart by Blade; not only that, he even witnessed Blade taking Sophia away.

Although his whole body was paralyzed, his mind was clear and awake. With his face covered in tears and dust, he whimpered softly as he struggled to reach out to Cooper, but he couldn’t even lift a finger.

All of a sudden, Hale ran in from the outside hurriedly. When he saw Sean’s body, his expression turned solemn as shock and grief filled his eyes.

Who would’ve thought that Sean…

However, he collected his emotions and spoke to Michael. “Mr. Winston had a car accident on the way to the hospital. His entire car was crushed by a dump truck which went out of control, and he… I’m afraid he is not going to make it.”

Michael’s tall, slender body trembled slightly; it was like a big mountain had collapsed.

“I’ll head over first.”

Michael glanced at the people who were gradually being carried away and left hurriedly.

Stanley was also being lifted up, but his eyes were still fixated on Sean. He watched as Sean’s bloody body turned cold as he bled out, the life draining out of him.

Stanley watched as Sean completely disappeared from his life, but he couldn’t do anything!

Today, he watched several of the most important people in his life falling down one by one in front of him.

The warm blood that spurted out of Sarah’s slit throat burned his skin; Sean being shot dead in front of him; and watching helplessly as Sophia got taken away.

He hated it!

However, there was nothing else he could do apart from shedding some tears; he couldn’t even make a single sound.

This poisonous fog did not cause durative damage to people—its focus was mainly instant paralysis. The group would recover once they got an IV drop in the hospital.

Stanley was carried into the car. He knew that once the car door was shut, he would never be able to see Sean again; he knew that this glance was eternal.

The group of friends had run through Bayside University’s green grass while they yearned for their future all those years ago, but not a single one was left.

N-Not a single one of them!

Now, he was all alone…

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