My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1013

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1013

With that, Quinton began talking about Blade and Katrina’s story in a heavy tone.
“I once sent Katrina to get close with Blade; I wanted her to take the opportunity to obtain his background information. I couldn’t decide between recruiting him for my own use or killing him… I didn’t expect Katrina to fall in love with him and betray me.”
As he delved deep into his story, both Quinton and Michael took several drags from a cigarette as they talked about this matter. The two of them put aside their differences temporarily, talking in front of their father’s grave and reaching a state of cooperation.

Quinton continued, “In the end, I tricked Katrina and lured her back to Cethos under the pretense of dealing with you. It seems like they haven’t broken up yet—Blade once sent someone to ask about Katrina’s whereabouts.”

After that, Celine appeared in Cethos and was discovered by Michael. They brought her back for treatment, but no one expected…

By then, Michael had fiercely put out the cigarette in his hand. Although he still hated Quinton, he knew that all of it was already in the past.

Apart from killing Sophia, Blade was probably here in Cethos to search for Katrina. However, both Katrina and Celine were gone; everything had gone back to square one. Now, Celine was a brand-new person who was about to give birth to her second child.

Michael and his sister grew up without their parents and had suffered many hardships. In particular, Celine had suffered the most; now that she could finally live an easy and happy life, Michael was not going to allow anyone to hurt his sister ever again.

Blade’s main purpose of coming to Cethos was Sophia; no matter it was against Sophia or Celine, Michael was determined to remove this evil and pinpoint the employer behind it.

Speaking of the employer… Michael lit up another cigarette and asked Quinton, “How much do you know about this employer’s hidden strength?”

Quinton blew out a puff of smoke and replied with uncertainty, “He’s probably just as strong as Cooper and Fass combined… In fact, I’m not so sure myself. That person is much better than Cooper in terms of hiding his strengths. Having two identities, he manages his family’s business as well as his wife’s. Moreover, nobody knows about his dual identity; he started a family on both sides with very outstanding offspring.”

“I don’t know what his other identity is, but it’s certainly not weaker than Fass. His influence is so far out that he even has people in the Michel Family with substantial power to threaten Fass and Cooper’s status. He wanted to recruit you in the beginning, but you refused. Hence, I was asked to destroy you. After thinking about it, the quickest way was to kidnap your wife. After going ahead with the plan, you fell into despair and wallowed around for a period of time. As a result, you managed to hide yourself from his spies.”

Soon, they became silent and quietly smoked cigarettes in the cemetery. Michael wanted to say something, but after holding it in for the entire day, he decided to forget about it. He blew out a puff of smoke and stubbed out his cigarette. As he searched all over his body for another cigarette without finding one, he stood up and said to Quinton, “Leave me your number so that I can contact you.”

Quinton silently left his phone number before walking away.

On the other hand, Michael was lost in thought as he stared at Quinton’s back.

In terms of temperament and appearance, Quinton really resembled Theo… When Theo died, he was almost the same age as Quinton and when Michael looked at Quinton; Michael felt like he was staring at his father that he remembered!

He was the replica of Theo and had perfectly inherited all of his father’s qualities. Theo became the God of War because he was born into the Fletcher Family, yet Quinton became a notorious assassin because he came from Tanya’s belly.

Needless to say, it would’ve been great if Quinton was born into the Fletcher Family instead!

After Quinton left, Michael was staring at his father’s tombstone when Hale walked up to him and asked, “What should we do next, boss?”

Michael’s heart sank when he thought about the information Quinton had left behind.

“If it’s really like what he said, we can’t fight this with our own power; we will need some help from Cooper.”

Michael had gone straight into Cooper’s study when he returned to the Edwards Residence. After an unprecedented night-long discussion, both of them had a grim expression on their faces by the time they were done.

They were almost certain of their enemy’s identity, but they had no idea about his actual power.

Not only that, they didn’t know how much the enemy knew about them; that person’s target was not only Sophia, but Cooper as well.

Since Cooper had no weaknesses in the past, they couldn’t do anything except to kill him. But now, Cooper’s family and connections were what made him weak.

Following that, several more manpower was added in the Edwards Residence to protect Sophia and Celine.

Sophia knew the severity of the matter and was very cautious whenever she went out; she didn’t even complain about the amount of bodyguards following her. Meanwhile, Justin decided to just stay at home and guard his wife and children.

Kids at the kindergarten were on summer vacation in July, so Carmen was already back home. She didn’t go out for work because she was going to attend the show ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’ with Michael in September and wanted to settle down first.

Carmen went through strict education. Not only did she have classes at home during the summer, there were professional teachers coming in every day to tutor her. Sophia had even prepared a special classroom and professional team for her daughter.

As such, Carmen was very intelligent; she had inherited her parents and grandfather’s qualities, and she was especially good at swimming. At just a young age, she could already dive to the bottom of the pool and pick up a set of keys.

In the meantime, Sophia had almost no social life; she was simply waiting for her celebration banquet. She worked from home and led her team remotely, trying her best not to leave the house. She didn’t want to be the reason the plan fell through at a critical moment, so she accompanied and taught Carmen different subjects every day.

As for Michael, nobody knew his whereabouts as he ran around all day. He’d suddenly return in the middle of the night and crawl under the sheets with Sophia; after making love to each other, he’d disappear the next day.

Sophia felt that Michael and Cooper were definitely planning something big, but they didn’t want to let her know about it because they feared that it would bring her pressure. Hence, she decided not to ask about it.

Since the weather was scorching hot, they dug a swimming pool and even built a small beach in the residence. Sophia swam in the pool and quickly jumped out to apply sunscreen. As Carmen splashed around like a fish, a personal lifeguard kept a close eye on her to prevent any accidents from happening.

The dogs wanted to jump into the pool as well, but there wasn’t enough space to accommodate everyone. It would’ve gotten really cramped if all the dogs jumped in, and Carmen wouldn’t have any space to swim around. Eventually, they had to limit the numbers and make a schedule.

The dogs were divided into groups based on their colors. White dogs swam on Mondays; golden-haired dogs swam on Tuesdays; dogs with black and white fur swam on Wednesdays; and pure black dogs swam from Thursdays to Sundays.

Later on, they realized that the schedule wasn’t quite working out—the family’s big orange cat was eager to jump in whenever it pleased. As the favored cat, Chrysanthemum was the most deviant. It didn’t care whether it was his turn, and it went whenever it wanted to.

On that day, it was the black and white Husky’s turn. Like a hungry wolf who managed to escape its cage, Richie ran out and paddled its paws happily in the water as it swam around Carmen. After a while, Chrysanthemum jumped in and looked like a chunk of orange fluff.

Judge wanted to jump in as well, but it could only bark at the water since it was afraid.

Carmen eventually grew tired of playing and ate watermelon by the poolside. Meanwhile, Sophia picked Judge up and threw it into the water as they played happily.

Celine was also swimming in the pool for a while, and Justin waited nearby to pick her up.

It was always good for pregnant women to do more aerobic exercise like swimming.

When Celine got out of the pool, Justin handed her a towel. She took a sip of her drink and looked behind Justin. All of a sudden, she smiled brightly and said, “Daddy! Daddy! Mikey has brought Daddy here!”

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