My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1010

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1010

Men and women who excelled in all aspects of their lives, talented individuals like Stanley and Sean, men who had built an empire at a young age without falling in love or getting married—all of them were bound to be dragged by their families into Bayside City’s blind dating club for high society.
People in this circle were respectable figures; most of them busied themselves with their careers and were not particularly interested in marriage or love. Some of them had been forced to join the club by their families, while some of them joined voluntarily to look for a partner they could benefit from. Needless to say, these people belonged in the inner circle of the elites.
Unfortunately, Stanley was notoriously known in this circle—whenever he was forced to go on a blind date, a little girl would rush in all of a sudden before hugging him and calling him ‘Daddy’!

Eventually, nobody wanted to go on blind dates with him, but he continued to stay in the circle for the latest gossip; that was how he had found out about the latest news and immediately sent it over to Michael.

Michael wasn’t entirely sure whether Cooper was behind this, but when he glanced at the list of criteria Stanley had sent over, he could immediately tell that it was Cooper’s doing.

First of all, the candidate could not possess any criminal background—murder, arson, fraud, drug abuse, and crawling through a dog door were not allowed. Clearly, these rules were directed toward Michael; it seemed like that particular incident would haunt him for the rest of his life. The candidates were required to have a master’s degree at the very least, and they had to be under 35 years old… nothing was in his favor! He even had to take his wife’s family name! If anyone fulfilled all the conditions above, they could prepare a thorough resume with their photos attached and send it to the front desk of Mitchell International Energy and Technology.

His father-in-law was causing problems in the dark, and Michael viciously read the information over and over again.

As Michael suddenly caught sight of Chrysanthemum—Cooper’s favorite cat—walking past him with its tail wagging, he placed his wet feet on Chrysanthemum and gave it a thorough rub. This cat was the descendant of a big, orange cat Cooper used to keep when he was younger, so it had learned its ancestral skill of fighting for attention; it let out a long meow. The cat was one of Cooper’s favorites as he would kiss it and hug it while he raised the cat off the ground. Michael had often used it as a foot wipe and rubbed his feet against Chrysanthemum, and the cat would lick its own wet fur.

While it meowed at Michael continuously, he picked up the phone as he stood up and replied to Stanley’s message. ‘OK.’

‘Uncle, why don’t I go and try out as well? I can be your wingman and help you get rid of all the other ugly fellas!’

‘Alright. Bring a few more people with you.’ Michael agreed.

‘OK.’ Stanley messaged in response.

When Michael returned to the room after washing his feet, Sophia was still playing her game. As he beat around the bush and asked Sophia about her ‘blind dates’, she seemed clueless about Cooper’s plans; she only knew that Cooper was throwing a banquet for her, and he had invited several celebrities and business partners too.

For example, he invited the fertilizer and tractor company’s director whom they had signed a contract with two days ago.

After probing around, Michael immediately understood the situation; his father-in-law was up to no good again.

Michael would never allow a group of fresh, young men to parade in front of his wife, but since Cooper had sent them formal business invitations, it was hard for Michael to stir things up.

Oh, my dear father-in-law!

Weren’t fathers-in-law supposed to be more fond of their sons-in-law the more they got to know each other? Michael had done so much, yet Cooper still turned against him!

He thought that he had become the perfect son-in-law; much to his surprise, he still couldn’t win over his father-in-law’s heart.

Since my father-in-law wants to play around, I’ll just keep him company!

After writing his resume, Michael went over to Mitchell International Energy and Technology and submitted his application at the front desk. He wanted to see the look on his father-in-law’s old face when he saw his old son-in-law there!

When Michael arrived at the makeshift matchmaking counter of Mitchell International Energy and Technology, he did not expect to see so many people present—there were familiar faces like Ian, who had just been circumcised not too long ago. He wanted to fight for a chance as well.

His d*ck was less than 10cm long, and Sophia had even laughed at it when she saw his nudes; who gave him the courage to come here? Did he think that circumcision would change the fact that his manhood was short and soft?!

Sophia wouldn’t even look at him! Dana, that monster, is here as well!

Her assistant took her resume and went to the front desk, but she was rejected by the receptionist there. Dana protested with defiance and said, “Why can’t I sign up? You guys never mentioned that women weren’t allowed to sign up, am I right?!”

Unable to refute Dana’s claim, the receptionist flipped through Cooper’s requirements. Indeed, there wasn’t a rule saying that women could not participate; what mattered was the candidate’s age and conduct. It seemed like Cooper had forgotten about gender…

It was like a chaotic circus of freaks!

The atmosphere at the registration counter changed when Michael appeared.

Oh, the ex-husband is here to watch the show.

With Cooper’s little act, Bayside City’s matchmaking circle knew that they had divorced. Soon enough, this piece of news had spread far and wide.

“Are you here too, Uncle?!” Stanley looked at Michael with surprise.

As Michael turned around, he saw Stanley followed by a dozen young men from the Fletcher Family; all of them had a stack of resumes in their hands…

Michael was completely dumbfounded.

Before he could come back to his senses, a man wearing a black suit with gold-rimmed glasses entered the building.

Unable to stop themselves, the Fletcher Family sucked in a cold breath when they realized who it was.

“Why the hell are you here, Quinton?!”

Quinton, who had disappeared for so long, appeared once more!

Dressed in a business suit with a pair of gold-rimmed glasses, he looked like an intelligent gentleman with a resume in his hand. He smiled when he saw Michael and the others. “It’s a fair competition for everyone—why can’t I be here?”

After that, he placed his resume on the front desk.

The appearance of Quinton had the Fletcher Family’s men slowly losing their composure—especially Stanley.

“Damn it, you son of a b*tch!”

The hot headed Stanley charged up to Quinton and attacked him. The Fletcher men rushed forward and joined in on the fight, whereas Michael tried desperately to pull them apart.

The hatred between Quinton and the Fletcher Family could no longer be settled with just a fist fight; even though Quinton had already shook hands and made peace with Michael, Stanley still couldn’t control his emotions.

Quinton also recognized Stanley as the little son of a b*tch who shot him in the balls back then!

When enemies met, they lost all sense of control.

The two of them were engaged in such an intense scruffe that no one could pull them off each other.

Meanwhile, Cooper was actually upstairs watching from the CCTV, monitoring every boy that came in. The system would automatically analyze the other party’s background, and he’d record their details down before combining it with their resume for the next assessment.

He was going to personally pick the right boys to attend Sophia’s matchmaking banquet.

However, no one expected a fight to break out!

Cooper frowned and ordered the security guards who were at the scene, “Throw them out.”

The alarm bell rang loudly as Dimon, the new security chief of Mitchell International Energy and Technology, led the security team and rushed out to hold down the Fletcher Family’s men. In the midst of everyone’s uproar, the entire Fletcher Family was thrown out together with their resumes.

The Fletcher Family’s members only know how to fight!

At the entrance of Mitchell International Energy and Technology, Stanley and Quinton were still fighting.

Finally, Michael managed to separate the two with much effort; Stanley was still cursing and kicking when Michael dragged Quinton away from him.

He had a lot of mixed feelings about his brother. His birth disgusted him, but it was not his fault that he was born in Tanya’s belly.

Since Michael and Quinton already agreed that they were even, he wouldn’t bother him.

“I’ve warned you to never appear in Cethos again, Quinton! You know what will happen!”

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