My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 101-110

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 101

The atmosphere suddenly became awkward. The students who had agreed with the version of events earlier now bowed their heads, not daring to meet Joel’s eyes that were gradually growing colder by the minute. The two who swore were also embarrassed, their face full of awkwardness and chagrin.

In the end, everyone forgot about Nathan, who had the only electronic device in the barracks. That iPad could not only store Taylor Murray’s movies, but could also record videos!

Joel took the iPad from Nathan and replayed the video that Nathan recorded. The video managed to capture the peak of the confrontation, from when Xyla asked to be hit, all the way to Richard’s similar request.

It recorded the whole thing; the campus drama that escalated into a martial arts action movie. The iPad’s night shooting function was crystal clear with image stabilization, and the audio recorded was also very realistic. Hence, Xyla and Richard’s voices filled the whole office.

“I deserve this. I was the one who came between the both of you. There’s nothing wrong with you hating me. If hitting me makes you feel better, do it! Just please stop going after the Harpers and Richard!”

“Come on then. Hit me! Punch me! I’m the one who wronged you! Even if you beat me to death, I won’t fight back!”

Joel watched from the beginning to the end, not a hint of expression on his face. However, when he saw Sophia rush forward like a small leopard to hit them, the corners of his mouth lifted slightly.

As the video was playing, the atmosphere became even more colder, and the air filled with embarrassment. Even the onlookers wanted to dig a hole and bury their heads in the ground, much less those three who had the spotlight on them.

Of course, Sophia was not afraid. It feels really cool to hit someone! This pair of lovebirds provoked her so many times, and even gave themselves up on a silver platter for her to hit. One would have to be out of their minds to not take the couple up on their offer! F*ck getting a perfect score! She now only wanted to pass. And to think that those who scored full marks would get to have a meal with Joel personally; how embarrassing!

Joel saw the whole video, from the beginning to the end, then returned the iPad to Nathan wordlessly. He ruffled the boy’s hair, then stared at the others coldly. Once again, the atmosphere in the room was freezing cold, and no one dared to even breathe.

Richard opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Joel. “Today, all the participants, albeit those who hit, or were hit, onlookers, as well as drill instructors and commanders, are to run for three kilometers!”

“Sophia Edwards, Richard Harper, Xyla Huff— the three of you, solitary confinement for twelve hours after the run! Dismissed.”

The crowd could not believe their ears. Even onlookers had to be punished? It’s alright that the onlookers have to be punished, but the drill instructors and commanders were innocent; why should they be punished too? On what grounds?

However, no one dared to ask why. Once Joel stared them down, no one dared to open their mouths. Running is better than the three that are to be confined. If they were to be put in confinement, they would certainly not be able to pass.

Along with the three who committed the crime, adding in approximately 30 onlookers as well as their respective drill instructors and commanders, there were altogether around 40 or 50 people.

Commander Ford shouted a command, “Attention! Turn left, run!”

A few drill instructors took the lead and started to run, followed closely by Sophia. The commanders and student onlookers followed, then Xyla and Richard, with a reluctant Faye bringing up the rear.

Faye decided to pull a fast one and pretend to be dizzy. With a cry, she leaned against the wall. “Ah, I’m on my period and my stomach hurts. I can’t exercise strenuously, general. Can I sit this one out?”

Joel said with a straight face, “Sure, I’ll deduct 20 military training points.”

20 points! Faye calculated how many points she needed to pass. If 20 points were deducted, she would be doomed! The only thing she could do now was to run along with everyone. Three kilometers was a breeze for the drill instructors, and they completed it in the blink of an eye.

After finishing their run, they went on to keep an eye on the students who had yet to finish their laps. Those who finished quickly mumbled angrily all the way back to their rooms. Today, not only did Richard cause a scene, but he also implicated all of us!

Sophia had almost finished running, and Nathan greeted her with popsicles. She bit into one and went to the confinement room to report.

Meanwhile, a poor, bruised Richard was limping and had to wait for Xyla to catch up the whole time. Everyone had finished running, but the two of them barely completed half.

Xyla, whose face was as swollen as a pig, cried the whole while. As she was halfway through her run, she fell to the ground, whining and crying. Richard tried to pull her up, but failed.

How did this happen? Everything was well planned; Sophia was the one who Richard would hate, and also the one to lose face and be driven out of the barracks! Sophia was the one who hit me; why do I have to be punished? What went wrong? What is it with Sophia Edwards? Xyla was all kinds of wound up!

Richard felt rather bad too, and he was holding back the anger in his heart. He was beaten to pulp, but had to drag a half-disabled Xyla along. She was like a burden, and for the first time he felt irritated by her. Understanding dawned on him. Xyla wasn’t being kind; she was stupid this whole time!

Sophia obviously hated her, but Xyla repeatedly went out of her way to provoke Sophia. No matter how he advised her, Xyla did not listen. Now look at what happened! If it wasn’t for Xyla serving herself up to Sophia on a silver platter today, how would all of these happen?

Others finished their three kilometers and went back to rest, but Richard and Xyla had run for less than a kilometer. The drill instructor of Company 23 stared at them as they ran, a look of impatience on his face. The instructor was extremely fed up by this couple who were always causing trouble.

The student onlookers who finished running their three kilometers also complained angrily, and continued to complain about Xyla after they were done with Sophia. She was the one who took the initiative to walk toward Sophia; isn’t it obvious that she was waiting to be hit?

If she had stayed quiet, things wouldn’t have gotten out of hand! F*cking retard, getting us punished just because she wanted to act all lovey-dovey in front of Sophia! Look at how good Sophia is, always giving us popsicles. Lovers normally do not go looking for trouble; only Xyla would want to provoke someone time after time!

After Sophia finished running, she went to the confinement room to report. The drill instructor led her to the legendary confinement room and opened the door. What greeted her was not the rumored stench and dampness. On the contrary, the room was clean and comfortable, with a hint of lemon in the air.

The double bed had been made, and was covered in cartoon frog sheets. Nathan was already sleeping soundly on it. The tablet which was gifted by Michael was on the bedside table.

There was also a separate toilet and washroom next door. Not to mention air conditioning, a refrigerator and a washing machine, which even came with automatic drying! This was not solitary confinement at all; it was a nice change from her current situation!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 102

Sophia was hungry from all the running, so she found some snacks to munch on. She then brushed her teeth and took a bath before heading off to bed. Just before sleeping, she put Nathan and her clothes into the washing machine for a wash and dry.

The room she was in was not like a confinement room at all, but more like a clean bed and breakfast. Everything would just be perfect if there was WiFi.

Sophia tossed and turned on the bed. The sheets were brand new, and they seemed to have been newly washed, with a hint of lemon mixed with sunshine.

She turned over and looked at Nathan who was fast asleep beside her. He had been with her all day and was worn out; it was time to rest.

Today’s good treatment was all because of this little angel here!

Sophia was tired after the day she had, and she fell asleep as soon as she turned over.

Little did she know that she would become famous overnight, successfully becoming one of the most famous freshmen from Bayside University. During the night, her heroic deeds spread like wildfire in the barracks, and there was not a soul who did not know of her.

For Sophia, she finished her run and was greeted by hot water, air conditioning, and a cute little boy with snacks who waited for her. Meanwhile, the other couple did not have it as easy.

Xyla cried while running, and fell down from time to time. She kneeled on the ground, not wanting to get up. The others spent half an hour to run three kilometers, but she ran for more than two hours, all the while being dragged by Richard.

After running, Xyla felt exhausted. The minute she reached the finishing line, she collapsed on the spot. This time, she was not putting on a farce, but was really weak with exhaustion!

Richard was also starting to get impatient.

The military training had nothing to do with him, and he only came to the barracks just for Kayla and Xyla.

These two were really daft, always depending on him and not able to do anything properly by themselves.

They couldn’t grab their meals in time and were constantly dragging him down. It was all because of these two that he had to go hungry.

Kayla was his own sister, so no matter how stupid she was, he had to endure. But Xyla was not his sister, and he vented his anger on her, especially after running three kilometers.

Not only was he beaten up badly by Sophia, he also had to drag Xyla along now. He had used up all his energy after the run, and Xyla just had to collapse and cry on the ground, refusing to get up. As such, he was forced to pull her up.

He really wanted to leave Xyla there, but she was Young Mistress Huff after all.

He eventually limped to the confinement center with Xyla in tow, an impatient expression on his face the whole time. At that moment, he suddenly remembered Sophia’s goodness.

Sophia never seemed to bother him so much.

She did everything by herself, and was always self-reliant. No matter where they were, she always took care of him, and he had almost nothing to do as the boyfriend.

Although he did not admit it out loud, deep down he always felt that Sophia was not feminine. Xyla, in comparison, was very feminine. She would ask him to buy drinks for them, thereafter pouting her lips as she complained she couldn’t open the bottle cap. No matter where they were, he always took care of her, and he finally got to experience a boyfriend’s sense of responsibility.

But now, he found the responsibility so overwhelming that he couldn’t breathe!

Company 23’s commander trailed behind them leisurely and urged from time to time, “Move it, move it! Even if you don’t want to rest, I still want to sleep!”

Richard stayed quiet as he dragged Xyla along, much like one would a dead dog. He recalled seeing Sophia finishing her three kilometers, wiping off her sweat and leaving quickly.

She is always so strong, so determined; never letting me worry. When he was a senior, she used to accompany him, staying up all night to study together.

Xyla, on the other hand, was just like his daughter—naïve to the point of stupidity, and was always laughed at by others. She was so weak that he had to always break her disposable chopsticks apart for her!

Xyla cried herself hoarse as Richard helped her to the confinement room. Her face was swollen like a pig, with snot, tears and saliva rolling down her face; her body stunk of sweat and medicine.

Their confinement room was not as good as Sophia’s. It was a small room, barely three meters wide. There was a musty smell in the air, and a single bed inside which looked to be covered in dust. It was obvious that the blankets hadn’t been washed in a long time.

A large light bulb flashed overhead, seeming like the electricity could trip any time. Besides the single bed, there was nothing else in the room.

Richard and Xyla’s confinement room was separate. He placed her on the bed, and was about to turn around and leave.

It was bad enough for one person to be in the confinement room, let alone two. They would surely go crazy.

“Richard, don’t go!” Just as he put Xyla down, she started to whine like a child.

“Okay, okay. I won’t leave,” Richard said helplessly.

He had no choice but to stay with her in this confinement room. The company commander took a look at them and slammed the door hard, and the world went quiet at once.

There was really no sound in the confinement room; there were no vents or windows, and the only thing that connected them to the outside world was a small window on the door.

It was like a sealed box, and the both of them were trapped inside, feeling like their souls had been tied down too.

This small space started to drive Richard crazy, and his nose was filled with strange smells. From the musty air he breathed to Xyla’s sweat, the smell was everywhere, and he couldn’t escape from it.

Such a cramped space was enough to make people crazy, and the longer he stayed in it, the more he felt that he was suffocating. He was like a fish out of water, and Xyla’s cries were starting to grate on his nerves.

“Richard, I’m so sad. I was so good to her; why did she hit me, and why did she hit you too? Did we really do something wrong?”

Xyla fell into Richard’s arms crying, feeling wronged and angry, yet happy at the same time.

Sophia made Richard lose his face. There is definitely nothing that can happen between them now. Richard can finally be mine, and mine alone!

Sophia Edwards would never beat me!

However, she did not expect Richard to answer in a cold voice, “Miss Xyla Huff, are you really stupid or are you pretending? You know very well that she hates you, so why would you mess with her? I’ve warned you many times, yet why did you still insist on serving yourself up to be hit by her? Where’s your brain?”

Richard, who had been holding back all night, finally exploded. Xyla’s face was swollen like a pig, and she still continued to cry all over his clothes. Coupled with the confined space and smell around him, he was about to go crazy! He finally couldn’t help but say what he wanted to say!

Xyla looked at him in disbelief.

Is this the Richard who has always been a gentleman to me?

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 103

She stared at him with wide eyes, feeling wronged. “Are you scolding me, Richard? How dare you scold me? She was the one who hit me first!”

With her swollen face, no matter how beautifully she wept, Richard could not drum up the slightest pity. Snorting, he said, “Please use your brain to think; if you had not offered yourself to her, she would not have hit you! I hope that you remember today’s incident, because I don’t want the same thing to happen again!”

Xyla stared at Richard, tears rolling down her face. It was the first time in her life that she was quarreling with him. “If you did not have an affair with her, I would not have sought her out!”

Here we go again!

Livid, Richard retorted, “I’m saying it for the last time: I didn’t have an affair with her, let alone get back together! Spending the night together in the infirmary was nonsense! Don’t always twist my words into something else!”

“You have, you have!”

Xyla was almost screaming, and her body was trembling. “Don’t think I don’t know that you added her on Messenger. You have always been in contact with her! I have already turned a blind eye to all that; what else do you want me to do? Can you tolerate your woman having some other man in her heart?”

Richard snorted coldly. “I can’t help it if you want to think in this way.”

Xyla fell weakly onto the bed and cried in despair, “Why are you still lying to me? How am I lacking? I’ve been trying so hard, yet why do you still think of her?”

Richard did not even spare her a glance and muttered, “You’re being unreasonable.”

Then, he got up and knocked on the door. Speaking to the officer on duty, he requested a change of rooms.

He couldn’t wait to get out of there, and get out of the barracks right away!

Later on, Richard went to another confinement room, where there was one less person to crowd him. He suddenly felt that the air was much fresher; even the musty smell was more tolerable.

In the confinement room, Richard mulled things over. Xyla’s pure and adorable image had been completely destroyed in his eyes. Turned out that she was also an unreasonable woman.

Making a comparison, he suddenly realized that Sophia was leagues better. Though she occasionally quarreled with him, she was very rational, and not unreasonable in the slightest.

But he also knew that he had wronged Sophia. Xyla and him had also been unreasonable at one point in time. Looking back, Sophia was not unreasonable; she was only trying to win him back.

But at that time, Richard was indeed tired of Sophia. He wanted to break up, but couldn’t find a good reason, not until the whole pregnancy situation came about. Richard couldn’t help but rejoice as he finally found a reason to break up with her.

Although he was very tired, Richard couldn’t sleep at all. The confinement room made it difficult for him to fall asleep, and his thoughts kept going back to Sophia.

In the other room, Xyla was on the bed sobbing sadly and desperately.

She had lost this round completely!

Sophia really had some skills, being able to turn the tables and break us up!

Ugh! In her dreams!

Since Xyla managed to bag Richard, she would hold on to him no matter what!

Sophia, on the other hand, was fast asleep. It had been so long since she slept so soundly and comfortably.

In fact, she slept like a log. In the middle of the night, she rolled over, and her hand seemed to touch a hot blanket.

Sophia thought she was dreaming, and reached out to touch the warm blanket casually. It felt very comfortable, and she buried herself into said blanket.

The blanket was soft and hard, yet slippery at the same time. She ran her hands over it and noticed that not only was it slippery, it was also hot to the touch!

Also, why are there two grapes on the blanket?

Sophia pulled at the grapes hard, and suddenly found herself itching for a bite. She wanted a taste of the grapes, so she moved her mouth forward and licked them twice. She tasted something sweet on her tongue so she continued to lick, then gently bit down.

Instantly, the grapes ‘hissed’ in pain.

Hey, since when did grapes start to speak?

But Sophia was too deep in her sleep, her eyelids shut tight. She touched the grapes once more, then leaned into the blanket and continued to sleep comfortably…

The blanket was really too comfortable, and Sophia clutched at it tightly, almost like she feared it might run away.

It turned out to be a good night’s sleep indeed.

Early the next morning, Nathan heard a soft noise. He rubbed his sleepy eyes and sat up, hazily seeing a man getting out of bed. The man’s back was to Nathan as he pulled on his pants and buckled his belt.

The sound of the belt being buckled was very soft, as if the man was afraid to wake those who were still sleeping on the bed.

Nathan looked up at the tall man, his chubby little face cold yet curious.

As the man dressed himself, he turned back and ruffled Nathan’s hair and whispered, “Good boy, don’t disturb your mother.”

Nathan nodded, eyes still blurry with sleep. He thought he saw a bright red imprint on the man’s chest, but he scratched his little head and went back to bed.

No wonder the bed got crowded all of a sudden last night…

The man got dressed and looked at a sleeping Sophia before turning and leaving, a swagger in his step.

Later on, Sophia woke up to find light streaming through the small window. Looking at the wall clock, she saw that it was nine o’clock.

I am already late for training!

But then, she suddenly remembered that she was still in solitary confinement, and had to be locked up for twelve hours. She did some calculation, and concluded that she would be locked up until noon—just in time for lunch.

Hence, she went back to sleep, ready to catch up on her slumber. Closing her eyes, she remembered the sweet grapes from last night and licked her lips before falling back asleep.

Unfortunately, there were no sweet grapes in the dream this time.

At half past twelve in the afternoon, the three who had been locked up for twelve hours were finally released. Everyone had just finished their lunch, and they rushed over to watch them leave the prison.

Three figures appeared in front of their curious gazes.

Xyla’s face was dull, and she looked haggard beyond words. The swollenness of her face had gone down a little due to the medicine, but it still looked deformed. When she came out, she pulled her military cap as low as it would go, trying to cover her blueish black face.

Richard was not much better than Xyla. His face was not as swollen as before, but there were still dark circles under his eyes. Coupled with him not sleeping well last night, his whole being looked haggard.

Compared to the two haggard people, Sophia’s complexion was rosy, and she looked just like a fairy, dressed clean and neat. From her military cap down to her shoes, nothing was out of place. She looked energetic, and her face seemed to glow.

Unbeknownst to her, she had become famous overnight, and everyone looked at her with awe and fear in their eyes.

Simultaneously, Joel stood outside the center and looked at them coldly.

The three lined up in front of him smartly; even Nathan tried to make himself stand straight.

Without any expression, Joel looked at the three of them and said, “Let this be the last time. Train well and perform well; the final exam is in a few days.”

Sophia felt that when Joel said that, he was staring straight at her, almost like he was talking to her directly.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 104

“Yes, general!” she answered as loud as she could, while the other two answered quite weakly. The three of them were then released.

Sophia was ready to go to lunch with Nathan when she suddenly heard Richard calling out her name, “Sophia…” Sophia stopped and looked back at him while plastering a polite smile on her face, as if she had forgotten what happened last night.

“Richard, what’s the matter?” Her amicable behavior was completely different from yesterday night when she had beaten them up.

The onlookers were shocked. What just happened? Richard himself couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Sophia’s beatific smile. He had never seen her smile like that before. Feeling embarrassed, he smiled back and said, “I’m sorry for what happened, and I hope you won’t take it to heart. We… are still friends, after all.”

Sophia smiled and reassured calmly, “I’ve forgotten it a long while ago.” The Harpers had paid 55 million, and Richard was also beaten by Sophia herself. On that note, she had temporarily forgiven him.

Besides, Sophia really didn’t hate Richard anymore. Because of him, she now understood the dangers of the world, and knew what playboys were like. Sophia took Nathan’s hand and left, leaving Richard rooted to the spot as he watched her leave.

Sophia wasn’t aware of Richard watching her, but it had caught Xyla’s attention. Xyla was looking miserable with her messy hair, her face swollen and eyes puffy. She looked unbelievably lonely.

Everyone was gloating behind their backs. It must be because of Taylor Murray’s wife-jinx that all the women who approached him would be unlucky. Xyla asked him for an autograph, and even took a photo with him. It’s not surprising that she has bad luck now! She deserved it!

Xyla’s stomach twisted into knots when she saw Richard and Sophia talking to each other. Sophia, you’d better watch out!

As Xyla realized that Richard was about to leave, she immediately chased after him and called out, “Richard!”

However, Richard didn’t seem to have heard her, and he walked into the crowd, his large steps taking him far away from her.

It was night time when Xyla received news that Richard and Kayla had applied to leave the barracks. Kayla’s performance had taken a setback and her legs were injured, and she knew there was no way she could get a passing mark.

Thus, she thought it was better to leave early. As for Richard, his patience had reached its limit and he couldn’t stand it anymore. Bayside University’s military training had always been the strictest and most rigorous.

Although he was only a student leader, Richard was able to enjoy having someone accompany him throughout the training. He now realized that it was very difficult for ordinary people to stay here for so long and suffer so much.

Richard left the barracks quickly, not even stopping to say goodbye to Xyla, and the two started the silent treatment. Watching the brother and sister of the Harper family leaving the barracks, Xyla’s eyes welled with tears.

I managed to get Richard, but what went wrong? Xyla concluded that it must be because of Sophia. If it wasn’t for that b*tch, Richard would be all mine! Xyla trembled and burst into tears, her eyes spewing fire. Sophia Edwards, just you wait!

After the fiasco, Sophia had become famous, and she had to bear the consequences. The only perk from winning the battle was that she was allowed to sleep in a luxurious single room for the night.

In the afternoon, Commander Ford came to the company and called her out in front of the entire company, “Sophia Edwards, attention!” Sophia stepped out of formation and looked at Commander Ford cluelessly.

Commander Ford congratulated Sophia without any expression on his face, “First of all, I must congratulate you for finishing off your ex-boyfriend and his partner.” Sophia’s eyes widened, not knowing what he was getting at. Commander Ford continued, “You have become the best in combat in your company…”

Everyone around sniggered. The other members of the company were shocked by her powerful combat skills as they saw Sophia beat up the playboy. Commander Ford continued, “Company 49 is no longer good enough for you. The chief has given his approval, and you will join the Superb Company in a few days’ time!” The whole company suddenly went into complete silence after listening to the announcement.

Superb Company! The legendary Superb Company! It was said that every year, a group of top-notch students was selected to join the Superb Company, whose training was several times better than that of a regular company.

The general military training only consisted of formation practice and stacking quilts, and the biggest physical exertion was to grab a meal during lunch. Superb Company was real military training!

The mysterious Superb Company was led by the general, Joel Fletcher, himself and only he knew about what the training was about. No doubt it would be much tougher than their ordinary military training.

Upon hearing that Sophia was going to join the Superb Company, everyone felt envious yet scared at the same time. They looked at her with complex expressions on their faces.

What they envied was that Joel Fletcher personally conducted the training, and almost all of the Fletchers were in the Superb Company. It would be great to be able to interact with the Fletchers day in and day out. How lucky would one be if the Fletchers were to fall in love with them and get married!

Even if it weren’t the Fletchers, the Superb Company had many of whom were military descendants! However, the Superb Company was not only able to elevate one’s name, it also had daunting tasks in store. Everyone was envious and afraid while they watched Sophia being whisked away.

As people watched her leave, they were also overjoyed. Sophia’s combat effectiveness was already strong, not to mention having Nathan as an added advantage. Sooner or later, she was going to dominate the entire training field. It was good that she was gone.

As for Sophia, she was beyond anxious, for she felt that something bad was about to happen; she could feel butterflies in her stomach.

Nathan did not follow along, and she felt zero sense of security. A lieutenant was sent to lead Sophia to the Superb Company, while the other companies on the training field looked at her with envy and hatred, and of course, someone just had to come out and make a scene.

“Why is she the only one who is qualified to join the Superb Company? I want to go too!” Faye came out of nowhere. Not caring that she was in the middle of formation practice, she suddenly broke formation to chase after Sophia.

Faye caught up with them and insisted on going to the Superb Company together. The lieutenant who led Sophia didn’t even look at Faye. He agreed to her request readily and took both of them to the Superb Company.

Faye was very proud of herself and puffed out her chest. While walking, she tied her hair up properly, wanting to appear in front of the Fletcher family in the most perfect state. Maybe she would catch the eye of a Fletcher! Other students also wanted to be like Faye, but they didn’t have the courage because they were part of the Edwards.

The three of them then left the training field and jogged all the way to another training field. From far away, they heard a sonorous chant behind the iron gates, “One, two, one; one, two, one; one, two, three, four; one, two, three, four!” It was a mixture of men and women’s voices, and they were chanting confidently. They were obviously tough!

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Sophia was so terrified that she held her breath. She wanted to see what was behind the door, but the lieutenant stood perfectly still and looked at both of them coldly.

“The two of you are about to enter intensive training. Although you only have a few days left, your course load will not be reduced. You must be prepared for it.”

Both of them nodded in understanding. Faye was beyond eager to see what the Fletchers really looked like. They have always kept a low profile in school, and were rarely seen out and about. The richer the family, the more low-key they were.

Plus, the Fletcher Family usually attended professional military academies and Bayside University. Even though they attended military training, they usually don’t become a part of the military after completing their training.

Faye was getting so impatient that she squealed, “What nonsense, open the door quickly! I want to join the Superb Company!”

As for Sophia, she only nodded her head and said seriously, “I’m ready.”

Joel Fletcher personally oversaw the Superb Company, and their training methods were different from others. Those who successfully graduated from this company passed their training with flying colors.

The lieutenant looked at them without a hint of expression. “From now on, you will receive more rigorous training. In addition to basic formation and physical training, there will also be gun training and tactical combat.”

Sophie felt like she had struck gold! Getting personal training from Joel was so much better compared to Gwen! Faye was also over the moon. In tactical combat, it was inevitable that men and women both came into close contact.

She could then make use of her cuteness to get away with the training. All she needed to do was pretend to be dizzy, and get up only after the young army men gave her a hug! She made up a million scenarios in line with the romance novel “The Overbearing Soldier Fell for Me”.

However, the lieutenant’s next sentence shattered all her illusions. “Both of you can fight now, and the one who wins will get to enter.”

“What?” Faye exclaimed.

Sophia only nodded as understanding dawned. She knew that Superb Company did not take weaklings. Clenching her fist, she lunged toward Faye.

On the other side of the training ground, after everyone learned that Sophia was selected for the Superb Company, they all felt envious and jealous of her. But they didn’t envy her for long, as the Superb Company was not something that everyone could endure.

They had heard stories that those who were selected for the Superb Company had returned crying with bruised faces less than a day later. This time, they wondered what would happen to the two people who were selected.

During their training at night, news spread like wildfire in the training ground—Faye was beaten to within an inch of her life, and was sent out of the barracks to be treated!

The news came from the front that Faye was seriously injured this time. Someone saw Faye being loaded onto a barrack bus, and they could hear her screaming from far away.

She looked so miserable. A visual inspection revealed that she had injured her muscles and bones. It was said that she wouldn’t last long, and was even on oxygen! As for Sophia…

No one knew what happened to Sophia. After all, the military camp was rather large, and the place where these students trained and lived were only a small part of it. There is a whole area they were prohibited from entering, and it was there that Sophia was undergoing her training.

On the day that she went over, all her things in the dormitory were removed, and she completely disappeared from everyone’s sight. No one knew whether she was sent out of the barracks, or if she entered the Superb Company.

Xyla was continuously inquiring, but couldn’t find out any news on Sophia, and everything in her dormitory was removed. After some thought, she happily came to the conclusion that Sophia must have been expelled from military training! Sophia must have hit Faye!

She had beaten Richard and me before. Now it’s finally Faye’s turn! The Edwards would surely get to the bottom of it! Although Faye is just a young lady from the Edward Family, she is still part of that family. And it was rumored that Faye was almost beaten to death.

The Edward family would definitely pursue the matter! It’s over for Sophia, and she must have been dealt with by the Edward family! Expulsion from military training is just the beginning; the next step is to get rid of her! Xyla felt a perverse satisfaction within her.

Sophia had dealt with Faye, whom she had always despised. It was killing two birds with one stone! She had always hated Faye to her very core. Since Faye was a child, she had always thought of herself as highborn and as one of the Edwards.

However, she was only a descendant of the side branch. When they were about to go bankrupt a year ago, it was Huffs Technology who had to step in and help out.

From now on, Sophia will finally disappear from the world! Retribution is so sweet! The rumor was also confirmed by many that Sophia beat Richard and Xyla one day prior to the incident, and then beat Faye up the next day.

There was zero tolerance for fights in the barracks, and Sophia would definitely be dealt with. Some people said that Sophia got a zero on her military training results, and others even saw her being sent out of the barracks!

Rewind to half an hour before Faye was beaten. Before Sophia could even get past the door of Superb Company, they had let her fight it out with Faye, and only the winner would get to enter. Now that it was an order from above, she would definitely do her best.

“Sophia, if you dare to hit me, you will never be able to get into Bayside University in future!” Faye began to threaten her. She was really afraid of Sophia’s fist, but she knew that Sophia would never hit her!

Truth be told, if it was anyone else from the Edward family that threatened Sophia, she dared not cause any trouble. But she was not afraid of the daughter of the fata*s Joe Edwards, who was poor enough to sell her daughter at a bargain! Sophia was certainly not afraid!

Therefore, she punched Faye in the face. She thought that her punch had been light, but there was suddenly the sound of bone cracking, and then Faye was shouting. Faye fell to the ground, her hands covering her face while she wailed, blood splattered everywhere. “Murderer!

Murderer! Sophia is a murderer!” Sophia was shocked when she saw so much blood, and hurried over to check it out. The lieutenant who brought her over also frowned, and said, “Go to the barracks to pack your things, and come back here one hour later to report. Leave the rest to me.”

Sophia looked at Faye who was rolling on the ground, and mulled it over for a while. This was military training, and she was not the one who initiated the fight. If Faye was really hit badly, it was not Sophia’s responsibility. With that thought in mind, she turned around and left.

When she returned an hour later carrying her own bedroll, Faye was long gone. There was a pool of blood on the ground, and the lieutenant stood waiting for her right smack in the middle. Sophia was shaken when she saw the blood. She remembered that her punch wasn’t that hard, so why did Faye bleed so much?

Recalling the blood on Faye’s face just now, she asked herself if it was all fake. Although she really did hit Faye, it was no cause for death. She asked the lieutenant weakly, “How is that student now?”

The lieutenant glanced at her, weighed down with bags, and said, “The barracks cannot treat her, so she was sent away to be treated.”

Can’t be treated?

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 106

Sophia’s mouth fell open. She had been to the barracks’ infirmary, and it was well equipped to even conduct minor operations. If the infirmary couldn’t handle it, then it must be a serious injury.

Stunned, she asked, “That serious?”

The lieutenant nodded. “Well, your punch managed to dislocate her nose that had undergone plastic surgery. We really aren’t equipped for this, so we had to send her to a specialized plastic surgery hospital. If we delay any longer, her face will be disfigured.”

Sophie was speechless. It turned out that Faye’s entire face had undergone plastic surgery, and it was filled with hyaluronic acid and prosthesis. Unfortunately for Faye, Sophia’s punch had dislocated the prosthesis in the nose.

The barrack’s infirmary could handle most basic medical issues, but they had no expertise in cosmetic repair, so they could only send Faye out of the barracks. This incident would be regarded as a mistake by the barracks, and Faye would be compensated with at least eighty points.

Even after understanding what had taken place, Sophia still had lingering fears. The lieutenant continued, “I will take you to the new barracks. After you have unpacked your things, you will train according to your usual schedule. Your training location is now on the special training field behind me.” Sophia then followed him to the new barracks.

There was a row of bungalows, with one room per person. Her room was a standard single room and could not compare to Bayside University’s student dormitory, but it was much better than the large barracks she used to live in. At least she now had a room to herself, with an en-suite bathroom, air-conditioning and a TV.

After Sophia settled down, she immediately went to the Third Canteen to eat; those in the Superb Company had their meals here. There were many canteens in the military camp, and the Third Canteen is the legendary high-level canteen, for it was where the officers in the army ate.

The atmosphere here was different from the student canteen—very quiet with no one talking. What they ate was a real battle meal, and they usually finished within a few minutes. There were not many people in the canteen, and Sophia immediately spotted her cute little boy.

The seat beside Nathan was empty, and a meal was already set, with a big special-made chicken drumstick dripping with oil. It was obvious that the meal was prepared for her. Sophia ran toward it happily and ruffled Nathan’s head while saying, “Such a good boy, preparing a meal for me!”

Famished, she sat down and started eating immediately. She ate half of the chicken thigh in one bite! She then sighed and said, “The food in this canteen is much better than the food in other canteens!” Sophia gobbled it up, but after a few bites, she realized that something was odd.

Nathan was looking at her weirdly, and those around her were staring at her in horror. Sophia continued to eat, absorbing everyone’s reactions the whole time. Why do they look like I have grown two heads?

She rolled her eyes twice. Suddenly, she felt the hairs on her nape standing, thereupon a cold voice came from behind her, “Edwards!”

It’s Joel Fletcher! Sophia jumped in fear, and immediately stood up and gave a military salute. Joel looked at her blankly and nodded. He had put his food down and went to get some soup. Little did he know that someone would finish his meal by the time he returned.

Sophia looked at the soup in Joel’s hand and then at the meal she was eating, as well as a man’s mobile phone that was placed next to that meal.

She then looked at Nathan, who had a “you’re so embarrassing—I don’t know you” look on his face. It was only then that she realized she was eating Joel’s food.

Feeling like she had been struck by lightning, she stood there not knowing what to do. The special-made chicken thigh piece was still in her mouth, and it was too big to swallow without chewing. Half her cheek was bulging and she looked comical, to say the least.

What should I do now? I can’t spit it back out for him, can I? As her mind whirled with these questions, Sophia decided to play dumb. So, with her cheek bulging, she looked at Joel with a piercing gaze.

The both of them just stood there looking at each other, and the atmosphere was filled with awkwardness. Joel didn’t call Sophia out, and she, too, pretended that she didn’t know that it was his food. One was standing upright, and another was holding the soup bowl, while everyone around them was frozen.

The silence lasted for more than ten seconds, and it was Joel who broke the silence in the end. He looked at the chicken thigh that had been gnawed by Sophia, and said in a serious tone that held a trace of helplessness, “Let’s eat.”

Sophia then answered quickly, “Yes, general.”

She sat down and continued to eat calmly, finishing the chicken thigh in a few bites. After putting down his soup, Joel went to get another meal. The students seated at this table were all from Superb Company. Sophia managed to take the General’s food, and became famous before she even started training!

As such, everyone looked at her, holding back smiles. Joel soon got a meal and sat in front of Sophia. She pretended to ignore him and continued to eat, her face bent low. After finishing her meal, she wiped her mouth and left hurriedly, for fear of being punished by Joel.

Nathan followed closely behind. After she was long gone, Joel was still staring at the lunch tray opposite him. He had been the general for quite some time, and it was so long since someone had taken his lunch that he was unused to it.

The young man sitting next to Joel suddenly stopped eating and burst out laughing. He clutched his stomach and hit the table while laughing, “Uncle Joel, your special-made chicken thigh—”

Joel stared at the young man angrily, and the latter shut up immediately, but couldn’t resist smiling. It was probably because his special-made chicken thigh was eaten by someone else which made Joel unhappy, so he left after taking only a few bites.

As soon as Joel left, the young man couldn’t help but laugh, which caused those around him to laugh as well.

After they had their fill, they began to ask, “Stan, who is the newcomer?”

The young man responded to the question with a dignified look, “Uncle Joel said that she is a student from an ordinary company with good grades.” He only knew that the newcomer was called Sophia Edwards, and was one of the best in ordinary training, hence her reassignment to the Superb Company.

Because of that, she had successfully attracted his attention. There were still a few days left in military training, and he would be able to have a good time.

Sophia fled back to her new dormitory and was vexed as soon as the door closed. Oh my goodness! I’ve managed to snatch the general’s chicken thigh on my first day here, and I’m pretty sure he’s now mad at me!

Nathan carried his bag and placed it on Sophia’s bed. Sitting on the bed, he regarded Sophia in disgust. How can she be so good in gaming yet so stupid in real life?

She can’t be my mother! Even so, Nathan still expressed concern about her embarrassment today. “Don’t worry, it’s just a meal; he won’t mind.” Sophia patted her face helplessly, feeling beyond embarrassed. What’s done is done! There’s nothing I can do! With that, she freshened up and headed to the training field for the evening practice.

On the way to the training field, Nathan reminded her, “Those from Superb Company have pretty strong backgrounds, so do be careful.”

Sophie nodded and said, “Yes, I will restrain myself from punching anyone freely.” Because of her punch, she was assigned to Superb Company. Is this a punishment or a promotion?

Nathan rolled his eyes and said, “You have to make sure to eat until you’re full. Only then will you have the strength to fight.” Otherwise, Sophia would be beaten badly.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 107

“Darling, what did you say?” Sophia asked immediately. Nathan didn’t answer as he ran faster ahead of her. Sophia was completely lost. Did he want me to fight? Reaching the training field, Sophia saw many people assembled there.

At one glance, there were approximately 20 to 30 people; most of them were men with an average height more than 1.85 meters. Standing next to them, she was like a little duck.

Nathan tagged along just so that he could keep an eye on her and save her from being bullied. He whispered in her ear, “Most of the new recruits here are from the few prestigious families, and some are students with outstanding performances. Be smart.”

Sophia nodded upon realizing the aura of this group of people was quite different. The men were taller and bigger, while the girls were fitter.

Her entrance attracted their attention, and a group of people watched her. A young man approached her and greeted, “Greetings, newcomer! I’m glad that you joined us.” Sophia looked at the young man; he was dark and tall, sporting a buzz cut. He was of mixed race, and had a rugged look to his handsome features.

He towered over her by a head, and he was looking down at her, hand outstretched. “Sophia Edwards, School of Economics and Business Administration, Faculty of Law.” The young man replied, “Stanley Fletcher, School of Computer Science, Game Design Department.” Sophia was shocked upon hearing that.

Seeing that the two of them were about to shake hands, Nathan suddenly came between them and slapped Stanley’s hand away before ordering angrily, “Don’t touch her!” Sophia’s hand was outstretched, and she awkwardly let it fall. Stanley, on the other hand, seemed to know Nathan very well.

He squatted down to pet Nathan’s face and said, “Oh, if it isn’t Nate!” Nathan knocked his hand away angrily and tried to break free, but it was too late. A dozen sturdy men surrounded Nathan; everyone was very familiar with him.

“Oh! It’s been years; look at how you’ve grown!”

“Come here, let me give you a hug!”

“I carried you when you were younger, and you even peed on my leg!” laughed another.

Nathan was so popular among these people that everyone carried him around and played with him for most of the day. It was only after the seven o’clock bell that they began to disperse and get ready for their night training.

Superb Company was personally trained by Joel Fletcher, who emerged with a dark expression on his face, making everyone stand at attention, backs ramrod straight.

Sophia stood at the very back, trying to stand properly, while Nathan sat playing at the side, looking over from time to time, as though afraid that Sophia would be bullied.

Joel came in and looked at those standing in front of him. They were all elites that have been chosen to join as this year’s freshmen. The children of the Fletcher family were natural-born soldiers, and the rest were students who performed outstandingly in their military training, with scores above 90 points.

These were the students that made up the Superb Company. Not to mention, the military training must be hard enough to match the prestige of their training company.

Joel Fletcher then began, “You all are the best among ordinary students, but to me, you are nothing more than rubbish! If you want to prove to me otherwise, then show me what you’re made of! Turn left, as per the old rules, two kilometers!” But we’ve barely just begun!

Sophia was shocked, but the team had started to run, and she could only grit her teeth and keep up. Fortunately for her, she had been training on her own, but even then, she was barely able to keep up for the two kilometers.

She brought up the rear, barely keeping up with the rest while she gritted her teeth and ran for two kilometres. After she was done, she was panting non-stop, but tried her best to stand still. The team stood neatly, and Joel looked at them all one by one.

The entire team was standing in a straight line, and everyone looked exactly the same, their posture professional. The general’s aura was in a whole other league. Everytime Joel opened his mouth, Sophia couldn’t help but tremble slightly.

“Let’s start tonight’s training with tactical combat!” A lieutenant came over and stood beside Joel, and the both of them demonstrated a commonly used fighting technique. Although it was in slow motion, their strength could be seen in their movements.

Joel played the attacker, while the lieutenant was the defender. They danced back and forth, and within the blink of an eye, they finished the whole set of actions. There was a loud thud, and the lieutenant was thrown to the ground by Joel. The lieutenant’s body hit the ground hard, and it looked like it hurt badly.

Sophia was excited. This seems to be much more fun than practicing standing at attention all day long! She couldn’t wait to give a try. Little did she know that the more exciting parts were yet to come.

Joel looked at everyone and frowned. “Demonstration completed. Rows one and three should turn back. The person standing opposite you is your opponent.

Practice! If you constantly get beaten up, it shows that you’re not good enough.” Sophia turned around, only to come face to face with the 1.86 meter tall Stanley. She looked at him, feeling nervous. On the other hand, Stanley smirked and asked, “Are you happy?” Sophia was rendered speechless.

The first round started. Wham! Sophia hadn’t even managed a single move, and Stanley was already pressing her onto the ground. Before she could move, Stanley’s sharp uppercut trapped both of her hands, and he slammed into her shoulders, pinning her to the ground.

Her hands were pulled behind her, and she couldn’t even move. He’s good! Sophia had studied for a year and knew a little about combat skills. She could tell he was an expert! Tears rolled down her cheeks as Stanley pinned her in place painfully. “Little one, this is a warzone, though… it’s not too late for you to back out just yet.” However, Sophia refused to admit defeat.

Raising her head, she looked around and saw that everyone was an expert of sorts. They moved with lightning speed and had great reflexes.

Even the girls didn’t fall behind. This was the definition of the true aristocratic elite—when the mind was being fed, all parts of the body must also be able to keep up. Gritting her teeth, Sophie called out, “Again!”

Stanley loosened his grip and Sophia stood up, her whole body feeling unbearably sore. Fortunately, she was under the instruction of Gwen for a year. Otherwise, she really would not be able to stand Stanley’s move. Seeing her stand up, Stanley clapped his hands and praised, “Not bad, little one.

I like your determination.” Sophia swiped the grass clippings from her face and bent forward into a fighting stance. “Again!” she roared. She did not believe that he could manage to beat her again and again.

On to the second round. Wham! Stanley threw Sophie to the ground once again. He held her down and said, “Call me master, and I’ll go easy on you.” Sophie gritted her teeth and retorted, “Call me ‘Mommy, and I might be able to consider it.”

During the third round, Sophia managed to hold her ground for about five seconds before she was thrown to the ground. Stanley held her hands behind her back and laughed. “Come now, call me Master.”

“In your dreams!” Sophia snapped back at him.

As the fourth round commenced, Nathan was so anxious that his mother would be beaten to death!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 108

Sophia was constantly getting knocked down, and Joel couldn’t stand it anymore. He went over to pat Stanley on the shoulder and said, “Come on, she’s a girl.”

Stanley grinned and replied, “I have been merciful, but she’s soft.” The first day of tactical combat training ended with Sophie being hit countless times.

After practicing tactical combat, they did formation practice for an hour. The Superb Company’s formation practice was different from the usual companies.

Just for raising their feet, they practiced for half an hour. Joel pulled a line stained with white powder under everyone’s feet. Whoever got powder on their pants would have to do 300 push-ups. On the first day, Sophia did not get the hang of it, and she had to do 300 push-ups.

After everyone went back to bathe and rest, Joel stood there, personally supervising Sophia until she completed her 300 push-ups. One was supervising while the other was doing the push-ups, and Nathan sat to one side, eyes wide while he stared at them.

The street lamps bathed everything in a warm light. Joel walked around and paced on one side, all the while watching the girl on the ground, doing push-ups determinedly.

Without a hint of expression, he said, “If it’s too hard, you can still apply to return to an ordinary company.” Sophia didn’t say a word as she completed the 300 push-ups. Although she took several breaks throughout, she still managed to complete the whole set.

She dragged her tired body back to her room. Just as she opened her door, the door next to her swung open. Stanley had changed into his pajamas and was brushing his teeth. He had become a soldier right after finishing his college entrance exam.

After serving for two years, he decided to continue his studies. Thus, this kind of military training was a piece of cake for him. He looked at Sophia, whose body seemed to be hollowed out, and said with a smile, “Aren’t you tired, little one?

If you are, apply to return to your regular company as soon as possible!” Sophia looked at him with a half-lidded gaze, not saying a word. She opened her room door and went in dejectedly. When she saw her bed, her whole body felt weak and she wanted to fall onto the bed, but the grass clippings and mud on her body prevented her from doing so.

She bathed quickly and lay down on the bed without even bothering to wash her hair, feeling extremely tired. Nathan had also followed her back, and he was tired as well.

He took a shower and lay down on the bed next to her. Sophia lay there, her mind filled with Joel and Stanley’s words. She was tired, but her brain could not slow down.

Apply to return to my original company? How is that possible? The Superb Company’s training is actually not that strict. None of the students are from a military academy. Besides Stanley, everyone else are non-professionals. If they can do it, I can do it too!

Sophia made up her mind to not be defeated. She took the iPad out, and found out that there was WiFi in the room. Connecting, she logged onto her Messenger. She didn’t have many friends on Messenger, so there wasn’t much to catch up on, even though she hadn’t logged on for more than 20 days.

The news records of her classmate group had been cut off after she entered the military camp. She then opened IG Stories and saw Hale sharing his career as a bodyguard, riding her horse, driving her car and even training under her fitness trainer!

To her surprise, her Messenger was flooded with plenty of friend requests. Some of the few included, ‘Little sister, it’s me, Gemma.’ Daniel Levine’s message said, ‘Mrs. Fletcher, add me.’ These were the few that she recognized. After looking through, she began to change their names one by one to Sundae Cone, Gem Gem, Daniel and Richard.

Someone named Beast messaged her too, thereafter she replied, ‘And you are?’ ‘Harry Winston,’ came the reply. Harry Winston? Isn’t he Michael’s friend who is gay? Why did he add me? Came to check on his lover? Sophie changed his name in her phone, and ended the conversation there.

At that moment, several message bubbles popped up. The first was Sundae Cone, ‘Call me Master.’ Sophia replied, ‘Go away.’ Next up was Richard, ‘Sophia, did you get your phone back? Where are you? Are you still in the barracks?’

Sophia didn’t reply, and he continued, ‘When I went back to the barracks to sort out some things today, I heard that you had beaten Faye up. She has now been sent abroad for treatment, and I heard that it was bad. How are you now?’

Sophia didn’t answer, but Richard sent another message after a while. ‘Have you also been expelled from military training?’ Irritated, Sophia answered, ‘Yes.’ There was no reply from the other end this time. She then turned off the iPad and went back to sleep.

In her sleep, she heard someone tapping gently on her window. She thought it was her imagination, but when she focused on the sound carefully, there was indeed someone hitting her window. She lived on the ground floor, and it wasn’t strange for someone to knock on her window. But who was knocking on her window in the middle of the night? Was it Sundae Cone who lived next door?

Rubbing her tired eyes, she stood up and went to the window, seeing a tall man in military uniform. The brim of his cap was pulled low, and the moonlight casted shadows on handsome features.

It was none other than Michael. Feeling shocked, Sophia was wide awake in an instant. Where did Michael come from? Isn’t he still on set? Michael hooked a finger at her and said, “Put on some clothes and come out.”

Sophia replied, “But the doors are closed, I can’t get out.”

Why would he want me to come out? I hope he’s not turned into some beast, wanting to roll around in rice fields or trudge through the forest!

Micahel said casually, “Come through the window.” And so, Sophia went back into her room to change, then climbed out the window and followed Michael. He was dressed in a military uniform, and he led Sophia through the lanes, avoiding all cameras and night patrols. They reached an open space lit by street lamps with relatively flat ground.

It was usually deserted throughout the day, much less at night. Sophia was confused, wondering what Micahel had in mind. At this moment, he stopped in his strides, making Sophia who was walking behind him raise her head and look at him.

Michael turned his head and lowered his eyes to look at her, kissing her cheek. He kissed her softly, but that was all. He then began talking, “The Superb Company is a group of ordinary students with slightly better qualities. If you were really going to join the army, you would not be training here. Relax.”

He patted Sophie on the shoulder and comforted her, “That playboy Stanley has only learned to spar for a few years, but after two years in the military, he couldn’t take it anymore so he came back.

It’s relatively easy to beat him. Come, I will teach you how to knock him down.”

Sophie looked at him blankly. Did Michael really come from his set next door just to comfort her? Come to think of it, how did he know that she was beaten by Stanley? Had he come here specifically just to teach her how to knock Stanley down? Her psycho husband was indeed a psycho.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 109

Michael patted her waist and said sternly, “I have to rush back to the crew to shoot the night scene. There is not much time. Let me show you the tactics that you have learned today.” He then held onto Sophie and slowly demonstrated the techniques to her.

He gave a commentary on every action of his and said, “Stanley has a well known weakness—his lower hip is unstable. Aim there.” He pointed out every move to Sophia carefully, personally giving a run down on the techniques. Sophia watched him, equal parts attentive. She wrote everything down in a notebook, for fear of forgetting something.

Michael didn’t have much time, and he left after giving her some tips. Before leaving, he said to her, “It’s easier to get high scores in the Superb Company. When I was a drill instructor in Superb Company, the overall score was 90. You just have to train well.

I will send you some videos once I get back; you can have a look.” He also cheered her up by saying, “Those already in the Superb Company only joined earlier. In reality, they are not much better than you. I have faith in you; you can do it.”

At that moment, Sophia really admired Michael! He trained in the Superb Company, and was also a drill instructor there? What did Michael experience in those years? Sophia blushed, feeling butterflies in her stomach. It had been a long time since she felt that way.

Before Michael left, he took out a box of chocolates wrapped in silk flowers. Looking at the gift, Sophia was surprised, having no inkling as to why Michael would want to give her a gift.

She looked up at him, confusion written all over her face. Michael bent down to hug her, his breath hot over her cheeks. He whispered in her ears, “Happy birthday, chica.”

Birthday? Only then did she remember that it was her birthday. It had been ages since someone wished her happy birthday. If she remembered correctly, only her grandparents would wish her. She remembered her grandmother’s wrinkled face, her skin looking like an old tree trunk, as she showered much love on her.

Every year, her grandmother would boil two eggs on her birthday. As her uncle was not filial, her grandparents had hard lives, living on the eldery subsidies. A young Sophia greatly appreciated the two eggs as her birthday gift.

At that time, she was lucky that the school had provided free compulsory education and a lunch subsidy. Otherwise, she would not have been able to complete her studies. Her childhood dream was to study hard, get into Bayside University, and be filial to her grandparents.

Little did she know that things would take such a different turn. After her grandmother’s death, this was the first time she received a birthday gift. She felt a mixture of emotions, and her eyes welled up. She held the box of chocolates close, but didn’t know what to say.

Michael gently stroked her messy hair and said, “Alright, it’s late. Go back and have some rest. Tomorrow’s task will be rather difficult.” Sophia nodded and remained silent. She knew that if she spoke, she would choke up…

It was eight o’clock the next morning, and everyone gathered at the training field. A lieutenant carried a box of camouflage paint, then grabbed people at random before smearing it on their faces. Sophia’s uniform has also been upgraded to the combat uniform, and she was painted with camouflage.

The morning task was a cross-country run, whereas the afternoon task was firearms training, with tactical combat training and formation practice at night.

When Sophia listened to Joel’s announcement on the day’s training, she felt hopeless. Yet, there was a flame burning deep down. She was determined to complete all of this!

The Superb Company’s training was no joke. They were dropped off early in the morning, and were left at the foot of a hill. At Joel’s command, the company of 20 to 30 rushed into the hill, following the established route. Sophia also followed everyone and mimicked their actions. Although she brought up the rear again, she wasn’t left behind.

Stanley deliberately slowed down and kept pace with her as he teased her while running, “Oh, little one, if you can’t take it just go back!” Sophia was already panting hard, and she had no energy to reply. Gritting her teeth, she kept on track with the team. Seeing that he couldn’t get a reaction out of her, Stanley ran to the front.

The cross-country run was for them to run from one hill to another, and there were various obstacles in between. They had to crawl under a steel mesh and the like, all the while carrying a load. They also had to carry a gun weighing more than ten kilograms, but it was without bullets.

Sophia was feeling so tired that she panted heavily, with all those things weighing her down. Truth be told, she wanted to give up multiple times, but she managed to grit her teeth and continue.

She finally reached the rendezvous point in the afternoon, and sat down to munch on some rations, leaning on a tree. She initially planned to start her return journey at one o’clock, but she was so tired that she fell asleep mid-lunch. Later, she woke up to Stanley slapping her on the face.

“Wake up, Sophia, let’s go!” Sophia woke up to find that everyone had left. Stanley squatted down to look at her, his face full of disgust. “Sophia, are you sure you can handle it?

I think you should go back to where you belong as soon as possible.” Sophia looked at the rations in her hand, only to find it full of ants. Shocked, she sat up abruptly and replied, “Who said I can’t?”

She stood up, packed her things and started to run. Stanley followed, a slight smile on his face. But when she reached the foot of the hill to the rendezvous point, the bus that was supposed to take them back was already gone.

The place where the cross-country run took place was a little far away from the military camp, and they took a bus here. If she had returned within the specific period of time, she would have got on the bus, as the bus did not wait for anyone.

Sophia felt like crying. She couldn’t make it in time for the bus and thus would have to walk for at least an hour to return to the barracks. By the time she returned to camp, she would definitely not be able to make it in time for the afternoon training.

She didn’t want to be sent back to her original company just after two days of joining; how embarrassing it would look! But what other choice do I have? I can only walk back.

Hence, Sophia carried the heavy gun, and walked back along the road. Fortunately, it was a direct road leading to the barracks, so no matter what, she would not get lost. Sophia looked pale, while Stanley was jumping around and seemed to be in good spirits.

He could have caught the bus as he arrived on time, but he intentionally waited for Sophia. This time, his reason for being late was to look after the new student, so that his uncle would have no reason to blame him. After all, he was being a friendly classmate.

The slower Sophia walked, the better. That way, half of the day would be gone, and he wouldn’t have to attend the afternoon training. Sophia, on the other hand, took quick steps as she wanted to return to the barracks quickly.

The road was not deserted, as it was the main road leading to Audistin’s shooting range and hunting grounds. From time to time, luxury cars would pass by. How nice would it be if she could catch a ride!

The weather in October was still a bit humid, and the sun burned bright in the sky. Sophia’s skin was sun-burnt and her face was sweating. She wiped her sweat away, only to smudge the camouflage face paint, making her look like a street cat.

There were a lot of cars on the road, but none of them were willing to give them a lift. After all, most of the cars on the road were luxury cars, and they were reluctant to give the two dirty soldiers a ride.

Sophia stopped a few cars but was rejected. To top it off, she was really hungry, and she was about to burst into tears. As for Stanley, he was much happier in comparison, picking wild chrysanthemums and wild fruits along the way, as if he was on a holiday.

After twenty minutes of walking, they still couldn’t get a lift, and the barracks were still very far away. Sophia couldn’t help but break down in tears. All of a sudden, there was a roar of an engine, and a black sports car drove toward her. Stopping in front of Sophia, it reversed quickly, and faced in the direction of the barracks.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 110

Upon seeing a sophisticated and elegant figure inside the car, Sophia became overjoyed. It’s Tay Tay! Ever since she discovered Michael’s stage name, she started calling him Tay Tay as a term of endearment.

Michael had come to pick her up. The tires of the sports car screeched to a halt in front of Sophia and without a moment’s hesitation, she leaped into the car and fastened her seatbelt.

The car only stopped for a few seconds before it went speeding away. Meanwhile, Stanley turned around only to find that Sophia had taken off. Just when he finished plucking a handful of wild chrysanthemums and came back to the road again, he was left with the sight of the back of Sophia’s head in a black sports car that was already a distance away.

“Hey! Wait for me!” he hollered as he chased after them. Stanley, who was lazing around before, was now running at full speed.

However, the sound of the engine masked his hollers and Michael did not have any intention of stopping. His expression was hidden behind a pair of big-framed tinted sunglasses. Because he had just finished filming, he was still wearing his stage clothes under his suit.

He placed all of his focus on the road in front of him and was speeding back to the barracks as fast as he could as if he could not hear any of Stanley’s cries.

Looking at Stanley who was slowly disappearing from the rearview mirror, Sophia asked, “Aren’t you going to wait for Stan?” After all, Stanley was only late because he had waited for her.

Michael smirked. “He just wants to slack off. He has a million different ways to get back to the barracks on his own.”

“Oh.” Sophia then spotted a small icebox inside the car that had water in it. She opened one happily and drank a mouthful. She even found some snacks and quickly ate them to satiate her hunger. As she ate, she stole small glances in Michael’s direction.

Did he hear that I was left behind and came here solely to pick me up? But he’s busy with a myriad of things every day; he could have just sent someone if he really wanted to see me. Why did he have to make the trip here himself? Also, how did he know that I was here by myself?

Nevertheless, in this remote area in the middle of nowhere, his sudden appearance made him look like a knight in shining armor to her. She felt like a giddy school girl.

At the speed he was going, they quickly took over the Land Rover that was used to take them to places. Since it was a military car, it was definitely not as fast as a sports car.

Meanwhile, Joel was inside the base when he saw a familiar-looking silhouette fly by them in a sports car. He frowned. Was that Michael?

Michael let Sophia off somewhere near the barracks and put the water and snacks from the car inside her bag. While he was stuffing her bag to the brink, he exhorted, “Don’t be late to training this afternoon.” Once he was done, he drove off and left no trace behind.

Sophia was still in a daze. He showed up all of a sudden and left just as suddenly that it made her think she was dreaming. If it was not for the barracks in front of her, she would not have believed that she was already back.

Undeniably, she was a bit disappointed. She had wiped her mouth clean and was ready for a goodbye kiss, but he left without saying more than a sentence.

Carrying the bag of snacks he gave her, she started to jog back. It must be because my face is covered in camouflage paint that turned him off so he couldn’t bring himself to give me a goodbye kiss. Ugh, men!

When she made it to the entrance of the barracks, the military car had also just arrived. After they got out of the car, they lined up in order at the entrance and took out their ID cards before heading inside.

Somehow, Stanley had also managed to make it back on time. He was panting profusely as he caught up to them, and berated her once he saw her, “Sophia, don’t you think you’re being too ungrateful? I was only late because I was nice enough to wait for you, but you just took off behind my back!”

She answered most innocently, “I barely managed to hitch a ride and the owner of the car said he only picked up girls so what could I do? Frankly speaking, aren’t you back now too?”

Stanley was baffled. He merely wanted to slack off.

After The Superb Company queued up and did their roll call, they started to go into the barracks one after the other. Then, they rested for a bit before their afternoon training session started.

They were doing target practice for their afternoon training session which was Sophia’s favorite; she always liked being out on the shooting range so training that day was quite productive.

In the evening, they began their tactical combat training. Stanley wanted to play his tricks this time, but as if Sophia knew, she launched a powerful surprise attack on him and knocked him out with one kick. Falling flat on the ground, he lifted up a dirtied face and said, “You improved so fast, Sophia!” He was proud. It’s because she has a good teacher!

In today’s tactical combat training, Sophia kept getting defeated by Stanley. Nonetheless, she was still able to grasp some know-hows that helped her launch a few counter-attacks and not stay in a disadvantaged position the whole time. She had a good training session.

Moreover, she did not get reprimanded during their formation training and was able to finish class early along with everyone else. Once they got back to their dormitories, they showered and flopped onto their beds completely lifeless.

Nathan had his earphones in and was playing a mobile game by himself. Around midnight, he heard someone knock on the glass and looked up to see Michael’s big and tall figure standing in the view of the moon like the mannequin on display in the kitchen. Michael was standing outside the window and looking at Nathan coldly.

However, Nathan acted as if he was not there and continued to play his games. Michael knocked a couple more times after which Nathan finally, though reluctantly, went to open the window. The moment the window opened, Michael easily slipped in and made Nathan feel like a big mountain had just entered.

Michael looked down from above at Nathan who was in frog pajamas and caressed his head, then said, “Scram.”

Nathan continued to play his games while watching Michael go into the bathroom from the corner of his eye. Michael took a quick shower then came out and snatched Nate’s iPad away. “Kids have to go to bed early or they won’t grow.”

But Nathan did not want to sleep because he had spent the whole day sleeping. He lay in bed pouting and pulled the blanket over his head.

Michael then lay next to Sophia and watched her sleep like a kitten. Her cheeks were flushed and her breaths fell steadily onto his arm that was nearby.

Today, Sophia was only twenty years and a day old. Even though she was incredibly tanned from the 2-week military training, it did not affect her blossoming beauty. Pretty. So pretty. Like a lotus flower in nature.

Tilting his head, he was fascinated by the way she slept. She had fallen so deep into sleep that he did not think she would know even if he kidnapped her now. Once he was done observing his pretty young wife sleep, he proceeded to open the iPad and log into Sophia’s Messenger to see who she was talking to.

A wave of messages poured in when he opened her Messenger. The first was from a “Sundae Cone” who sent her a bunch of retarded emojis along with, ‘Sophia, come out. I’ll take you out for a drive.’

Michael frowned, for he felt that was not as simple as it seemed.

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