My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1006

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1006

At the end of the drama’s first season, the heroine finally got together with the male protagonist who was a labor contractor. Together, they persuaded the villagers and successfully developed the village, building a resort that promoted tourism in the area. Because of that, everyone in the village became rich and lived in happiness, causing their village to be known far and wide as a wealthy one.
At the beginning of the second season, the village was envied by another village. The resort was defamed by unethical reporters, causing its business to slack for a period of time.
Feeling extremely anxious, the heroine contacted Miles—her ex-boyfriend who worked as a reporter in the city—to have him write an objective news report for them. Miles had become the newspaper’s editor-in-chief after a few years, so the news report he wrote would certainly be read by many.

Showing up again, Miles came to the village to uncover the actual situation. After learning of the truth, he promised to write a news report for the heroine and inform the public of the actual situation. Unexpectedly, the male protagonist stumbled upon their meeting and misunderstood them. Thinking that they still had feelings for each other, he chased after Miles with a hoe in his hand, scaring Miles into running along the river bank.

All the villagers came out and watched as the male protagonist chased after Miles by the river. Frightened, Miles took out his cell phone and hurled it at the male protagonist, causing the male protagonist’s head to bleed. Angered, the male protagonist smashed Miles’ cell phone using his hoe before throwing Miles and his mobile device into the river.

The heroine was so frightened that she jumped into the river after Miles to save him. Shocked, the male protagonist jumped into the river to save them both.

In the end, Miles was out of danger after being saved from drowning; he was quickly sent to the hospital. With the heroine’s explanation, the male protagonist learned about what had actually happened, so he bowed and apologized to Miles. Furthermore, he went down to the river himself and searched for ages to retrieve Miles’ cell phone and camera that had fallen into the river.

Unfortunately, the camera broke after being submerged in the water for too long, and all important, work-related photos saved in it were all gone. Overwhelmed with regret, the male protagonist slapped himself across the face.

However, he was surprised when Miles’ cell phone managed to turn on, and some of the work-related photos Miles had taken were backed up on it.

In the end, Miles forgave the male protagonist since he was moved by the latter’s sincerity. Returning to the city with the photos he had taken, he wrote a favorable news report for them and had it published on the newspaper’s front page, attracting the society’s attention and clearing the village of the false accusations. With that, the resort was able to resume its business.

The day the resort reopened for business, the male protagonist invited Miles over. Miles couldn’t help taking pictures with his cell phone, expressing his wonder at the village’s changes over the past few years.

As the camera zoomed in, the logo of the cell phone in Miles’ hand was displayed perfectly. It was none other than the logo of Dragon Eye.

Everyone in the family was speechless when they finished the advertisement.

The corners of Cooper’s mouth twitched. This advertisement… had no traces of a commercial at all!

The plot was very embarrassing, but after the episodes were broadcasted, Dragon Eye cell phones instantly increased in popularity throughout the vast countryside.

At the moment, Cethos was still internationally recognized as a developing and underdeveloped country. Its rural population was three times that of its urban population, so the market in the vast countryside, the suburbs, and the pastoral areas were huge.

In fact, Cethos’ GDP per capita was very high, and its citizens’ purchasing power was almost as strong as a developed country’s. They put on a weak front internationally, knowing that one mustn’t reveal their wealth. Furthermore, Cethos’ Internet censorship prevented foreigners from understanding what Cethos was actually like through the Internet. Most of the citizens from other countries still thought that Cethosians were so poor that they couldn’t even afford to eat tea eggs.

Therefore, many luxury brands weren’t very optimistic about entering the Cethosian market. Dragon Eye had previously been afraid of entering the Cethos too; this was not only because of Cooper’s apprehensions, but also because the brand was worried that Cethosians couldn’t afford luxury goods. Consequently, they wouldn’t be able to maintain a steady stream of sales.

After touring the area, a surprised Alice realized that this country was the complete opposite of what others assumed it to be. In fact, international news coverage of this country wasn’t accurate at all; this country was so well-developed that one could scan QR codes to donate money while visiting a remote temple deep in the mountains. Smartphones were very common; Serpent mobile phones were commonly used even in areas that looked impoverished.

In the end, she decided to sell Dragon Eye cell phones in Cethos.

Sophia didn’t disappoint her either; after a week of presales, a total of 3,000,000 cell phones were sold in advance. Dragon Eye cell phones’ sales volume couldn’t match Serpent mobile phones, but they put themselves firmly in second place.

Besides Dragon Eye cell phones’ quality and reputation, Sophia’s hard work also played a role in this.

Alice had chosen her as the agent mainly because she was so utterly shameless, using every opportunity to advertise the cell phones.

Cooper had been observing the presales lately. He found that Sophia’s advertisements were everywhere, which was simply exhausting.

Inserting advertisements into TV dramas and films was fine, and it was necessary to promote the cell phones via LED screens on various buildings and large screens in different malls. However, Sophia also advertised Dragon Eye cell phones through TV commercials, web portals, video-streaming applications, pre-show ads, and posters at bus stops… She even had the advertisement for Dragon Eye cell phones spray-painted onto the walls in the vast countryside!

After watching enough episodes of ‘I Am the Village Chief 2’ for the day, Sophia cracked and ate melon seeds in the Edwards Residence while speaking to Cooper. “I’ve looked at the result of this presale, Dad. The sales volume in the countryside is about the same as the sales volume in urban areas—this shows that my approach is right. Let’s look at the eastern coastal areas in particular; the sales volume there is the highest, nearly exceeding that of the urban areas. Other countries always go through the process of urbanization before going through the process of deurbanization; the rich are first centered in urban areas before they leave the cities to gather in the suburbs. Cethos seems quite different from other countries, though. The purchasing power of citizens in the countryside can’t be underestimated, for there are still many hidden wealthy people. The prices of our cell phones and Serpent mobile phones are quite reasonable; other people spend thousands on Serpent for the sake of their pride, but they spend thousands on our cell phones for the phones’ quality. Therefore, I placed emphasis on the cell phones’ quality while advertising them. We can’t use the same selling points as Serpent mobile phones since we can’t win against them for the time being.”

Listening to Sophia’s words, Cooper stroked the cat as he nodded repeatedly.

He didn’t expect Sophia to know quite well that the main buyers of Serpent cell phones were the petit bourgeoisie in the city. Since they couldn’t afford Dragon Eye’s high-end cell phones, they could only buy Serpent cell phones, which were the best low-end mobile devices. Evidently, Serpent did quite a good job in marketing its cell phones.

Sophia was now trying to avoid the main buyers of Serpent cell phones while looking for other breakthroughs.

Sophia then continued, “Dad, Uncle Linus—why don’t you two think of some advertising slogans for me? The advertising slogans used in the countryside and the suburbs have to be changed from time to time. I came up with several ideas as well. How does ‘Dragon Eye—you’d only need one for life’ sound? Does it sound good to you?”

Cooper was at a loss for words.

“With quality as good as Dragon Eye cell phones, you’re looking at your next family heirloom!”

“Dragon Eye cell phones are second to none; just wait till you hear praises from everyone.”

Throughout the entire time, Cooper was rendered speechless.

Sophia said, “Dad? Uncle Linus? Say something! I’m thinking of organizing a sales promotion in the countryside. Those who buy the 16GB version of Dragon Eye cell phones will get free toilet paper, whereas those who buy the 64GB version of Dragon Eye cell phones will get a bucket of peanut oil for free. Since it’s the busy farming season, those who buy the 128GB version of Dragon Eye cell phones will get a packet of chemical fertilizers for free…”

Cooper was still speechless.

After saying so much without getting a reply from Cooper, Sophia became angry. “Hmph!”

Cooper also felt helpless. He didn’t know how to respond to Sophia’s words, for what she said was obviously well beyond the scope of his knowledge!

Linus also frowned as he didn’t know what to say in response to Sophia’s words.

However, Sophia turned her head away and started speaking to Michael.

Michael had been filming his scenes in another part of the country recently. Still, he managed to find time to come home and take a look around every once in a while. Having just come back on this day, he immediately responded to Sophia and answered, “You’re right. The urban residents’ purchasing power is strong, but our cell phones haven’t become well-known in the country; we can’t win against renowned cell phone brands like Serpent if we compete with them in terms of sales volume in urban areas. We can market our cell phones in rural areas surrounding the cities. Let’s secure sales in rural areas to lay the foundation first before gradually entering the cities. I think that it’s okay to give those who buy Dragon Eye cell phones a block of cured meat or a link of sausages. If this is not enough, we can even distribute a packet of canola seeds to whoever enters the shop!”

Both Cooper and Linus were speechless.

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