My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1005

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1005

Sophia didn’t know whether Lucy would still save Sandra’s skin this time. For now, though, she had to admit that Lucy had dealt with the incident perfectly, for everyone responsible for the incident had been held accountable. She fired the personnel involved, apologized, and paid the compensation fees immediately, winning the support of many fans of Serpent cell phones.
Contrary to Sandra—who secretly had someone spread the news around—she held a press conference and apologized publicly, making her look more credible.
She had really left nothing to chance!

Such an enemy was the most ruthless and hardest to deal with!

If it weren’t for Sandra, Lucy would probably have ruined Dragon Eye cell phones’ reputation for good this time.

This was precisely what Sophia was certain of. She had been hoping that Sandra, Lucy’s stupid partner, would stir up some trouble. As she had expected, Sandra did exactly that!

Having finished watching the press conference’s live broadcast, Sophia immediately called Michael—who was doing some filming in another part of the country—and told him to delete the video of Judge biting a Serpent mobile phone that he had previously posted. Unexpectedly, Michael acted faster than she did. Not only did he delete the video, he also issued a public apology.

He also frankly admitted that it was quite reckless of him to have posted such a video.

Sophia also took the initiative to get in touch with Lucy’s team to discuss making peace with each other. They even purposely let the media photograph them doing so.

With that, the incident was over. Serpent and Dragon Eye were now independent of each other, and they would compete in the future by relying solely on their strength.

Sandra was still in disbelief as she watched the news coverage about Lucy and Sophia making peace with each other just like this.

How could this be possible? How could they possibly bury the hatchet when things have progressed to this point? Lucy is Michael’s ex! Did Sophia really shake hands and make peace with her just like that?

Now that both Lucy and Sophia pleaded ignorance while Sandra had cleared Dragon Eye’s reputation single-handedly, everyone placed the blame on her.

Lucy had taken the responsibility upon herself for the smearing of Dragon Eye cell phones, and she fired several responsible personnel to smooth things over. However, the matter of Glory Entertainment signing double contracts could no longer be concealed. Moreover, nude photos of Nicholas Yates spread widely, completely tarnishing the image of a good father that he had taken so much effort to establish!

All his endorsement contracts and film contracts were terminated unilaterally. He could no longer appear in the second season of ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’ as scheduled, and all his scenes in the two films he had acted in lately were all cut and reshot directly.

The money-spinner collapsed just like that!

Glory Entertainment’s stock price plummeted all the way until it hit limit-down.

It could be said that Nicholas was finished as a celebrity, for he also had a hand in the double contracts. Similarly, Sandra couldn’t escape the responsibility for this.

Sandra gnashed her teeth in hatred as she watched from the news how Lucy had put all the blame on her.

All of you are morally perfect people! All of you are right, and I am the only person who has done wrong!

Sitting in her office, Sandra smashed everything within arm’s reach while looking at the spectacular view of Bayside City outside the building with a malicious look in her eyes.

It wasn’t easy for her to work her way back then from being an unknown swimmer to being the Young Lady Mitchell that she was today.

She would never allow anyone to pose a threat to her position.

Suddenly, an idea that had never occurred before came into her mind.

With a ferocious look in her eyes, she put out the cigarette between her fingers and found her laptop back. Her laptop was manufactured by Michel Group. Surprisingly, it was still usable even after she had dropped it many times.

Her fingers typed on the keyboard before she soon sent out an email.

Then, she called Lucy. As she had expected, it was Lucy’s assistant who answered the phone call, for Lucy had blocked her number on her own cell phone.

“I’m sorry, Miss Sandra. The Edwards Group has terminated all collaboration with you, so please don’t call us again.”

Sandra’s lips curled into a sinister sneer as she held her cell phone. “I have just sent an email to Miss Edwards’ official mailbox. Take a look at it first, and then tell Lucy to call me.”

The assistant hung up. She didn’t want to pay attention to Sandra, but she still took a look at Lucy’s official mailbox. Her job was to clean up Lucy’s mailbox every day anyway.

Finally, she saw the email Sandra had sent over. Not a word was written in the email—only a photo was attached. After the photo was downloaded, a high-definition photo that seemed to have been taken secretly in a bar showed up on the monitor.

The photo showed Lucy and a man sitting in a booth in the bar. Lucy—who was usually forceful and vigorous, as if she had no femininity in her—sat on the man’s lap with her arms wrapped around his neck while staring at him tenderly. Her red lips parted slightly, as if she was saying something to him.

One could tell from the look in a woman’s eyes whether she was in love with someone.

Lucy’s eyes were shining in the photo, so one could tell that she was truly in love with the man.

Dressed in a white shirt, the man gently held Lucy’s waist with his long and thin fingers while speaking cheek-to-cheek with her. His face wasn’t visible since only his back was photographed, but one could still tell his relationship with Lucy at a glance.

Shocked, the assistant sent the photo to Lucy.

Meanwhile, Sandra waited for Lucy to call her.

Lucy must have never expected this. I even found out who the man was, and I have many photos and videos of them!

Lucy had dated the man secretly for many years. They started dating as early as nearly ten years ago, which was before she started dating Michael!

She openly dated Michael while going steady with the man the whole time. She even wanted to unite with the Michel Family by marriage, and she had a few other boyfriends while dating Michael!

She was so disgusting!

God only knew what would give her the right to compete for the position of the head of the Edwards Family after their scandalous affair was exposed!

As Sandra had expected, Lucy called her in person after a while. “Sandra, I’ll help you deal with the aftermath of your problems, but you must keep your mouth shut. Otherwise, I don’t mind making you unable to speak anymore!”

Time really flew; it was June in the blink of an eye, and Michael had gone overseas to act in a film.

Michael had wanted to have Cooper’s son registered in his household before the Ancestors’ Day and have himself registered in Cooper’s household before the Dragon Boat Festival. Unexpectedly, Sophia secured the dealership rights for Dragon Eye, and the series of events that followed forced him to repeatedly put off his plan to have Linus removed from Cooper’s household registry.

He decided to proceed with his plan on the day of the Dragon Boat Festival. He must have a son registered in Cooper’s household on that day!

The presale of Dragon Eye cell phones in Cethos finally started. Now that the cell phones’ ratings were positive again, many businesses joined the presale. There were many authorized dealers, distributors, and retailers to ensure that the cell phones were available for sale in big cities as much as possible.

A widespread promotional campaign for the Dragon Eye cell phones had begun before the presale. The film ‘The Winter Breakthrough’ had finalized its release date, and the promotion campaign for the film had started. The key members of the film crew did roadshows in many parts of the country to promote their new film. The cell phone commercial that Drake appeared in was released with good reviews, so Sophia had him take his cell phone to the roadshows to boost Dragon Eye’s popularity a little.

The TV drama ‘I Am the Village Chief 2’ also began to be broadcasted on Cethos Central Television. Due to Michael’s guest appearance in this drama, the drama became a hit and established itself as a classic local TV drama. It even won many awards and was broadcasted on local TV stations before being shown on Cethos Central Television. Now that Dragon Eye had become one of the drama’s sponsors, Michael also returned for two episodes in the drama, playing the heroine’s first boyfriend.

Sophia took the opportunity to insert an advertisement into the TV drama.

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