My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1000

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1000

After a night of spring rain, all of the flowers bloomed in the garden; the bright petals added a splash of colors to the greenery, and it made the whole garden seem as dreamy as a magical castle. Sophia, who was barely ever home since she usually stayed back for work at the office, was dressed in a meshed long dress with floral prints as she took a stroll in the garden. She had had her hair styled and her makeup done, and Michael tagged along behind her to snap pictures of her with an SLR camera. Carmen dashed around behind them like an excited butterfly, eager to be a part of the photo.
There were a lot of people in the Edwards Residence that day, but Daniel… wasn’t there. Casper seemed a little dispirited as Carmen dragged him out to play. Alice kept a blank look on her face as she watched Sophia enjoying herself. Alice knew about the fact that Sophia was going to return to Michel Group soon, but she also knew that Sophia would never be able to be separated from Michael. She was aware that Cooper had been trying to mediate the situation, but it seemed like Michael would have to change his surname sooner or later. Otherwise, the Michel Group would definitely split him and Sophia up. Alice felt a sudden surge of respect toward Sophia—the woman was clearly being so independent and working so hard now because she wanted to develop a stable foundation for herself when she entered the Michel Family. On the contrary, Alice, who grew up surrounded by the culture of the Michel Family, completely forgot what it felt like to have to fight for something. She couldn’t even remember how it felt to passionately desire something…
As Sophia was in a good mood that day, she invited a bunch of them to head over to the farm, where they could ride horses and pick strawberries. She wanted to release some stress before the ‘war’ began—she was going to have to fight a huge battle after that day! Alice herself was curious to see how Sophia was planning to restore the reputation of Dragon Eye, and how she was going to turn the tables when things looked so bad for Dragon Eye right then. It seemed too ambitious to hope for Dragon Eye’s sales to surpass Serpent’s when they had been in the Cethosian market for 10 years now. However, Alice wanted Dragon Eye to be second place in the entire Cethosian market.

On Monday, Serpent’s pre-orders achieved a new record high, which placed them farther away from all their other competitors. Dragon Eye, who received quite an amount of public attention, also announced their new spokesperson, Drake Mitchell, but they didn’t announce any upcoming dates for pre-orders yet.

Previously, Nicholas made a post on his social media account about how his Dragon Eye phone couldn’t be used after he dropped it and how the hackers had infiltrated his phone systems. This post denied two of the greatest selling points that Dragon Eye had, and some magazine seemed interested in interviewing him about this. During the interview, Nicholas explained that all his data—his emails, social media accounts, and the private files he had saved in the phone—were lost and may have even been spread after his phone system got hacked. He added that it was a huge loss for Glory Entertainment, especially since he was one of the shareholders of the company. He claimed that he had already made a police report, and that the police were working on the case. Lastly, he declined any apology or after-sales services offered by Dragon Eye, and instead asked for them to repay the hefty sum that he had lost.

After all, the public was largely forgetful—Nicholas’ phone issues could have been a hot topic a month ago, but it would definitely die down after 1 month. Nicholas therefore chose to pull this public stunt right as Plum Technology was attempting to rebuild the public’s trust and interest toward Dragon Eye. Now that Nicholas had brought up this topic of Dragon Eye’s quality once again, the topic began to trend, and the public seemed like they wouldn’t let Dragon Eye off the hook until the entire brand disappeared from the market.

This entire act was schemed and directed by Sandra, of course. Sandra was now the top dealer that worked directly under Lucy, the sole agent of Serpent in Cethos. All Sandra could do now was to find ways to attack Sophia with the use of Serpent as an excuse. She continuously highlighted the low quality control in Dragon Eye and repeatedly used it to generate news and gossip. This didn’t just help create exposure for Nicholas and the Serpent phone; it also served to crush both Sophia and Dragon Eye all at once.

However, a fresh piece of news spread across Cethos on Friday. The headline: ‘Top Male Celebrity in Cethos Got His Phone Hacked: Pornographic Images and Secret Files Leaked!’ At the same time, workers in Mitchell International Energy and Technology, Glory Entertainment, and even Nicholas himself, had pornographic images with their faces on it compressed into a 10GB zip file that was uploaded online and circulated all around Cethos.

Since Nicholas had just recorded an interview about how his phone had been hacked and how there were a lot of private files and data leaked to the hacker, the public easily believed the contents of this zip file to be genuine. Everyone downloaded it as they were excited to see what could possibly be in a male celebrity’s phone. The compressed file was first uploaded by an anonymous account onto some forum, and it trended overseas for a few days before someone in Cethos finally uploaded the file in the country. By the time Sandra and Nicholas received it, it was too late—they were under the international spotlight, and they wouldn’t be able to delete it even if they tried to.

The rumors were true—all of the pornographic images were included in the compressed file. Beyond that, there were also a large number of agreement contracts between Glory Entertainment’s artists—Nicholas included—and their partnerships with other companies. Furthermore, there were also a surprisingly large amount of illegal, double ‘slave contracts’ that resulted in unequal treatment of their artists. All of these, along with several confidential business contracts, were all over the Internet. There were a few million downloads just within a day. However, the details of Glory Entertainment’s contracts were more shocking than the sight of the pornographic pictures.

Some of the double contracts showed discrepancies between two copies that were supposedly the same contract. One of the contracts stated an artist’s appearance fee to be 100,000, and the company paid their taxes in accordance with the law by submitting these files. However, they also made another separate contract that listed 10 million for the artist’s appearance fees—they paid taxes for 100,000 but secretly got an income of 10 million! How much tax did they manage to evade that way?! Apart from these contracts, there were also several slave contracts that highlighted the unequal treatment of various artists. One artist was required to spend a specified number of nights drinking and sleeping with others. The contract even specified, in black and white, the number of days that a female artist would get to take a leave during that time of the month! There was even a list of prices for how much each artist received after sleeping with others—all of it was listed on paper! There were clauses that mentioned an increase in rates if the artists performed well in bed with others! It was shocking, horrifying, and appalling! This wasn’t an entertainment company; it was practically a prostitution center!

Soon enough, the tax department received a large number of reports, and they eventually launched an investigation on the issue of tax evasion suspected in both Mitchell International Energy and Technology and Glory Entertainment. The public security department also received reports and finally got themselves involved in the case of Glory Entertainment pricing their artists for illegitimate services and openly using them as prostitutes.

Sandra and the whole of Glory Entertainment were dumbfounded. There hadn’t actually been anything wrong with Nicholas’ Dragon Eye phone. The system was extremely secure. However, Nicholas had chosen to lie about the system being hacked as he wanted to exaggerate the situation so that all his fans would give poor reviews to Dragon Eye. He was simply attempting to use his influential power to crush Dragon Eye. Whatever he mentioned about top secret, private files were just a bunch of lies. Furthermore, he was aware of how pornographic images could destroy an artist’s entire career—getting your pictures exposed would be equivalent to social suicide, so of course he wouldn’t ever be silly enough to leave such images in his phone. Yet all the confidential files and pornographic images of Nicholas that were spreading on the Internet were real!!

He had been over-exaggerating his words when he criticized Dragon Eye’s security system; he mentioned that hackers were able to access his information because their security system was weak. He didn’t expect someone to actually leak the confidential files; it was almost as if the person was supporting his point and providing him with more concrete evidence when he faced the lawsuit against Dragon Eye! At this point, he’d never be able to clarify himself even if he attempted to!

Oh, my god! There was only one person that surfaced in Sandra’s mind when she saw all the leaked files. She was certain that Vincent was the one who stole all the files from her before handing them over to Sophia. Sophia’s team must have been the one who leaked it all out!

“I’m going to kill you, Vincent! You traitor! How dare you betray the Mitchells!!” Sandra immediately gave Vincent a call. She greeted him with a loud scream the moment he picked up. “I’m going to erase your name from the Mitchell Family’s family tree. You will never be able to be buried in the Mitchell Family’s ancestral grave! You’d be too ashamed to see your ancestors, anyway!” she howled.

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