My Billionaire Husband Spoils Me Too Much Chapter 794

My Billionaire Husband Spoils Me Too Much Chapter 794

The bag containing the money was tightly held by Maria, who was like a fierce wolf.

Chad’s right arm was injured, his face pale with pain. It was unknown if his bones had been hurt. He glared at the girl bully and scolded angrily.

“You are disgusting and ugly no matter how many plastic surgeries you do.”

He finally found out that this girl stole 50 thousand from home to have plastic surgery.

In Chad’s opinion, this girl was nothing compared to Christina.

Maria, from a single-parent family, had despised her mother for being too poor to embarrass her since she was a child, so she skipped school, dropped out of school, and played around with the gangsters in society. She felt that being the girlfriend of those gangster leaders was cool and she was ruthless since she had seen many bloody scenes.



She became ferocious since Chad was right that she was going to take the money to have plastic surgery.

She picked up another big stone and quickly ran over to throw it at Chad’s head. “I’ll kill you!”

Chad grew up in a good environment, never expecting that a girl could be so fierce. Unexpectedly, he was hit on his forehead, and blood suddenly flowed out.

Even Chad himself was scared stiff. The smelly blood flowed through his cheeks and his pale face seemed to be numb from the pain of the wound.

“You, you… My family will never let you go.”

Chad was only 15 years old, so he was in a mess when he encountered such an emergency, but he still vaguely remembered that he had a family to rely on.

“Your family? Where did you come from? Bah!”

“You want to chase after the one who works for my family. You guys are a perfect match, who are all maggots at the bottom of society.”

“You thought I was afraid of you. Look at where I came from.” Maria was arrogant. It seemed that she had a powerful backer.
She pointed to the balcony on the second floor of a shop behind them, where a man was vaguely standing.

“That man sent someone to my house to buy bubble milk tea just to send money to my family. Do you know who he is? He’s the new owner of the W Hotel. You’re nothing.”

After she finished shouting, she turned around and ran across the pedestrian crossing, disappearing.

Chad came back to his senses and felt a severe headache. The blood from his forehead blocked his left eye, and his right eye vaguely looked in the direction she had pointed at. He felt familiar with the figure on the balcony.

“What’s wrong?”

Maria’s mother ran over, shocked seeing Chad with a bleeding head, and hurriedly called a taxi to send him to the hospital.
“Did Maria injure you?” The mother asked in a nervous voice.

Chad sat in the car, saying nothing but looking out the window. He roughly wiped the blood from the corner of his eyes with his fingers and opened his eyes wide to see the figure clearly.

When the car passed by the milk tea shop, he finally saw it. Just opposite the milk tea shop, on the second floor of the hotpot shop, a man was standing on the balcony of the second floor, who was straight, tall, and focused on the direction of the milk tea shop opposite.

It was Mark.

Chad was totally stunned.

It was actually him.

He stayed here all night to watch.

The people who came to order many cups of bubble tea were all sent by him.

A mixture of anger, discomfort and a sense of inferiority welled up in his heart, and the pain in his heart was more painful than the pain on his forehead.

“The new owner of the W Hotel.”

“That was originally the best chain hotel in the C City, and it was bought by a company last month. Anyway, who is that?” Chad was eager to know.

He was taken to the hospital to deal with the injuries on his arm and forehead. He looked pale, but he was very persistent in calling his father in the middle of the night to find out.

“I just want to know. Didn’t you ask me to mingle with more people in the circle before?” Chad said in a terrible tone since he was injured and in a bad mood.

“There’s a lot of speculation in the industry about the change of the owner of that hotel, but our Wellens family is not involved in the catering industry.”

His father avoided suspicion and reminded him, “It was bought by the Hopkins family in the A City. Although the

main business of the Hopkins family is not catering, you must not make trouble in that hotel. Clear?”

Chad was bemused for a long time hearing the words ‘the Hopkins family in the A City’, and didn’t respond when his father on the other end of the phone called out a few words.

It was already 1 a.m. In the emergency room, Chad’s face was frighteningly pale under the white light.

The proprietress of the milk tea shop accompanied him to deal with the wounds. Seeing that he was weak with a pale face, she thought that he must be badly injured. More upset, she wanted him to take more CT scans to check if there were any other internal injuries.

“Chad, Maria is not sensible. It’s my fault that I didn’t discipline her well. I will pay for all the medical expenses, including the follow-up nutrition fees. If you have any other requests, just say it…”

Although her daughter was a naughty girl, if she was accused of intentionally hurting others, she would definitely be destroyed.
“Maria was originally a very cute and kind girl. It was all my fault that I was incompetent. She made friends with those bad people outside and learned to be bad. Don’t take it to heart. I will be responsible.”

Her words were choked with sobs.

Chad finally came to his senses in the pleading, his arm only bruised and his forehead just bleeding without hurting his skull.
He didn’t say anything about forgiving Maria, but said coldly after standing up, “Christina is alone in the store. We have to go back quickly.”

She felt that the young high school student was not a child from an ordinary family.

Chad remained silent all the way back to the store in the taxi. The proprietress asked tentatively in a tense and oppressive atmosphere. “Chad, your family should be very rich, right? Will they…” She was really afraid of offending a bigwig.

“My family is nothing.”

He remembered what Maria had said to mock him before, so now the exact words came out.

Compared to the Hopkins family in A City, the Wellens family was nothing.

Chad’s resentment and unwillingness were intertwined in his mind, afraid that if he competed, he would definitely lose.

As a high school student, for the first time, he realized that influence was so important that it could make people


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