My Baby’s Daddy Novel Anastasia chapter 1576

Chapter 1576 Are You Done?

“Bonnie, send Young Master Nigel out. Or else, we’ll call the cops,” Maggie reprimanded.

“Mrs. Silverstein, I’ll leave. I don’t have any ill intentions. I’ll just come back tomorrow,” Nigel explained hurriedly while looking at Queenie with reluctant eyes. He took two steps back before taking his leave, after which Bonnie followed behind to send him out.

“Young Master Nigel, do you know why Queenie is mad at you?” she yelled at his back.

Turning his head to face her, he asked, “Do you know?”

“Perhaps she fell in love with another man! You might not be the prince charming she’s looking for.” Bonnie wanted to make him feel as if he was being despised.

“That’s impossible,” he retorted her calmly.

After his sports car sped away, she felt utterly frustrated. Why does a rich and noble man like Nigel only have eyes for Queenie?

Back in the living room, a disheartened Maggie looked at Queenie, who was biting her lips. “Tell me what happened. Weren’t you two doing well before?”

“When Dad and I went to have dinner today, I saw him on a date with another woman.” Queenie did not plan to keep that from her mom.

After listening to her explanation, Maggie became instantly furious and criticized, “And I thought he was a good man! Turns out we were wrong about him. If that’s the case, Queenie, you should sever all ties with him!”

Standing by the door, Bonnie heard everything before a proud smile slowly crept on her face. With her understanding of Queenie’s personality, Queenie and Nigel were done.

Ever since the incident with Leslie, Bonnie discovered that Queenie’s character had turned tenacious. In other words, she could not stand even the slightest sense of betrayal in her relationship.

“Queenie, Young Master Nigel has left. He seemed quite angry. Did you know?”

“What’s there to be angry about?” Queenie frowned.

While shaking her head, Bonnie replied, “I don’t know either! Maybe he thinks you’re being unreasonable for getting mad at him for no reason. I saw him slamming the car door when he got in.”

Biting her lips, Queenie felt a sense of resentment before standing up. “Mom, I’m heading back to my room.”

After she ascended the stairs, Bonnie trailed behind her. “Mom, I’ll talk to her.”

Queenie was about to close the door when Bonnie stopped her and squeezed into her room. “With my understanding of men, I can tell you that they are all the same. There’s nothing special about Nigel. Plus, I think he seems to look down on our family!”

“Are you done?” Queenie turned around to glare at her before she retorted, “I don’t need you to make snarky remarks about my life.”

“I’m just trying to look out for you! I want you to keep a cool mind and not overlook his cheating incident just because he’s hot and wealthy.” Bonnie wore a conflicted expression.

Since Queenie was still in a bad mood, everything she said was magnified in front of her.

“Queenie, Nigel must’ve had a lot of women before you. He’s the successor of a large financial group, so I’m sure he’s been low-profile because he has all the means to keep control of the media about him. I’d say that such a man is dirty and unworthy of you.”

“Get out.” Queenie was feeling awful enough at this point and she wished it would come to a stop.

Before exiting the room, Bonnie turned around and added, “It seems like Nigel will not stop until he gets you, so you’d better prepare yourself. Since he has spent so much money on you, I’m sure he’d want to get something back.” With that, she left the room.

As her room descended into silence, Queenie could not hold back her sadness anymore and began sobbing her heart out. Right at that moment, her phone rang, and she glanced at the device with teary eyes before turning it off. I don’t wanna hear anything from you, jerk.

In the meantime, Nigel was waiting for the traffic light when he heard a message coming from his Bluetooth earphones. “Hello, the person you’re calling has switched off their device. Please try again later.”

“Queenie, what exactly happened to you?” He still could not figure out the whole story, despite recalling all the details since they parted last night. In the end, he parked by the roadside and frustratedly phoned Julian.

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