Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 658 [Eleven Jewell]

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 658 [Eleven Jewell]-Felicity immediately pushed Vermont off when Hylda entered the doctor’s office. “Why are you so hot like a stove?”

Vermont shot her a look, “Well, isn’t that nonsense? The weather’s so hot. Are you not hot?” He thought to himself, ‘She is really not that hot. She felt so squishy and soft like jelly when I held her.’

Felicity took the brochure from the chair and waved it. ‘This mistress must be forty-something. Albert is over fifty. Could she really be pregnant?”

“There was news a few days ago about a sixty-year-old woman giving birth. Forty-something doesn’t seem like a big deal,” Vermont said and took the brochure from Felicity and fanned himself. He sat on the right side of Felicity. With the strength of a male’s wrist, the wind he created even blew onto Felicity’s face, providing some relief from the heat.

“Hold up. Something’s not right. With Albert’s attitude of giving priority to his offspring at such an old age, he would have been elated with the news. So why would she hide the news? Unless she’s not carrying Albert’s child!”

‘If that’s the case, they would definitely break up if Albert discovers Hylda’s affair. When the two of them turn on each other and break the alliances, I might get some information from them.’

Vermont rubbed her head. “You have quite the imagination. Would a mistress keep a young lover?”

Felicity pushed his hand off. “Hylda is middle-aged but is still quite an attractive woman. With charm and money in her hand, would she still be willing to stick with Albert, that old man?”

Vermont chuckled, ‘I’m shocked that you know so much. With your usual self, I thought you were semi-illiterate.”

The corner of Felicity’s mouth twitched, “I was classmates with Stella. Did you think I just snuck into Trinity University?”

As Felicity talked, the door opened, and Hylda came out with a list. Hylda then went to collect her urine cup. Felicity got up, and the nurse called her name. Felicity could only instruct Vermont, “Keep an eye on her. If she runs away, your teriyaki is gone!”

Vermont was speechless. Felicity came out after two minutes and ran into the toilet after collecting the urine cup. Many people were inside the toilet, and Hylda was still lining up. Felicity conveniently followed behind.

After Hylda entered a stall, another girl emerged from a neighboring one. Felicity gestured for the person behind her to let her go in first. She took the opportunity and secretly took the urine cup of a pregnant lady washing her hands and left her an empty cup.

When Hylda came out, Felicity and Vermont were already sitting in the urine testing room, waiting for the result. After approximately 20 minutes, the nurse called them to pick up their results. To make it realistic, Vermont volunteered to help her get the results. He was tall with long legs and had perfect vision without glasses. It was very convenient for him to peek at Hylda’s result.

Vermont scanned Hylda’s results and saw the HCG pregnancy test tested positive (pregnant). ‘It turned out that she was right,’ he thought. He then glanced at the results in his hand and couldn’t resist but cursed out loud from the shock. “Fuck!” ‘Why was this positive too?*

Felicity quickly ran over. “What’s wrong, honey?”

Vermont had a mixed expression. “You’re pregnant?”

“Look at your face. Isn’t this a good thing?”

Vermont was speechless. ‘How could she be so insensitive?’

Hylda took the results to the doctor again. After coming out, she went downstairs and left the hospital.

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