Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 50 [Eleven Jewell]

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 50 [Eleven Jewell]-Keegan snorted icily, “She doesn’t have what it takes, yet she insisted on going. Letting her get the short end of the stick will teach her a lesson.”

Since Keegan had already made himself clear, Aldor kept quiet.

It seemed like Mrs. White was somebody. When Dahlia spoke to Mrs. White, her tone was evidently more polite than when she was talking with the other two ladies. No matter the food preference or casual conversations, they all centered around Mrs. White’s likings and habits.

Naturally, Stella could not join their conversation. Thankfully, they ignored her most of the time, aside from their discussion about her in the beginning.

Stella played her part as the person who ate and chatted with them, so things were not too difficult for her

After the ladies had their meal, they started Mah–Jongg, a tile–based game. Stella then played the part of the tea lady. She poured them tea and got them desserts.

Once everything was prepared, she sat aside and spectated.

The guests had not left, so she naturally could not leave. Otherwise, Dahlia would be unhappy.

Stella was not interested in Mah–Jongg, so she stopped and sat aside after two rounds.

She had not posted on Dusk Galaxy’s Facebook page for half a month, so she logged in and browsed around.

There were over a thousand comments. While most comments asked her to produce new works, there were also many private messages from her haters. Most of these haters were Bella Young purists.

After all, Stella stole Bella’s thunder too many times when Secret Sweetheart was on air a while ago.

Stella initially did not want to be the voiceover for the drama because she did not want to have too many interactions with Bella. However, the production team approached her several times and offered a high. payment. At the time, she was busy preparing Keegan’s birthday present and took a liking to a gemstone. Since she was still short of some money, she accepted the offer.

The drama considerably increased Bella’s popularity in the country. If she had not sensationalized the news about her car accident a while back, a single popular drama was enough to make her an A–list celebrity.

However, the popularity a hit drama could bring to an actor was limited. While the actor may have been a hot topic, those that were outside the entertainment circle did not care at all if the drama used voiceovers or the original sound. On the other hand, Bella’s fans had bashed Stella for months because she became the hot topic several times.

Among these fans, a few bashed Stella every day as if they were going for a group visit. They would write long essays that bashed her, shamed her looks, and personally attacked her. Some even went to the extent of cursing her to die young.

If this had happened in the past, Stella would have sucked it up and let things pass. However, since she learned that Keegan had snatched her voiceover opportunity for Honor of the Deities and given it to Bella, it was suddenly difficult for her to endure such verbal abuse and attacks.

‘Why should I tolerate these people?‘ she wondered.

Stella pursed her lips and sent the unsightly private message screenshots to Felicity. “I want to sue these people!”

Felicity said, “I told you to sue them a long time ago, but you were too soft–hearted. These people will spend the rest of their lives in the dark and attack you indiscriminately if you don’t expose them. Exposing a few of them will send a message.”

“It’s alright to spend a little more money. Help me find the best lawyer,” said Stella.

“Leave it to me! I’ve wanted to rip these scumbags for a long time!”

“Stella, pour Mrs. Wood some tea.”

Dahlia’s voice cut Stella and Felicity’s conversation short. Stella stuffed her phone into her pocket and stood up to pour the tea.

“It’s alright. I have some business back home. My husband asked me to go home soon, so I won’t be playing anymore.”

Mrs. White frowned, “It’s only been a few rounds. How will we play after you leave?”

“Isn’t there another person here?” asked Mrs. Wood.

She continued, “Dahlia, let your daughter–in–law stand in for me. I really have something to do.”

Mrs. White glanced at Stella and asked, “Do you know how to play?”

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