Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 2292

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted by Eleven Jewell

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 2292-Leighton pursed his lips. “I’m ‘dating’ you because I wanted you to introduce me to directors. We have a contract, each taking what we need. It’s not like I helped you, but you genuinely took a hit for me this time.

Consider this a favor I owe you. If you need help in the future, just ask, and if I can do it, I’ll definitely help you.”

Nicole paused, suddenly looking at the serious A-lister in front of her.

She wondered, how could there still be such a simple-minded guy in this circle?

Even though she had laid out many superior conditions at the time, being in a contract relationship with him was actually more of a disadvantage than an advantage for him. He wanted to film, wanted to meet big directors, and his cousin could help him with that. There was no need to get involved with her.

After they “officially announced” their relationship, the comment section of Leighton’s social media accounts visibly intensified with hostility.

Just her being his “girlfriend” had received countless abusive messages after the announcement. There were even extreme fans sending her edited photos, along with threats of death and blades. It was worse for Leighton.

Just now, besides fearing that he might injure his face and affect his career, the main reason for blocking that hit for him was a bit of guilt, with thoughts of making it up to him.

But this guy seemed genuinely clueless, even solemnly saying that he owed her a favor and would repay it. With this kind of naivety, how did he become famous?

The Hall family of Salcator, a prestigious family, had raised such a fool? His cousins, even his twelve-year-old brother, were smarter than him.

This fool, who would help count the money even after being sold out, somehow made her feel a bit soft-hearted. A hint of a smile appeared in her eyes as she lazily said, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Since I’m with you, I’ll follow your lead. Anyway, I’m not losing out.”

Leighton was stunned for a moment, suddenly feeling a bit annoyed. Through gritted teeth, he said, “I’m serious! Can’t you be serious for once?!”

His voice raised a few decibels, his ears turning slightly red.

Nicole inexplicably thought of the little German Shepherd they had at home when she was a child. It looked majestic and intimidating, but when it was angry, it only dared to bark loudly to scare people away.

Just like Leighton at the moment.

Nicole felt like teasing him. Leaning closer, her eyes half serious and half teasing, she said, “How am I not being serious? You’re my boyfriend, shouldn’t I listen to you?”

Seeing her approach, Leighton retreated to the car door like he was avoiding a flood or a fierce beast, his ears turning even redder, embarrassed. “We’re just in a contract relationship. Just putting on a show in front of the camera is enough.

Don’t think you can take advantage of me. You’re older than me, have a bad personality, and I’m not interested in your type!”

Nicole’s expression showed a hint of being hurt. She pursed her lips, sat up straight, and turned her head to look out the window, not saying anything more.

The atmosphere in the car became unusually quiet. With Nicole’s head tilted, Leighton could still see the wound on the back of her head.

Her shoulders were trembling slightly, as if… she were crying.

Leighton suddenly felt uncomfortable. The words he had just said did seem a bit too much.

Women probably didn’t like it when others said they were old. He had just casually said it.

Leighton scratched his hair, agonizing for a long time before spe your ting stil are prey good.

Among actors your age, regardless of gender, no one has achieved what you have.”

Nicole didn’t respond.

Seeing her shoulders still trembling, Leighton racked his brains, using his meager vocabulary to make up for the hurfulowords he had said, “Having a bad personality isn’t necessarily a flaw; with a bad personality, no one dares to bully you.”

Nicole still didn’t say anything.

Nicole’s shoulders shook even harder, making Leighton feel ever, more guilty. “I said trose things recklessly. If you really like me, then…

then I won’t date anyone else until the contract ends.”

Leighton said stiffly, “Plus, you’re decent-looking. Although I’m not interested in you, there will always be someone who likes your type.”

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