Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 2284

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted by Eleven Jewell

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 2284-Stella was speechless.

“Are the standards for hiring entertainment reporters this low now? Can even the blind get the job?”

Joe was speechless.

Was his idol really this sarcastic in private?

Felicity, who had been listening on the phone for a while, finally couldn’t help but speak up, “Aren’t those pictures of you and Leighton?”

Stella replied, exasperated, “That’s me and my brother.”

“But these photos really do look like Leighton, and isn’t your brother driving Leighton’s car?”

Stella hadn’t noticed what car Trevor was driving. If it was indeed Leighton’s car.

It was no wonder the paparazzi got it wrong.

She reinstalled Facebook and checked the trending topics, feeling numb.

The top entertainment headlines were all about Leighton’s “affair.”

Things like #NewStarlnvolvedlnLeightonHallLoveLife#, #

LeightonHallLoveLifelnCrisisOnAndOffScreenLoveTriangle#, #

LeightonlsEatingWell#, #LoveAndlndifferenceAreSoObvious#…

All sorts of absurd tags.

Stella opened her Facebook, seeing 99+ private messages and tens of thousands of comments. Without even looking, she knew it was fans from both sides arguing or random people gossiping.

She knew how toxic the internet could be, so she didn’t bother reading the comments and went straight to the trending page.

The news had broken two hours ago, and the marketing accounts had already pieced together a timeline.

Stella skimmed through it. It said Leighton and Nicole had been together before filming “Motives for Murder,” and after Bella Young was replaced, Leighton recommended his girlfriend Nicole for the lead role. They were caught being affectionate during the movie’s promotion, leading to their public relationship.

It claimed that Nicole sensed Leighton was losing interest and deliberately kissed him during the promotion to force him to acknowledge their relationship, and the person Leighton was interested in was Stella.

Evidence one: When Leighton was burned, someone saw Stella visiting his hospital room.

Evidence two: During the New Year, someone spotted Leighton and Stella at the same hotel, staying for two hours before leaving.

Evidence three: Recently, after the release of Luna’s second generation, Leighton, posted a potd ofhis robot of Facebook, accidentally showing posters of projects Stella had voiced.

in the background.

There were over a dozen more points.

Stella was dumbfounded.

If she weren’t the person involved, she’d almost believe it herself, given how detailed and convincing it sounded.

It was clear that many netizens believed it too, and the comments section was boiling over.

“Finally, the truth comes out! Honestly, with his looks, I’d be surprised if he wasn’t a scumbag. He’s definitely a jerk!”

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