Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 2281

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted by Eleven Jewell

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 2281-“That photo turned out really nice,” Stella said happily as she turned to share it with Keegan.

But Keegan wasn’t pleased, feeling she made him look silly. He insisted she give him the phone so he could take the photo.

Stella’s eyelid twitched. “You want to take it? You’ll reduce my height from 1.68 meters to 1.38 meters. Mr. Kane, don’t you know your own photography skills?”

Keegan retorted, “Are my photography skills really that bad?”

Stella replied, “Let me put it this way, if you sprinkle some rice on a phone, even chickens can take better photos than you.”

Feeling somewhat humiliated, Keegan gritted his teeth. “Then let’s go out and play. If I take pictures for you, will you stare at them for half the night?”

He shouldn’t have brought it up. As soon as he did, Stella’s suppressed memories suddenly resurfaced.

“If I don’t stare at them, trying to convince myself that your skills are just bad, I’m afraid I’ll end up fighting with you directly at the hotel. Look at this face of mine, even the director says I’m photogenic from every angle. How did you manage to make me cross-eyed?”

Keegan was speechless.


Stella ground her teeth. “I asked you to take a picture of me running, and you made me look like I was having an out-of-body experience! When I shared the photo, I accidentally posted it in the album. Several of my friends below asked me where I went to take a picture of a ghost.”

Keegan was speechless once more.

His bravado weakened in an instant. “Well, maybe just… a few dozen shots, n Stella chuckled.

Keegan was about to say something when he noticed a kid squatting next to him, barely as tall as his knees, looking up at him pitifully. “Uncle, are you done playing? Can we have a turn?”

Keegan turned his head, and there were five or six kids waiting in line behind him.

Stella was speechless.

Both of them, embarrassed, gave some game tokens to a few kids and left with red faces.

Trevor and Maya’s conversation status was unknown to them. Stella wanted to check, but Keegan said, “Trevor threw your bag out, he didn’t intend for US to come back.”

Stella was surprised. “How do you know?”

Keegan snorted. When they were kids, he used to throw his bag to Keegan when he went to see Maya play the piano, giving him a look that said, “Be responsible.”

That same look just now.

Stella tentatively sent Trevor a message. “Trevor, I’m a bit tired. I’m going back with Keegan first.”

Not long after, Trevor replied, “Safe travels home.”

Stella was dumbfounded, while Keegan had a knowing expression.

“It seems Trevor still has unfinished business.”

Later that night, as they lay in bed, Stella shared her speculation.

Keegan, drying his hair beside her, wasn’t particularly interested. He had helped set up this dihner between friends but of camaraderie, but as for their relationship development, it was up to them.

Keegan asked her to send the photos they had just taken to him. Stella, while sending them, said, “By the way, prepare more gift boxes for Labor Day this Year. Those teachers and classmates who spoke up for you online before, it’s good to visit them during the holidays. They were willing to speak up for you even when public opinion was against you. We can’t forget that favor.”

Keegan smiled. “Alright.”

Stella was about to say something when both their phones rang simultaneously.

In Stella’s phone, there was the impatient voice of a young man, “Bro!

Your ex wife’s curlent relationship häs been exposed. Damn, how did he end up with that pit bull!”

They subconsciously grabbed the wrong phones and answered at the same time.

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