Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 2279

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted by Eleven Jewell

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 2279-Stella nodded, “Hi, Maya.”

Maya retrieved a neatly wrapped gift box from her bag and handed it over,” I wasn’t sure what to bring for our first meeting, so I made these sachets myself.

Give them a try.”

Stella was a bit surprised. ‘ Maya, you’re into scents too?”

Maya smiled, ‘1 got into scents because of Trevor. He used to love playing around with them.”

Stella was surprised once again.

She hadn’t seen Trevor indulge in scents much, so she assumed he wasn’t interested in them.

However, Trevor seemed hesitant to broach the topic further, simply saying, “Let’s order first, I’m hungry.”

Maya hesitated for a moment, lowering her eyes to conceal her disappointment.

Stella quickly interjected, “Maya, it’s been a while since you’ve been back, right?

How about trying some hometown dishes today?”

Maya put on a smile. “Sure, you decide.”

As the waiter was about to leave after taking their dinner orders, Trevor suddenly piped up, “Add a roast.”

Maya shot a quick glance at Trevor, who explained, “It’s a welcome dinner, and roasts are a must.”

Upon noticing Maya’s reaction to the roast, was it a significant dish for the two of them?

Stella’s curiosity was piqued. She discreetly squeezed Keegan’s hand under the table, and Keegan peeled a shrimp for her.

Stella was speechless.

Maya and Keegan seemed to have a close bond. As they chatted, Stella learned that Maya’s grandmother and Keegan’s grandmother were distantly related, though it was almost insignificant. They only discovered this familial connection after meeting, and Keegan had always treated Maya like an older sister. Their conversation made that evident.

Luckily, Maya had been abroad for a long time and didn’t keep in touch with Keegan much. Otherwise, it might have been difficult for her not to overthink things, especially with such a graceful and beautiful woman beside Keegan.

But judging from Maya’s demeanor, it seemed she wasn’t interested in Keegan.

“This is delicious,” Keegan picked up a piece of fish for her, his eyes sparkling.

He whispered to her, “It’s sweet and sour, you should try some.”

Stella squeezed his hand, “I need to use the restroom.”

Keegan set down his chopsticks, got up, and said to the others, “We’ll go freshen up. You two go ahead and eat.”

Trevor glanced up. “Why are you going too? Is there a double toilet in there?

Are you planning to have a heart-to-heart?”

“Cough-cough-” Maya choked a bit, covering her mouth and coughing, her fair ears turning slightly red.

Trevor suddenly realized his tendency to swear and promptly shut his mouth.

Keegan remarked, “That’s not a bad idea. I’ll suggest it to the manager later.

Trevor shot him a glare. “Get out!”

As they exited the private room and closed the door, Stella pressed her ear againstit istehing intently to the sounds inside.

Keegan was confused.

“Weren’t they going to the restroom?”

Stella signaled for him to be quiet.

Keegan pursed his lips, “I suggest you leave now. If Trevenfinds Out later, ‘Iberin trouble too.”

“Don’t tempt fate. Trevor isn’t that easy to-“

Before she could finish her sentence, the door swung open, Trevor stopp holding the handld with one hand and his phone with the other, looking at the two of them.

Stella was taken aback.

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