Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 2272

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted by Eleven Jewell

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 2272-Darcie’s office.

“What am I going to do with you? With so many eyes watching, you docked Wren’s bonus just because she accepted a set of clothes from Stella?”

Darcie, who had been holding in her anger outside, couldn’t contain it once they reached the office.

Jaylene was indifferent. “Mom, she’s in the finance department. She accepted something from Stella right in front of me. Doesn’t that make US look bad? If I don’t do anything, won’t others follow suit? I was just giving them a little reminder for your sake.”

“A reminder?” Darcie snapped. “Over a set of clothes? Is that all the tolerance you have? When you saw Wren take something from Stella, why didn’t you find out why? She’s struggling to pay for a family member’s medical treatment. If you had helped her out, not only would she have remembered your kindness forever, but others would have seen your generosity.

“Instead, you docked her bonus, adding insult to injury. Now, when she eats in the cafeteria, she has to endure snide remarks from your associates. Do you think humiliating Wren establishes your authority? Ridiculous! People will just see you as petty and vindictive, with no magnanimity. Who would want to work under someone like that?”

Jaylene was stunned and started to panic but still retorted, “I… I didn’t think that far. How was I supposed to know she wouldn’t come to HR even once? I didn’t know about her family situation…”

As she spoke, she suddenly remembered that Wren hadn’t stood up for Stella downstairs and became resolute again. “Mom, look at Stella helping her. She still didn’t show gratitude. How can you be sure that if I help her, she won’t turn out to be ungrateful?”

Darcie gave her a cold look. “Just because she didn’t stand up for Stella today doesn’t mean she never will. Stella holds more shares than I do. I’ve been managing Caline for a long time, so it’s hard for her to make inroads, but nothing stays the same forever. Once Stella finds an opportunity, do you think people like Wren will choose to support US?

“Winning hearts isn’t just about money. Those who can earn high salaries at Caline won’t do badly anywhere. If you can grasp human nature, anyone can be of use to you.”

This time, Jaylene was obedient and earnestly sought her mother’s advice.

“Mom, what should I do now? I’ve already done it. Do I need to apologize to her?”

Darcie was a bit surprised. She hadn’t expected that using “Keegan’s marriage”

Darcie’s expression softened.

“Thankfully, Aubrey had the foresight to handle things. You don’t need to worry apput this ahymore. Let Aubrey take care of it. For now, just focus on studying the materials I gave you earlier. Don’t mess up when the time comes.”

to motivate her would work so well. She should have done it sooner.

Darcie replied calmly, “It just smells similar. How could it be the real thing? If a freshly graduated girm could create it, my team would be out of a job: Her father did die because of Trevor, so giving her a break keeps things smooth for everyone.

Otherwise, it would be difficult for your father.”

Jaylene thought about it and agreed.

She didn’t ask further, but she felt a pang of bitterness. “Dad and Trevor are too soft hearted, the plane crash was an labsident, no one wanted it to happen. The pilot died, but now we’re left with this burden. Dad’s getting older, and he treats Stella, Sonia, and many other juniors well, but he hasn’t paid much attention to me in a long time.”

Jaylene nodded and then asked, “Mom, was the essential oil Sonia prepared really not the S-type oil? It smelled so similar.”

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