Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 2216

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted by Eleven Jewell

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 2216-The whole thing started when a tech blogger, @RisingHustuabourg, with millions of followers, replied to a comment on a certain platform.

The comment was about the Vinci Rivera Group’s upcoming product launch.

They heard there was a tech breakthrough. The person asked when they would release the new product review video.

@RisingHustuabourg’s reply? “Not happening.”

The commenter pressed for an explanation.

RisingHustuabourg was known for reviewing Vinci Rivera Group’s products.

Whenever they dropped something new, he’d make videos, write lengthy blog posts, and often tag Keegan, who was into it, even giving it a thumbs up.

He even joked online that he was Vinci Rivera Group’s unofficial promoter.

So when he said, “Not happening,” naturally, people were curious.

His next reply? “I won’t use products from someone who abandoned their biological mother, no matter how good they are. Tech might not have morals, but users do.”

That reply blew up. Marketing accounts started reposting it everywhere, and insiders began sharing stories. Some said Keegan ditched his mom for a woman, kicking her out without a word.

Then, a medical staff claimed Keegan’s mom had surgery at their hospital, stayed for weeks, and never saw Keegan.

A supposed ex-employee of Vinci Rivera Group even said they saw Keegan personally toss his mom out of the company.

Cordelia’s “friend” made an account, too, recounting how hard Keegan’s mom worked, raising him solo in the wolfs den of the Kane family, only for him to turn out ungrateful.

Dahlia was even shadier than Stella thought.

She stirred up this mess right before the product launch, not caring about the fallout for Keegan.

Stella dashed barefoot to the bathroom, finding Keegan shaving at the sink.

Seeing her, he said with a razor in hand, “It doesn’t start till ten. You can sleep more.”

Stella hugged him from behind.

Keegan paused, then relaxed, stroking her hand.

Stella whispered, “Can I shave for you?”

Keegan handed her the razor, turned her, and sat her on the sink, so she could reach his chin.

Stella shaved him carefully.

He never saw Dahlia’s betrayal coming, even if he was ready for it.

Chandler Kane used the chaos for publicity since they couldn’t suppress it.

Keegan likely saw it all. There were thousands of insults about him on Facebook. How could he not have seen them?

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