Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 1817 [Eleven Jewell]

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 1817 [Eleven Jewell]

Keegan wasn’t certain if Stella possessed knowledge about perfumery, but he could sense her dedicated efforts to compensate for any shortcomings.

While flipping through the pages, he noticed a name in the notes. Pausing for a moment, he returned the book to the bedside table and sent a text to Aldor, “Call someone for me…”

As Keegan concluded his conversation with Aldor, Stella’s phone began buzzing persistently.

Her phone screen was still lit, showing the gaming interface with a private message from someone.

Though Keegan had no intention to pry, his eyes inadvertently caught a message that appeared: [Hey pretty, can I have your number?] He paused and opened the chat window.

The message was sent by someone with the game ID- HusbandOfStella.

It instantly triggered Keegan’s memory of the youthful voice he had heard when Stella was playing the game moments ago.

He pursed his lips tightly together, struck by the realization.

After not getting any reply, HusbandOfStella sent Stella his number: [Girl, save my number, and let’s play together again.

I’ll carry you.] Keegan felt strangely angry. He took out his phone and saved that guy’s number.

Shortly after, HusbandOfStella messaged Keegan’s phone: [ HereToDie, is this you?] Keegan coldly replied: [Yes.] HusbandOfStella sent a shy emoji and asked: [Are you a fan of Stella too?] He met Felicity through Stella’s fan group. He knew that Felicity was a fan of Stella, so he automatically assumed that those she invited were also Stella’s fans.

Keegan responded coldly: [Yes.] HusbandOfStella sent him a WhatsApp sticker, which Keegan, as an older person, could not understand. So, Keegan replied only with a smiling emoji.

The conversation continued: [Motives for Murder will be released on 30th January. The production team has been promoting it everywhere recently, yet Stella never showed up at all. I’m so sad.

[Are you in Rivera? I booked the entire cinema for Stella, ten shows in total. Do you want to come and watch it together?] Then, he forwarded the details of the booked sessions.

Keegan felt puzzled. ‘He sounds like he’s just a teenager.

‘The expense of booking ten movie showings around this time in a major city like Rivera suggests he’s from a well-off family.’ ‘Booking sessions in a prime area cinema implies not just financial means but also connections.’ [Why aren’t you replying? If you live far, I can pick you up. I just got my driver’s license.] [When did you start being a fan of Stella? I was captivated by her short hair styling in Jurisdiction. She looked so confident in male attire.

[I used to think that the girls in my school were pretty, but after encountering Stella, no one else catches my eye. I wonder if she’s interested in younger men.

[Actually, I’m not that young. I’m nineteen this year, just six to seven years younger than Stella. You know, older women are attracted to younger men now?

I think we could get along well.] Keegan was speechless.

[Why am I the only one speaking here? Will you say something?] HusbandOfStella was persistently talkative, continuously sending messages.

With no response, he initiated a video call.

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