Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 119 [Eleven Jewell]

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 119 [Eleven Jewell]-The man then turned his eyes away and smiled faintly. “Didn’t you say she’s your granddaughter-in–law? So, it must be her.”

Stella was even more confused until Marshall explained it to her. “This is Trevor Saun. The girl you saved in the restroom last night is his younger sister.”

Not only that, Trevor’s father, Wenham Saun, was actually Keegan’s late father’s ex- classmate. They had been close friends.

In order to get Jaylene–Welham’s youngest daughter treated for her illness, the Saun family had transferred most of the family assets overseas many years ago. It was not until recent years, when Jaylene’s health had shown improvement, did Wenham thought of settling down in his homeland. Therefore, the Saun family was planning to come back to Hustuabourg. However, there were still many things to wrap up, so Trevor and Jaylene returned to Hustuabourg before the rest of the family.

Last night, Trevor and Jaylene were supposed to attend that charity event together. But, something came up, so Trevor was late.

Jaylene, who attended the event alone, had an ailment episode in the restroom. And, right after she had been rescued, she was sent to the hospital. It was not until her condition had become stable did Trevor contact the hotel to look for her “savior“. With the help of the hotel manager, he reached Marshall and found out that the person who had saved his sister was the granddaughter–in–law of the Kane family.

As soon as Trevor’s father heard the news, he immediately asked Trevor to visit Cordelia. That was how things ended up the way they did.

Trevor was courteous. He immediately got up and thanked Stella. “Thank you for helping my sister last night. She’s been in poor health since she was a child. If it weren’t for you, I can’t imagine what would happen to her. I’d like to thank you on behalf of my family,” he spoke to her softly.

After that, he took out a box and handed it to Stella. “Here’s a small token of gratitude from our family. Please accept it. You can find my business card in it. Feel free to contact me if you need any help in the future. I’ll do my best as long as your request is within my means.”

‘If I’m not mistaken, isn’t that a Bentley’s key case? When he said a “small” token, it can’t possibly be the Bentley parked outside, right?‘ Stella thought.

The last time Stella had been rewarded for her good deed was when she had found her kindergarten teacher’s wallet, and the reward was a candy.

This was the first time someone had.

“Mr. Saun, this is too much. I appreciate your gratitude. But, please take this back.”

Trevor said softly, “Before I came here, my dad specifically told me to send you a token of gratitude. If you refuse to take it, what should I tell him?”

Stella was caught in a dilemma.

Despite her love for money, Stella did expensive car as a reward. If the Saun.

Whenever Stella was presented with something great, she would feel overwhelmed and undeserving of it. This fear was compounded by the worry that someone might accuse her of having a hidden agenda for her good deed.

After Stella had been declining the reward for a while, Cordelia finally intervened. “It’s a token from the Saun family, Stella,” said Cordelia. “Just accept it.”

Keegan echoed impassively, “Just take it.”

With no room for refusal, Stella accepted the gift. After that, Cordelia invited Stella and Keegan to take a seat beside her. The conversation between Cordelia, Marshall, and Trevor resumed effortlessly.

Despite being close to eighty, Cordelia possessed a keen mind and a sharp memory. She enquired about Marshall’s well–being and Trevor’s job. Her recollection even extended to memories from their childhood.

Stella learned from their conversations that Marshall had gone abroad seven years ago because of his health problem.

Stella found it hard to imagine Marshall as a weak person lying on a sick bed, considering his healthy appearance and physical fitness that was comparable to Keegan’s, who had been working out regularly.

While Stella was staring at Marshall, she suddenly felt pain on her head. ‘Keegan, you bastard! You pulled my hair?!‘

She glared at Keegan and whispered, “What are you doing?!”

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