Mr. Ford Is Jealous by Boat of Peaches Chapter 1058

Chapter 1058

“Shut up!”

Weston brushed off her hand.His cold, clear eyes were tainted with a murky hostility that would instantly send shivers down the spine.

The aura around him suddenly froze over.

Standing on the narrow balcony, Guinevere had nowhere to run.

“If you don’t know how to shut up, I don’t mind teaching you.”

Guinevere’s heart fluttered, but she still bit the bullet and met his cold gaze dead-on.

“No, I am going to say it.You know what? When we were filming, when Stella was still Ella at that time, she told me that she stayed by your side just for those benefits you could give her! “

What she loves is your status and money! She stepped forward and stared intensely into his eyes, trying to convince him.

“She does not love you! Weston, that woman is unlike who we are.She is born lowly; that’s why she is greedy and wants everything! “She stays by your side only for the convenience that you can bring her!”

Weston tugged the bowtie around his neck single-handedly to breathe more easily.His tone was flat and sounded emotionless.

“It’s much better if she just wants money and fame.It just so happens that I’m able to give her all of these things.”

Guinevere clenched her fists instantly and felt a growing sense of humiliation.She stared at the man’s back, wanting very much to sternly question him if it was worth putting himself in such a low position just for this woman.

He was very much willing to give it even if she coveted his money! But Guinevere did not do it.

Instead, she changed her approach and reminded him with a calm tone.

“Even so, will Stella be able to let go of her hatred? It is useless no matter how much you treat a woman like her nicely.She will always remember that the person you saved was me and not her.No matter what the reason is, she will not listen to you no matter how much you explain, and she will take advantage of you with her dead child again and again!”

The more she spoke, the more emotional she became.She had totally forgotten her self-reminder to get back to Weston in a calm manner.

Instead, her voice was tinted with a hint of madness.

“Think carefully.That woman is not worthy of such dedication! Even if you treat her so well and give her so much, she will still bite you because of a past incident! Even if you treat her well, it’s useless.She will turn away from you without hesitation as soon as she gets the chance.You know this all along, don’t you?”

Weston did know this in his heart.

Stella would have left his side long ago if he had never forced himself on her.

The good he did for her was not what she wanted.

If he had not decided the moment they met in Fern City that he would not let her go, Stella might have started a new life by now.

In a world without him, her life would be better and happier.It’s just that he was not present.

“Gwen, she deserves to hate me.”

After a long time, Weston said with a hoarse voice, “It is I who has imposed on her all the pain she suffers.It’s only normal that she hates me.”

Even if she hated him, he still wanted to tie her to his side.

Even if she would no longer love him from now on and look at him with affectionate eyes like before, not even in disguise…he would still not let go.He could not.

Even if they could only torment each other, he wanted to grow old together with her.

In the spacious hall, sandalwood incense burned on the incense burner.

Warren had not slept for days.

At his age, he could not use drugs to force him to sleep, so he had asked for a master incense maker to burn some sleeping incense, but the effect was just a little better than nothing.

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