Mr Conrad Proposes to His Ex wife Again Chapter 388

Mr Conrad Proposes to His Ex wife Again Chapter 388-At the same time, at the Conrad family’s house.

Dempsey just came out of the study; a servant hurriedly approached him with a package, “Master.”

Dempsey glanced at the box in his hand and frowned, “What is this?”

“It was delivered last night, saying that … it must be opened personally by you.”

He snorted disdainfully, and then he walked to the sofa on his crutches and sat down. He said coldly, “Who is that to think he is worthy for me to open his parcel personally?”

The servant stood aside and dared not speak.

Dempsey said, “Take it and throw it away.”

When the servant was about to leave the living room, Dempsey suddenly spoke again, “Wait.”

The servant went back immediately.

Dempsey said, “You open it, I want to see what’s inside.”

The servant understood and opened the parcel in front of him.

There was only a voice recorder inside the box.

Dempsey lifted his chin and signaled the servant to play it.

After listening to the recording inside, Dempsey frowned, “What is this?”

The subordinate on his side said, “Ms. Radomil recently participated in a competition. This should be a conversation between her and the organizer of the competition.”

Dempsey looked extremely unhappy, “Why are they sending me the recording of their conversation?”

The subordinate added, “The Conrad Group is the organizer of this competition. When the competition was held, there were many rumors that questioned the authenticity of this competition. They said that in order for Ms. Radomil to get the championship, Mr. Conrad told Ms. Radomil the rules of the competition in advance. But these were all rumors spread without actual evidence. At last, the one who got the championship of the competition was not Ms. Radomil, but someone else.”

When he heard this, Dempsey’s eyes slowly narrowed as he picked up the recorder and listened to it again.

Dempsey was such a smart person. After he heard the report from his men and hearing the contents of the recording, he instantly understood what the person who sent this to him was thinking.

He laughed coldly and threw the recorder aside, “In all these years of living, this is the first time someone dares to use me as a weapon.”

However, with this recording, he only needed to do something, then Clarence’s charge of using power for personal gain would be established, which was a good way to get the Conrad Group back.

He said to the subordinate, “Take this thing and send it to our people, they know what to release and what not to release.”

The subordinate picked up the recorded, nodded his head and left.

Dempsey sat in the sofa. After a while, he said to the servant waiting at the side, “Go and find out who sent this thing. How daring his is to use me?! I want to see who has the guts to do this.”

In the evening, Stella looked up from the pile of drafts and stretched out on the chair. As she looked to the window, she saw that it was already dark outside.

She picked up her phone and looked at it, it was nine o’clock.

Stella got up and looked around the studio, but she didn’t see Clarence.

He said he wanted her to wait for him, how come he hasn’t come yet?

Stella was about to call him, but she thought that he might be busy, so she gave up calling him.

She’d better go and find him herself.

After packing up her things and locking the door of the studio, Stella drove to the Conrad Group.

When she was halfway there, she suddenly received a call from Sherry, “Stella! Did you see the news on the internet?!”

Stella said, “I was driving. I didn’t look at my phone, what’s wrong?”

“Holy shit, I don’t know which idiot recorded your conversation with Louis and now it’s been put on the Internet. Many people are saying that this contest is held by Mr. Conrad in order to promote you. It has lost its fairness, and now Conrad Group’s official social media has collapsed, a group of keyboard warriors kept yelling for them to come out and give an explanation.”

Stella frowned, “When did it happen?”

“It was just half an hour ago, I just saw it. Where are you now? Have you gone back?”

“I’m on my way, ready to go and find Clarence.”

Sherry said, “What if you don’t go? I feel that the Conrad Group must in a total mess now, and you may not be able to see him if you go.”

Stella pursed her lips, “It’s okay, I’ll go take a look first, if I can’t see him then just forget it.”

After hanging up the phone, Stella opened Weibo and found that this matter had already been the number one in hot search list, and behind it was labelled a ‘hot’ word, which showed how great the influence was.

She clicked on the first video, which was a 30-second recording. The recording only consisted of the few sentences when Louis said he wanted to give her a special brand show.

The recording didn’t include the previous conservation and the words that she said she wanted to consider after Louis said that.

The comments below this video were vicious.

“Kkk, it’s absolutely unbelievable. Mr. Conrad’s wife-dominant image is sure to stand tall. He can even do such a thing for her. He really holds the banner of capitalism high enough.”

“As a designer, I’m really disgusted. If he is really desperate to promote her, he can just give her all the resources and promote her. Does he need to conduct such a big show? Is he trying to fool us all? Is he sick?”

“When Ms. Radomil participated in this competition, I felt that there must be something tricky in it. I didn’t expect it to be so, but I felt sorry for the designers who worked so hard to design something new. They didn’t expect it to be an under-table operation, and this wasted their energy to accompany them for the show.”

“This is really a big drama. When it comes to this, I have to admire Radomil. Even after a divorce, she can still fascinate the man. She can come a with a tutorial when she is free.”

In addition to these, there were a lot of people who came up to curse.

Stella took a light breath, put down the phone, stepped on the accelerator and drove faster towards the Conrad Group.

At this moment, the Conrad Group covered in a depressed atmosphere, and no one left the office.

Stella went directly to the elevator and walked to the door of the CEO’s office. She saw Nathan standing at the door silently, and asked, “What’s going on inside?”

Nathan whispered, “The chairman is here.”

Stella frowned. As soon as she wanted to speak, she heard a bang from inside, as if something had hit the wall.

Upon seeing this, Nathan took Stella to the nearby lounge, “Ms. Radomil, you can wait for Mr. Conrad here.”

Stella nodded and sat on the sofa.

Soon, Nathan poured her a cup of warm water.

Stella was silent for a while. Then, she asked, “Does this matter have a great impact on the Conrad Group?”

Nathan said, “This kind of fictitious thing normally wouldn’t have much impact on the company, and it only needs us to clarify. But you also know… The chairman has always wanted to replace Mr. Conrad, so…”

Although he hadn’t finished speaking, Stella understood what he meant. Now it was undoubtedly the Conrad family trying to use this opportunity to deal with Clarence.

At this moment, Nathan’s cell phone rang, and he said to Stella, “Ms. Radomil, I will go out first. If you need something, you can just call me.”


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