Mr Conrad Proposes to His Ex wife Again Chapter 22

Mr Conrad Proposes to His Ex wife Again Chapter 22-She took the IOU, carefully knocked on the door of the study and repeatedly said that she would certainly find a way to return the money to him.

During the whole process, Clarence kept looking at her coldly and his eyes were full of mockery and disdain.

During that time, she could hardly get out of bed and her whole body was full of revenge done by him.

When Clarence gave her the money, he said sarcastically without any disguise, “Don’t need to return it. Isn’t this the reason why you used so many means to marry me?”

Stella did not say anything. Thanks to the capitalist who criticized her for not having a dream, she really did not have money to pay back now.

But, she did not care whether Clarence did not let her return or not. She still left the IOU with him.

But, it sounded right too. They had already divorced so it was reasonable that he asked her to return the money to him.

Sherry, who was watching the drama in the room happily, suddenly heard the ‘bang’ sounds from the kitchen.

She walked over and asked, “Dear, what are you chopping?”



Stella calmed down and looked at the ginger that had been crumbled in front of her. She finally returned to normal, “Nothing, I have to go out later. You don’t have to wait for me, go to bed early.”

Without even guessing, Sherry could know that Clarence was looking for her trouble again. She frowned and said, “What does he want to do again, you guys have already divorced but he still doesn’t want to stop.”

“Forget it, it’s because I owe him.”

“It’s fine now but after two months, your belly will become bigger and by that time, you can’t hide it anymore.”

The knife in Stella’s hand was hanging in the air. She did not say anything for a while.

Yeah, as long as the two-million-yuan debt was not paid off, she would always owe Clarence and would never be able to stay away from him.

Based on Clarence’s personality, if he knew she was pregnant now, he might have held her down on the operating table to prevent her from coercing him using this excuse to let him remarry her again.

After a while, Stella said, “I’ll talk clearly to him tonight.”

An hour later, in Starry Lake Mansion…

When the doorbell rang, the maid, who was in torment, immediately made a beeline for the door to open it. Her smile that was formed just now as if she had become the survivor of a disaster abruptly disappeared when she saw the person outside the door.

When Clarence came downstairs and saw the maid coming in with a young man who was carrying a thermally insulated container, his face turned livid.

The young man was also shocked by the spiritless atmosphere. He stammered while asking, “Is…is this Mr. Conrad? This is the thing that Ms. Radomil gave you. You should have a pickup code in the message on your phone, can…can you give me?”


Clarence pursed his thin lips, contained his anger and took out the phone.

After the young man obtained the pickup code, he ran away quickly.

Less than two minutes after the young man left, the landline of Starry Lake Mansion rang.

The maid did not dare to pick up the ringing phone so she found an excuse and ran away.

Only when the phone was about to end did Clarence pick up the receiver.

Soon, Stella’s voice sounded, “Mr. Conrad, you’ve received the sobering soup, right? The ingredients are limited so the amount I made is only enough for one time. If you still need it next time, I’ll make it and order a courier to send it to you.”

Stella paused for a while before saying, “Regarding the matter of two million yuan, can we discuss it for a while?”

Clarence sneered, “Discuss? Is this your sincerity?”

Stella also knew that ordering a courier to send it to him would definitely make him very unhappy. But just like what Sherry had said, it was still fine now but in another two to three months, what could she do if he still kept looking for her?

Instead of trying to find excuses when the time came, it was better to keep a distance from the beginning.

Stella said, “Sorry, but it’s already so late. It isn’t safe for me who is a charming woman that is liked by everyone to go back and forth. Anyway, the sobering soup has already been delivered to you, the effect is the same.”

Clarence was speechless.

“Stella, when did you become so brazen?”

“Many people have said that I’m shameless, this is just a small case.”

Clarence did not utter a word.

Seeing that he did not hang up the phone directly, Stella thought that there was still hope so she tried to feel him out, “I have some money with me now, I can return part of it to you. The rest will be paid back to you via instalment, is that okay?”

“Do you think I’m a banker?”

Stella knew he was not so easily convinced, “Then what do you want?”

“Pay me back at once.”


Not waiting for her to finish her words, Clarence said indifferently again, “Or, you can come every day in the future to cook and tidy up the room for me until it is paid off.”

Stella was silent before saying, “How much per day?”

“One hundred thousand yuan a month.”

“Mr. Conrad, are you sure you want this, this is actually quite unfair to you…”

Clarence’s nose lightly hummed. This woman still had some conscience.

Stella continued, “All the things that you asked me to do are the things I did when we got married. If we calculate based on the amount of one hundred thousand yuan per month, there will be 1.2 million yuan a year and there will be 3.6 million yuan in three years. You still have to pay me back one 1.6 million yuan.”


Before he misunderstood, Stella immediately added, “I’m not saying this to make you give me 1.6 million yuan, I just want to settle the debt with you, you don’t have to give me money either, we’re square now.”

She was really a logic genius.

Clarence’s voice was calm, “Stella, you think I’m joking with you?”

“Sorry, I thought you were serious.”

They had already divorced but he still let her go back to serve him every day, wasn’t this joking? Or was he driving a tank?

The person on the other end of the phone was silent for a few seconds before his voice sounded, “Pay me back within a month, I don’t accept instalments.”

Stella said, “Okay.”

After hearing her answer, Clarence hung up the phone.

How could she get so much money in a month? When she could not pay back the money by that time, she would naturally come to beg him.

Recently, Dempsey heard the news from somewhere that Clarence and Stella had divorced. After calling him several times which was to no avail, he put his focus on Vivian.

But after investigating, he found that Vivian was not pregnant. Being slightly disappointed, although he had just stopped causing trouble for a few days, he then began to find an excuse for him to come back, wanting to arrange the marriage.

Clarence was so annoyed that he went on business trips to several places one after another. He was not in City N for more than half of the month.

After getting off the plane, Clarence pressed his eyebrows and said, “Wrap the gifts in my suitcase nicely and find an opportunity to give them to Stella.”

After these words were uttered, Nathan was stunned. He said with difficulty, “Mr. Clarence, you and Mrs. Conrad have already divorced…”

Being an assistant who had been with Clarence for so many years, Nathan was clear that he had the habit of bringing back gifts to Stella no matter where was the place he went to for business trips. But, he never gave them to her personally, saying that the woman was crafty and thoughtful. If he treated her slightly better, she would think it was profitable and would easily be arrogant in which she would think that herself was important.

Nathan also pretended to believe his boss’s absurd pretensions. So, all these valuable gifts were taken back by him to be unwrapped and he would rewrap them in the manner as if they were from a gift store. When he saw Stella, he would give them to her.

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