Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo Chapter 548

Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo Chapter 548

Once she entered Nicole’s room, she pretended to be horrified at the sight of Nicole counting her fingers while giggling foolishly.

“She was fine yesterday. Why did she go crazy out of a sudden?”

Nicole looked up at the woman as a deadly glint flashed across her gaze swiftly.

Here’s the culprit. She’s here to make sure I’m really mentally challenged now, huh?

“Levant, what is going on? I came here right after I heard the news. Why did Ms. Lane turn mad overnight? Did the doctor say anything?”

Nicole was studying Daphne’s expression, wondering if the latter would feel guilty at all.

Levant sighed dejectedly. “The doctor hadn’t figured out the reason yet. I believe he’ll be able to cure her.”

“What a pity. I can’t imagine if she remains this way for the rest of her life.”

When Nicole saw how Daphne was acting all heartbroken, the anger in her chest started raging uncontrollably.

What a hypocrite. You want me to be an idiot for the rest of my life? Fine, I’ll show you just that.

A dark look flashed past Nicole’s eyes. She rose to her feet and leapt toward Daphne.

Grabbing Daphne’s hair, Nicole giggled at her happily.

“Ouch! It hurts!” yelled Daphne in pain.

As Nicole’s attack was too sudden, and Levant said nothing, no one dared to save her.

“Levant, ask the servants to take her away! Take this mad woman away from me!”

A mischievous glint flickered in Nicole’s gaze. I have just started and you can’t take it anymore?

Did you forget how arrogant you were last night?

And you think this pain is unbearable?

I’ll let you know what real pain is!

The silver needle she inserted into her body was still there, so she took it out and poked it into Daphne’s acupoint.

Nicole was still giggling like a fool while she did that.

“Ahh!” Daphne’s face twisted with anger as she roared, “Idiot! You’re crazy! Let me go, b*tch!”

The more she cursed, the more disgusted Levant was.

Normally, she is arrogant as Portia backed her up. She loved to bully others, so it would be nice if Nicole teaches her a lesson. Levant mused.

Nicole had no idea he would allow an idiot like her to punish Daphne. Elated, she pierced two more needles through her skin.

If someone hadn’t saved me last night, I’ll be a real idiot by now!

You’re so evil, so a few needles won’t hurt!

“Enough. Bring Ms. Lane to her bed,” ordered Levant.

The maids came over and separated both of them.

Daphne’s hair was all disheveled. She pointed at Nicole angrily. “Levant, look what this idiot has done to me! You must stand up for me!”

Levant spun around. “How should I do that?”

Daphne was touched. Turns out he is still willing to help me.

She glowered at Nicole viciously and gritted out, “Chase her out. Beat her up and throw her out of the estate!”

Silence ensued.

Levant’s gaze turned sharp as he strode over to her. “If you call her a mad woman again, you’ll be in charge of taking care of her! I’ll let her beat you up!”

Daphne fell silent.

I can’t believe the man who I have tried to please for the past five years is doing this to me over an idiot.

Is his heart made of stone?

Tears welled up in her eyes sorrowfully. “Levant, how could you? I’ll tell Aunt Portia about this!”

She turned and ran out of the room in tears.

Nicole was surprised to see Levant offending Daphne just for her sake.

Looks like he isn’t putting on an act.

Does he really love me?

I’m married! Cupid, please get him a better partner!

Levant came to her and asked gently, “You don’t like Daphne?”

“Hehehe,” came Nicole’s reply.

“Then I’ll make sure she stays away from you. She’s really jealous. If she hurts you, I’ll feel bad.”

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