Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo Chapter 1855

Chapter 1855 Future Plans

Stroking Joy’s head, Nicole said, “All right. We’ll tell you a story.”

Upon hearing that, Zayden instantly rolled away from Sheila’s arms to Joy’s side before blinking at Nicole in anticipation.

Sheila then commented, “My son is just like his father, always in a rush, regardless of whether he’s solving problems or doing things. He sure inherited Davin’s genes.”

At that, Zayden glanced at her and said, “You’re the one who chose my daddy. When it comes to whose genes I’m inheriting, aren’t you the decision-maker?”

Sheila was stumped for words. “You little rascal. You’ve inherited your father’s ability to infuriate others too. Hmph! Boys are really here to make their mothers’ life tough, while girls are darlings. Once I’m back to Y City, I’m going to bear a daughter as soon as possible!”

Zayden gazed at Sheila resentfully. “I’m not here to make your life tough.”

“Are you sure? Your daddy’s a big troublemaker, and you’re a small troublemaker. I’ve courted your daddy in my youth, and now, I have to serve you. I’m basically living for the sake of you two.” At that, she thought about Tiffany.

“Sometimes, I’m really envious of Tiffany. She depended on no one and managed to climb her way to the top. Moreover, she has a husband, a son, and her own career. I should learn from her. Once I’m back at Y City, I’m going to look for her!”

Then, she raised her head to cast an envious look at Nicole. “Nicole, you have five kids and Bernian Hospital. All of you are so much better than me, and I envy that so much. Look at me. I’ve made no achievement so far. Davin’s the same. Once we’re back in Y City, we really have to make some plans. We can’t just twiddle our thumbs and waste the rest of our lives like that.”

“Daddy wants to build an underground palace! You can earn lots of money with an underground palace!” Zayden chimed in.

“What do you know, boy? The underground palace is just a temporary fad. It’s a short-lived thing, and everyone will be sick of it soon. I want your daddy to do something meaningful—something that’s worth working hard over for the rest of his life. I want to bring meaning into our lives with him.”

“Aunt Sheila, you have my support! I think you and Uncle Davin can try filming. Zayden and I can be actors for you.”

Sheila thought it was a good idea.

“Joy, I’ll take note of your suggestion. If we’re going to make films, I’ll have you play the role of the main character. With how amazing you are, you’ll surely be the most famous child actress in the industry.”

“Mommy, I want to be in a film too!”

“All right. Once we’re back in Y City, I’ll have a talk with your daddy. The money he has gotten from Steven’s underground palace can be used for investment.”

“Mommy, Daddy’s planning to use that money to build his own underground palace!” Zayden informed.

“I don’t think an underground palace will be reliable. His money is best used elsewhere. We’ll come to a conclusion after a family meeting.”

“Can we join the meeting and make suggestions?”

“Of course. As long as you’re a Seet, you can make a suggestion.”

The two children’s eyes lit up in response, and they began whispering to each other about what would be best. The two of them then agreed that they preferred to be in movies, finding the idea of playing a character they like fun.

Right then, Nicole thought of Evan. He had left with Shermaine, and she could not help but wonder what he was doing at that moment.

The person on her mind had already arrived in a small hotel in the town with Shermaine. The two of them booked a room and were in the middle of a discussion about where they should head next.

Evan asked, “Don’t you have something important to do? What is it?”

“It’s Daemonic Mount’s secret. I can’t tell you about it now. Once we’re there, I’ll fill you in.”

Shermaine wanted to bring Evan to a small quaint town where they could spend a few months of peace and seclusion. That way, her dream would be fulfilled.

Evan’s eyes darkened. Then, he stood up and filled a glass of water for her. “Drink some.”

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