Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 771

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 771

Henry scoffed, “The Lindberg family’s territory? How arrogant!”

When Lupine heard Henry’s reply, she dared not to speak back, as she was terrified of the old man’s presence.

However, she didn’t have a choice to back down. Charlotte had instructed her to look for Fifi, and it was the Nachts’ fault for trespassing into Northridge.

So, she took a step forward and bowed at Henry before speaking politely. “Mr. Nacht, I don’t dare to defy you, but our pet eagle is missing and Ms. Lindberg had instructed me to look for it, so…”

Henry roared, “That eagle was untamed, and it almost hurt my great-grandson, so it’s best if it is missing. Go back and relay the message to Ms. Lindberg. She’d better discipline her pet. Or else, if it scares my great-grandchildren again, I won’t spare them!”

Not only would he not spare the eagle, he would be merciless toward its owner.

“You…” Although Lupine was furious, she dared not to talk back to Henry.

“Let’s go!” Henry shot an icy glare at her before leaving with Robbie.

Henry was a powerful figure in the business world, so no one dared to offend him. Even if Danrique was there, he would still have to treat him with respect. Not to mention Lupine was just a lowly bodyguard.

The Nacht family had the upper hand, so the bodyguards felt proud.

Bruce didn’t want Henry to come face to face with Charlotte, and he wished for the Nachts to leave as soon as possible. Carrying Robbie on his shoulder, he wheeled Henry toward the car. “Let’s hurry home. Mr. Jamison and Ms. Elisa must be worried sick.”

“Right.” Henry nodded in agreement.

Right when they were about to get into the car, an arrogant command sounded from behind. “Show no mercy to whoever dares to harm Fifi!”

Robbie widened his eyes in surprise when he heard the voice. It sounded so familiar that he couldn’t help but turn around.

A jeep came into view from the hillside. Soon, a few female bodyguards stood in front of the person who was getting off the jeep and they marched toward them.

The figure was blocked by the bodyguards, so no one knew who it was.

Sitting on Bruce’s shoulders, Robbie couldn’t adjust his position, so he could only see things at an angle.

He wanted to get down to see who it was so badly, but Bruce shoved him into the car.

Robbie was struggling to get off the car, but Bruce held him in his position and said, “Be a good boy, Robbie. Go back with your great-grandfather first.”

“What did that person said just now? How arrogant!” Henry heard a voice vaguely, but he couldn’t make out the words as his hearing had gotten worse through the years.

“It should be one of the Lindbergs.” Bruce evaded his question and hurriedly suggested, “Mr. Nacht, I’ll take care of everything here. Please go back with Mr. Robinson first.”

“Don’t fear them. Beat whoever dares to act all high and mighty in front of us.” Henry was furious at the Lindberg family.

To him, the incident of Robbie being scared by the eagle had something to do with him coming here. The Lindbergs are at fault for all of this, and they even dare to challenge us? Oh, I won’t just sit by and be nice anymore.

“Yes, yes.” Bruce nodded and urged, “Mr. Nacht, bring Mr. Robinson back home first. Don’t let him be scared again.”

With that, he helped Henry into the car and closed the door. “Drive!”

Cain immediately drove away.

Spencer frowned as he looked at the rearview mirror. Bruce was acting weird just now.

And Mr. Robinson…

Robbie poked his head out of the car window and glanced back as if he was trying to look at something.

Meanwhile, the head of the Lindberg family was standing on the hill. The bodyguards were standing behind her, revealing her face. However, Bruce’s body was in the way of Robbie’s view.

The child panicked and leaned out of the car window.

Spencer hurriedly pulled him into the car. “Mr. Robinson, it’s dangerous!”

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