Mission To Remarry Chapter 1769

Mission To Remarry Chapter 1769-Archie and Benny had always been independent. Being with them every day, Estella had also learned to take care of herself.

When the three of them had washed up, Lucian went over to check on them. He then complimented them all.

Subsequently, it was time to change. Estella helped her brothers pick out their outfits, deciding on an incredibly cool and casual look.

After Archie and Benny had changed, she swiftly claimed credit from Lucian. “Look, Daddy. Are my choices good? I want to be a fashion designer in the future. Is that okay?”

“Of course! I think you might make a great fashion designer in the future, Essie.” Indulgence was written clearly in Lucian’s eyes.

Archie likewise praised his sister, saying, “Daddy, I truly think Essie is talented in fashion design. She can even design and trim clothes by herself now.”

“Exactly, Daddy! Essie promised to gift us a set of clothes handmade by her for our birthday next year. We’re both looking forward to it.” Benny divulged Estella’s secret with a giggle.

Estella was inexorably shy, but her two brothers went over to her and patted her on her head lovingly.

“That’s great! You’ve finally found your own passion, Essie. Like your two brothers, all of you are the pride of me and your mommy!”

Lucian felt the same as he was claiming verbally.

They’re all smart and have different talents. Truly, they’re godsend treasures!

Thinking that Roxanne had already gone to work, the triplets obediently made their way downstairs for breakfast.

Lucian did the same, chatting casually with them at the breakfast table.

“It’s going to be the weekend soon. Discuss among yourselves where you’d like to go. Your mommy will be free during the weekend, so we’ll all go together!” he declared.

Hearing that their mother would also be joining them, the triplets instantly cheered. They started discussing among themselves.

“Let’s go to the zoo… Oh, forget it. The snakes frightened Essie back then.”

“How about the amusement park? But there are many rides we can’t play, so never mind.”

“I think we can go to the oceanarium. It’s been a long time since we’ve been there. Essie didn’t get to see the white dolphins back then. We must make it up to her this time.”

In no time, they reached a consensus and chose to visit the oceanarium.

“Let’s go to the oceanarium, Daddy. I want to see the giant sea turtles, white dolphins, whale sharks, and penguins! They’re all so cute!” Estella said to Lucian.

Lucian nodded in agreement.

All of a sudden, Archie and Benny studied Lucian’s face intently.

Frowning, Lucian questioned, “What’s wrong? Is there something on my face?”

“You’ve got prominent dark circles under your eyes, Daddy. You should rest more and not overwork yourself!” Archie wore a concerned expression on his face.

“Do you not sleep well at night, Daddy? You should be like us and go to bed earlier!” Benny seconded.

A strange feeling suffused Lucian. Hmm, it feels pretty intriguing to be on the receiving end of their concern.

Nonetheless, he did not dare tell them it was because he was greedy for pleasure and spent the nights satiating his desire.

Even Estella nagged, “You must sleep properly if you don’t want dark eye circles, Daddy.”

In the end, Archie came up with a temporary solution. “Daddy, soak a towel in hot water and use it as a compress after wringing it dry. It can alleviate dark circles and eliminate eyebags.”

“I’ve also got an idea, Daddy! You can boil an egg and roll it beneath your eyes with your eyes closed when it has cooled slightly. That can get rid of dark circles. Such a method is equally effective in reducing swelling and bruising!” Benny suggested, not to be outdone.

Surprise flooded Lucian.

They must have learned all that from Roxanne. Who knows, maybe one of them will inherit her medical skills in the future.

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