Meeting The One For Me Chapter 99

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 99-As Nathan had sald, Audrey knew too well the resilience of the Yeomans family.

If they caused a commotion at the Lambert Corporation’s headquarters or even at Audrey’s family home, the entire Lambert family would be implicated if her biological mother’s photo was made public.

Her blological mother had just escaped that hell. She would once again be dragged into despair and her newfound life would be ruined.

“What trouble has your sister’s case encountered? What can I do?” Ryan asked.

Audrey’s return to Eastville was undoubtedly related to Harper’s case, and Ryan was well aware of that.

“It’s all been handled,” Audrey replied, pretending to be nonchalant. “I’ve told the parents of those kids that I won’t write any forgiveness letters.” “What time is your flight? I’ll send someone to pick you up.” Ryan’s tone was not open for negotiation.

“Mr. Lambert, Mr. Lambert Senior called…” Julian’s voice came from the phone.

Audrey didn’t refuse Ryan’s kind offer and said, “The flight is around 11:30 pm.

Thank you.” “Send me a message when you arrive,” Ryan instructed.

“Okay.” After returning from Eastville, Audrey didn’t sleep all night. Early the next morning, without saying anything, she locked herself in her dormitory, buried in documents.

It wasn’t until a week before Audrey and Professor Douglas departed for Slovomia that the case finally reached a verdict.

Due to the severity of the situation, the main culprit, Max Fraley, was sentenced to ten years, while the others, except for the one under fourteen exempt from criminal responsibility and undergoing lawful correctional education, were sentenced to three years.

The mastermind, Charles, escaped legal consequences.

After the verdict, Audrey chose to handle things alone and placed Harper’s ashes next to her aunt.

Her phone vibrated.

It was a message from Charles, who had just gone abroad the day before. He was using an unfamiliar foreign number.

“How’s that, Audrey? I told you, with my brother–in–law protecting me, you can’t do anything to me! You, a lowly nobody from a small mountain village, may be called a genius, but without my brother–in -law’s protection, you’re just dirt to be trampled on! Someday… you’ll be like Harper in the video, kneeling in front of me and begging mol” The text read.

The phone vibrated again.

He texted, “By the way, during these years I’ll be abroad, you better stay away from my brother–in- law. If I find out you’ve upset my brother–In–law and my sister, I guarantee I’ll spread the video of Harper being taken advantage of by a man without blurring any parts! In a foreign country, the Cascadian police won’t be able to catch mel” Audrey looked at the two messages on her phone. Contrary to Charles‘ expectations, she didn’t react explosively like he imagined.

She silently locked the phone screen and squatted down in front of Harper’s tombstone.

The tombstone photo used was the picture from Harper’s student ID. The young girl was dressed in a school uniform, with a high ponytail and delicate and obedient features under her neat bangs.

She held onto the tombstone. Despite her falling tears, her voice remained calm as she said, “Harper, those who hurt you will surely pay the price. No one will be exempted. Trust me.” On March 13th, Professor Douglas, along with Audrey and Joseph, departed from Cloudmill Airport for Slovomia.

She would accompany Audrey throughout the entire journey until Audrey settled down at Saint Paula University.

Julian didn’t tell Audrey that Ryan had only slept for three to four hours each night for the past week.

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