Meeting The One For Me Chapter 98

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 98-All the bodyguards stationed at the restaurant left with Nathan. Lonnie, who had been standing at the door of the private room, quickly entered to check on Audrey’s condition.

Audrey stood there stiffly, fists clenched at her side, eyes closed, tears streaming down her face, “Ms. Yeomans! Are you alright?” Lonnie took issues from his own pocket and handed them to Audrey.

“I’m fine.” Audrey kept her eyes closed without opening them. “Lonnie, I think I need some time alone. You can go back first.” It was ridiculous, truly ridiculous.

Audrey had actually thought that once Nathan recovered his memories, he would return to her side.

Audrey had believed that in Nathan’s world before amnesia, she was the person he loved the most. After all, he was willing to sacrifice everything, not allowing her to suffer even a bit.

Her once cherished love, it turned out… in Nathan’s world, It could barely compare with Amelia!

Before deciding to give up on Nathan, Audrey had considered him more important than her own life. However, the Nathan who regained his memories had now destroyed her life and deprived her of her loved ones!

Ridiculous, too ridiculous… Audrey tightly gripped the back of the chair, her knuckles turning white.

She lowered her head and laughed softly. The laughter caused her shoulders to tremble.

Her eyes reddened, and her gaze turned fierce, looking almost insane.

Outside the room, Lonnie heard a “thud” sound from inside. He quickly pushed the door open and saw Audrey had fainted and was lying on the floor. He hurriedly helped her up and called 911.

It was only at the hospital that he discovered that Audrey was pregnant.

Lonnie didn’t know whom to contact for a while. He couldn’t unlock Audrey’s phone because he didn’t know the password.

Just as Lonnie was preparing to contact Cloudmill University to get Professor Douglas’s contact information, Audrey’s phone rang.

The caller ID displayed “Mr. Lambert“.

“I’ve heard the housekeeper say that you didn’t go back for lunch at noon?” A sincere and steady voice came from the other end of the phone. Although the tone was mild, Lonnie could still sense the authority of someone in a superior position.

While on the phone, Lonnie looked at Audrey lying on the hospital bed. “Mr.

Lambert, hello, I’m Ms, Yeomans’s lawyer…” Upon hearing the words “Mr. Lambert “, Audrey who was lying on the bed with a pale face, blinked her eyelashes slightly. She seemingly recognized the voice.

“Ms. Yeomans, you’re awake!” Lonnie exclaimed in surprise.

Audrey looked at the phone held in Lonnie’s hand. Struggling to sit up against the bedhead, she requested, “Please give me the phone.” Lonnie handed her the phone.

Holding the phone to her ear, Audrey spoke in a calm tone, “Hello.” “Where are you?” Ryan’s tone was serious.

“Are you in the hospital now?”

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