Meeting The One For Me Chapter 94

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 94-The messages read, “Even if I let people abuse Harper, I have my brother–in– law protecting me. What can you do to me?” “I have many videos here that you haven’t seen. How about seeing the pathetic little mute begging?” “Don’t worry. Once I’m abroad, I will definitely make the little mute famous.” When Audrey saw the messages, her hand couldn’t stop shaking. She took screenshots of the messages and sent them to Lonnie.

The three foreign numbers all had different country codes. Audrey knew that Charles was well- prepared. The numbers couldn’t be traced back to him. He did this deliberately to disgust her.

Yet, these three messages still inevitably reminded Audrey of Harper’s extreme fear and pain in the videos, and what kind of inhuman torture Harper went through.

Two hours later, Lonnie called.

“Ms. Yeomans, I’ve contacted the parents of the students from Eastville Junior High School. They’ve seen the messages sent by Charles and are willing to confess the truth. However, they want to meet you. Are you willing to do so?” After delivering the news, Lonnie seemed concerned that Audrey might refuse and added, “This is our last chance before the trial.” “Alright! I’ll return to Eastville this afternoon,” Audrey agreed immediately.

The Chief Legal Officer of the Franklin Group and the defense lawyer for the group of children, Edmond Marshman, quickly received the news that the parents were willing to expose Charles and requested a meeting with Audrey.

When Nathan heard this news, Charles happened to be at the Franklin Residence.

“Do you know when Audrey will meet with the parents of these children?” Nathan asked.

“I heard it’s tonight. Ms. Yeomans is already on her way to Eastville,” Edmond replied.

After Nathan hung up the phone, Charles panicked and said, “Nathan, what should I do?” “Didn’t I tell you to behave during this time and not to provoke Audrey?” Nathan couldn’t contain his anger.

Knowing he was in the wrong, Charles stammered, “I didn’t use my own phone to send those messages. She can’t find any evidence against me.” “But you have to understand that those parents are the parents of the children! They only want their children safe. You are the mastermind, and as long as you confess, their punishment will be greatly reduced. Audrey is now asking them to expose you in exchange for her leniency. How do you plan to solve this now?” Nathan threw the phone into Charles’s arms, “Nathan! Nathan, you have to save me!” Charles hastily got up and pulled Nathan’s arm.

“You know that my sister grew up in my house since she was a child. I am my sister’s real brother! If go to jail, it will definitely have a bad impact on my sister!

Moreover, with a brother in jail, Mr. and Mrs. Franklin will be even less likely to agree to my sister marrying into your family!” Nathan forcefully shook off Charles’s hand, pursed his lips, and thought for a moment before reaching out. “Give me the phonel” Charles quickly handed Nathan his phone with both hands.

The call was made, and Nathan ordered, “Book the earliest flight to Eastville for me.” “Nathan, you’re my savior!” Charles wished he could kneel to Nathan.

Nathan took his coat off the back of the couch, his face grim, and left. “Nathan, let me drive you!” Charles quickly followed.

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