Meeting The One For Me Chapter 90

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 90-“Then it’s settled.” Professor Douglas smiled at Audrey and said, “Back in the day, my wife lost opportunities due to her pregnancy, so I won’t let it happen to you youngsters. As long as you feel physically fine, I believe in your capabilities.

After all, there is no dangerous equipment at the exchange meeting. However, If you find it too challenging, I’ll send you back immediately.” “That’s to be expected!” Audrey expressed deep gratitude to Professor Douglas.

“I won’t let you down!

“However, as someone who has been through the same thing, being a single mother is not easy. You’re divorced, are you sure about keeping this child?” Professor Douglas asked with concern.

Sensing that Professor Douglas also believed the child was Nathan’s, Audrey didn’t elaborate much and said, “My adoptive mother and sister are both gone, and their deaths were somewhat related to me. This time, I don’t want to lose another family member.” Professor Douglas pursed his lips and patted Audrey’s shoulder. “I understand.

Run along now!” After leaving Professor Douglas’s office, Audrey called Ryan.

Decisions were often made from just a moment of courage.

Audrey decided to go abroad with Professor Douglas and give birth to this child.

And as the child’s father, Ryan had the right to know.

The call connected.

Audrey spoke, “I just talked to Professor Douglas. I plan to go abroad with him.” “Alright, understood.” Ryan’s voice was gentle. “I’ll be at Cloudmill by 8:30 pm tonight. Let’s discuss the details at home. We need to come up with a detailed plan that is acceptable to you.” Ryan had promised that if Audrey didn’t want to… he would do his best to protect her and the child’s privacy.

“I want to keep the child with me.” Audrey wasn’t sure if her request was pushing it too far.

“Alright, I promise you!” Ryan had almost no hesitation. It was as if as long as Audrey was willing to keep the child, he would agree to any request.

He spoke as if coaxing a child, “Audrey, I still have some work to do here. Let’s talk more tonight, alright?” “okay, let’s talk tonight.” After hanging up the phone, Audrey felt weirdly nervous.

Perhaps it was because the person Audrey had always looked up to and respected had forcibly kissed her in that apartment, and even tried to kiss her again.

Meeting tonight at that apartment made her inevitably awkward.

This statement wasn’t fake. At exchange meetings, the most they did was interact with people, which was quite challenging for their research–focused minds.

After all, those who are truly engaged in academic research almost devoted all their energy to experiments and rarely engaged in social activities.

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