Meeting The One For Me Chapter 86

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 86-But, could Audrey really keep this child?

Keeping this child would bring trouble to the Lambert family, to Mr. Lambert Senior… and even to her biological mother.

After losing loved ones one after another, Audrey developed a different kind of attachment to the baby inside her belly. Deep down, she wanted to keep this child.

If the child was not Ryan’s, she would not hesitate at all.

But now, the child was causing her a lot of concerns.

“If Mr. Lambert Senior knew, he would never allow the child to be born. You should know that,” Audrey said without looking at Ryan. She was afraid that in Ryan’s usually calm eyes, she would see emotions as fierce as the last time.

She wouldn’t be able to handle it.

“Audrey, I’m not asking for Mr. Lambert Senior’s opinion,” Ryan adjusted his sitting posture, and his cold fingers lifted Audrey’s chin, forcing her to look at him. “I’m asking… for your opinion.” As their eyes met, Audrey’s heart suddenly beat faster.

Ryan’s eyes were cold and narrow. Without the barrier of glasses, she clearly saw the intense and deep emotions in his eyes.

It felt like ants were crawling slowly up her spine, making her breathe erratically and even causing her fingers to tremble involuntarily.

Audrey gripped Ryan’s strong and powerful wrist. But under his gaze, she lost her strength to pull his hand away.

Her little finger touched the metal dial on his wrist. The slight ticking of the watch seemed to collide with the depths of her heart, leaving her dazed and confused.

“Forget everything else, let’s just talk about this child, Audrey. Do you want to keep it?” Ryan’s voice was enchanting “We can have a secret marriage. I promise to not let Mr. Lambert Senior know about the existence of this child, and I guarantee to protect your and the child’s privacy. Unless you are willing to publicly acknowledge our relationship.” “If, I mean if,” Audrey tightly held Ryan’s hand that was clasping her chin and said, “If, after the child is born, we get divorced, do I give the child to you, or not let you have any contact with the child?

Audrey didn’t want her child to become a love child, so she suggested getting married first and then divorcing Ryan’s pupils contracted. After a while, he spoke, “Don’t you want the child to grow up in a normal family?” “Our relationship has doomed this child to never grow up in a normal family.” Audrey looked exhausted. “In secret, you are the adopted son of my maternal grandfather. Openly, we are bloodrelated relatives.” Apart from the fear of her biological mother’s identity being exposed, this was the most agonizing part for Audrey.

“I’ll respect all your decisions,” Ryan touched Audrey’s delicate cheek, and said without hesitation, After the child is born, whether you choose to continue or divorce, whether you want custody or give it to me,

Ryan spoke calmly, rationally, and methodically.

Audrey had to admit, Ryan’s words further broke down the defenses in her heart.


But she didn’t know that Ryan was lying.

“I will consider it carefully,” Audrey said.

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