Meeting The One For Me Chapter 84

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 84-Audrey clenched her hands tightly. When she thought of those videos and what those demons did to Harper, she wanted them to die!

But she didn’t want to let go of Charles, the instigator. She wished he would get punished!

She pondered and decided, “If they’re willing to tell the truth, I can write it!” Lonnie nodded. “Okay, then I’ll tell their parents.” “Thanks!” After returning from the cafe, she focused on the research at the laboratory. She couldn’t take any time off, or her mind would repeat the scenes of Harper getting bullied.

Even though she was pregnant, she was busier than everyone else.

The people in the laboratory knew her situation, so they indulged her. They only gave her tasks that required thinking but didn’t consume energy.

When she came out to drink water, she heard Ryan’s name. She paused and looked toward Daphine, who was talking happily.

“When Ryan Lambert negotiated with the foreigners a month ago, he was so charismatic! Now, he returned from overseas and decided to do independent research and development instead, his charisma is off the charts!” She showed Justin her phone.

He took a sip of water, glanced at it, and said, “I heard that he took the top executives to Meplaria as a facade to bring back many experts in chips and lithography machines safely. ” Audrey came to her senses and took a sip of water.

In the past few days, the internet had news of Ryan’s sudden withdrawal from foreign chip negotiations. Lambert Corporation held an emergency press conference to announce the failure of chip cooperation negotiations. The R&D funding would increase by 20% to 50% compared to last year.

Just yesterday, Meplaria announced the Lambert Corporation, its subsidiaries, and several companies that cooperate with Lambert Corporation were now on a more stringent sanctions list.

Immediately afterward, the video of the internal meeting of Lambert Corporation was leaked.

Ryan took the lead in uniting Cascadia’s small and medium–sized technology enterprises for joint. research and development, breaking foreign restrictions on Cascadia’s high–tech development and the chip monopoly. Cascadian was excited after watching it.

He stood upright on the podium, and his words set off the support for domestic products and local enterprises in Cascadia.

“Every generation has its mission. The predecessors sacrificed their lives to fight for the country and keep us from hunger and war. Our battlefield is to rejuvenate the country through s cl technology! We should forge ahead to prevent our descendants from enduring, bumiliation to survive!

It was Lambert Corporation’s way of boosting morale after Moplaria announced stricter sections.

Subsequently, the companies that participated in the development of chips and lithography machines forwarded the video, During these days, she had been immersed in sadness and devoted all her energy to experiments, so she didn’t read the news carefully, After drinking some water, she put down her glass, put on her mask and gloves, and entered the laboratory again.

He drank his coffee and looked through his WhatsApp messages. Almost all of them were from Nathan.

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