Meeting The One For Me Chapter 76

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 76-Audrey promised George not to have any contact with the Lambert family, especially Ryan. So, she hadn’t asked him for help.

But Louis still appeared.

Considering her relationship with Ryan, Edmond wasn’t surprised that Louis would appear.

He glanced at her, then turned to Louis and said, “Mr. Farrel, please advise Ms.

Yeomans. Once this matter gets bigger and involves the relationship between Ms. Yeomans and Mr. Lambert, it won’t be good for him…” “You worry too much.” Louis smiled. “Mr. Lambert asked me to be Ms.

Yeomans’s attorney. He said that if this case can’t bring the bullies to justice, he won’t keep me in Lambert Corporation! I can’t lose my job!” Edmond’s expression turned gloomy when he heard this.

Louis was better than him in professionalism and eloquence in the industry.

“Okay, I understand Ms. Yeomans’s intention. I’ll tell my clients.” He nodded with a smile and left.

“Bye!” Louis watched him leave, then changed his tone and said to her, “Ms.

Yeomans, Mr. Lambert is on his way to Cloudmill. I’ll take charge of this case.

Don’t worry. I’ll make them pay!” She pursed her lips. She didn’t want to trouble Ryan but couldn’t say it out loud.

She shouldn’t bother him anymore. But if the other party’s lawyer was Edmond, she didn’t dare to take risks. She didn’t want to let go of those demons who killed Harper!

“Let’s find a place to discuss this case,” Louis suggested.

She nodded. “Okay!” After she changed her clothes, they went to the cafe opposite Cloudmill University. She passed him the evidence she had.

Before he came, he had also asked the team to collect evidence and sort it out for her.

After going through everything, he said, “If we fight this case, they’ll only be sentenced to up to ten years. They’re over 14 but under 16. One of the children was a few days before turning 14, when he committed the violence.” Seeing that she couldn’t’help crying, he took a tissue and handed it to her.

She took a long breath before speaking, “Mr. Farrel, you know my relationship with Mr. Lambert, and you’re the chief of Lambert Corporation Legal Department. As Mr. Marshman said, it would be bad to involve Mr. Lambert. If you think this case is stable, I would like to hand it over to another attorney.

Bu Båt sngeised but still answered her, “This case has been pushed to the forefront by public Quinn Burgjet cannot speak, so she is considered disabled.

The evidence of bullying a disabled porsan is gandusive. And there’s a video they recorded. The judge will give them a severe punishment. The only bargaining chip they can use to reduce the punishment is that they were univocage.

She astad again, “What about Charles?”

you be aware?” she asked.

She sand disappointedly, “Thank you, Mr. Farrel!”

bo, T. Lambert!” Louis stepped forward to greet Ryan.

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