Meeting The One For Me Chapter 75

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 75-Nathan was on the brink of losing consciousness and stared at the sun with half–opened eyes. Maybe the sun was too dazzling. Tears overflowed from his eyes.

“Sweetle…” It turned out that Audrey used to call him Sweetie!

“Nathan! I’m here!” Amelia thought he was calling for her, so she grabbed his hand and cried uncontrollably. “I’m here! Nathan, don’t scare me!” Seeing him faint, she turned pale. She turned to look at the assistant, trembling with fear. “Call for help! Hurry!” Soon, the deputy director brought someone over, carried Nathan to the car, and headed straight to the closest hospital.

Not long after Audrey sent away Anne, she had to send away Harper as well, Despite her grief, she forced herself to cheer up.

She knew that Anne’s death was different from Harper’s.

Harper’s death involved school violence and sexual assault. It was a long process to win a lawsuit and get a conviction. If those disgusting devils didn’t get the punishment they deserved, she wouldn’t be able to rest in peace.

The bullying incident at Eastville Junior High School had a great impact and attracted widespread social attention.

Many women stood up to protect Harper’s dignity, boycotted the dissemination of the video, and spontaneously spread the slogan “Protect Little Girl“. Soon, a wave of women’s mutual aid topics started.

The relevant departments acted, and the case progressed very quickly.

After Audrey came out of the hospital, Edmond came to see her.

Following Nathan’s orders, he went to Eastville Junior High School to find the parents of the bullies and asked Max to speak carefully.

Max’s parents‘ condition was to ask him to become Max’s attorney. If he could make Audrey reconcile with them, they wouldn’t ask for money and would ask Max not to mention Charles.

Other parents knew he was a famous attorney, so they entrusted the case to him.

When she came down from the dormitory, she was startled when she saw him.

He was the chief of the Franklin Group Legal Department.

2/2 She wasn’t too surprised when she thought of Charles. As long as it was related to Amelia, Nathan would go all out Charles was Amelia’s cousin. Nathan wouldn’t ignore the case.

She walked out coldly and wrapped her coat tightly around herself.

“Hello, Ms. Yeomans,” Edmond smiled at her.

“Are you here for Charles?” she asked.

He adjusted his glasses. “I’m now the attorney representing those kids at Eastville Junior High School.

When she heard this, she was stunned, then smiled ironically. “Did Nathan ask you to save Charles from the case? You’re the chief of the Franklin Group Legal Department. I didn’t expect you to defend those demons.

He said slowly, “If you’re willing to settle the case privately, my clients can pay compensation.” Her expression darkened, and she asked again, “Did Nathan pay them off?”

“That’s impossible! No matter how long this lawsuit lasts, I’ll fight you even if it takes my whole life!”

“Hey! Mr. Marshman!” Louis held a laptop and tapped Edmond’s shoulder with a smile.

Audrey who was heaving in anger, choked back a gasp when she saw Louis.

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