Meeting The One For Me Chapter 73

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 73-Even many celebrities retweeted it. They claimed that the victim was Innocent and not to let the spread of the video become a secondary violence against the victim.

More and more people were speaking out online, demanding severe punishment for the bullies and those who spread the video. They appealed for the protection of the victim’s family and resistance to the leakage of the videos.

Audrey worried about the spread of Harper’s videos at first. After all, it was the reason which caused Harper to commit suicide.

Harper wouldn’t be able to rest in peace if the video of her being humiliated and tortured spread on the internet. Unexpectedly, besides her, countless people on the Internet protected Harper.

She bit her lips and sobbed. Azure sat beside the bed and looked at her with tears. “Many people are protecting Harper!” She finally couldn’t control herself and cried out loud.

As Harper had jumped off the building, Cloudmill Junior High School issued an emergency statement. It became a hot topic on the internet.

Charles didn’t expect the matter to become like this. He anxiously browsed through the comments on the internet, canceled all his appointments, and dared not go out.

Recalling Audrey’s recording with the Yeomanses exposed on the “Looking For Family” program, he suspected she might also have a recording of the call with him.

t When he forced her to go to the Jacinda Hotel, he used Harper to threaten her on the phone. He wondered if she also recorded it.

If she had a recording and exposed it, it would affect the Murray Group. His father would beat him to death.

He secretly prayed that she didn’t have a recording. But what about the photos and messages he sent to her?

Just as he thought about what to do, he saw the police car parked at the door through the floor–to- ceiling window. His eyes widened, and he became nervous.

Hearing the doorbell ringing downstairs, he quickly dialed Nathan’s number.

“Nathan!” His voice was panicked. “I may have gotten into trouble! The police have arrived at my house! You must help me! I–I did this for you and Amelia! I only bought the videos from that kid named Max Fraley…” The nanny opened the door and saw the police. They showed their police ID and said they would take Chan 72 272 Charles away for investigation.

“Charles Murray, we’re from the City Police Department. We require you to assist in the investigation.

The police showed their police ID again.

He nodded. “Okay!” Then, he told the nanny, “Maria, I want to eat fried chicken tonight. Prepare it for me!” “Oh! Okay!” She nodded repeatedly.

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