Meeting The One For Me Chapter 71

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 71-“Sir, where are we going?” “Back to Cascadia.” Julian looked stunned, picked up Ryan’s laptop and documents, and chased after him.


we haven’t settled the chip cooperation. Mr. Lambert Senior Issued an order.

Chips are related to the company’s survival. We’ve been working on the deal here for over a month and finally made an appointment today.” Ryan opened the door and answered calmly, “Do you think the negotiation will succeed? Our company is still on Meplaria’s sanctions list. They won’t sell us the chips. Ask Harry to pack up our things. Inform everyone to stop everything and return to Cascadia.” Julian was puzzled. “But we’ve been working hard for almost two months.

Cascadia also attaches great importance to this cooperation. Maybe after meeting Mr. Watson…” He pressed the elevator button, and the mirrored wall reflected his cold expression. “It’s better to fight hard and take the risk instead of begging to survive! Maybe we’ll no longer be controlled by others in the future.” As soon as the elevator arrived, he walked in first. Julian didn’t understand what he meant but he knew Ryan wouldn’t change his decision.

Julian had followed him for so many years and had never seen him make a wrong decision.

It was just that Julian worried Cascadia would report on Lambert Corporation’s failure to close the deal.

Moreover, George had asked Ryan to come to Meplaria to solve the chip problem as a condition for canceling his engagement.

On the private jet, a company executive asked, “Mr. Lambert, the chip,matter hasn’t been settled yet. I made an appointment with Raymond Corporation to talk about the chip co–production. Why are we suddenly going back to Cascadia?” Before Ryan could speak, someone had already answered, “We don’t need to waste our efforts. Before coming here, Mr. Lambert knew that Meplaria wouldn’t sell us chips, let alone cooperate with us to produce chips.” The previous executive became even more confused. “They won’t sell us chips?

Then why were we wasting so much time here?” “We’re just putting on a show for Meplaria!” The executive who knew the inside story, looked at Ryan with a smile and happily told his colleagues, “My people safely sent two chip experts back to Cascadia two weeks ago.

Another young executive added, “Dr. Hurlbutt has also followed the arranged route. He first went to Crendale, then to Hoflaeland, and finally from Frenda back to Cascadia. Our people have picked him up from the airport.” “Professor Ilyich from Ruplana of ASML Group in Hoflacland also flew from Ruplana to Mythravia yesterday.” Julian realized the truth after listening to everyone’s discussion.

“I guess those Meplarians were confused with our sudden leave!” an executive giggled.

“Why did I know nothing? Was I the only one anxiously and exhaustingly begging them for cooperation?”

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