Meeting The One For Me Chapter 68

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 68-“Okay! I got it!” Daphne put down the data, walked to the laboratory, and tapped on the transparent glass Audrey poured the reagent in accurately and called Joseph to keep an eye on it.

Daphne pulled her aside as soon as she came out.

‘Audrey, someone posted a video at Cloudmill Junior High School! Harper might not have taken it well. She’s gone! But she hasn’t left school grounds… Audrey!” Before she could finish speaking, she saw Audrey running out without even taking off her white cont “Azure! Go take a look!” She quickly took off her white coat and shouted to Azure, who had just walked in.

Audrey’s mind went blank.

Did Charles send the video of the bullying to Cloudmill Junior High School? Did the students comment about Harper?

She dialed Harper’s phone as she rushed toward Cloudmill Junior High School.

But it was turned off!

She sped up. All she heard was the roaring wind and her intense heartbeat.

Harper sat on the rooftop, covering his ears. Her bloodshot eyes were full of fear.

The scenes of being insulted and bullied repeated in her mind. She cried bitterly, but her voice couldn’t come out.

Those bullies started bullying her long ago, but she hadn’t dared to tell Anne.

After Anne’s death, they became even more unscrupulous.

She didn’t dare to let Audrey know about it as well. So, she would always tidy up and adjust her mood before home.

She had been afraid that Audrey would discover the bullying, which was why she didn’t want Audrey to return to Eastville.

But later, they took off her clothes, burned her with cigarette butts, and wanted to make her scream… She buried her head in her knees, feeling extremely anguished.

She thought she would have a new beginning in a new city and had left hell. But they didn’t let her go!

Why did those videos appear at Cloudmill Junior High School? She couldn’t stand the way others looked at her!

The classmates who were so friendly in the morning called her a bitch in the afternoon. They even asked her how much she earned for a one–night stand. The friends who always had meals with her also avoided her.

She couldn’t bear it. It seemed like she would never escape hell.

After some time, she took out her phone and sent a text message to Audrey in tears.

Just as Audrey rushed to the teaching building, she heard a bang and paused.

Soon, there was a commotion and screaming in the classrooms.

“Someone jumped off the building!” “She’s behind the teaching building!”

Azure, who was panting and trying to catch up with her, followed her.

The shoes that fell aside were the ones she had bought for Harper before school started.

She immediately rushed over, squatted, and checked on Harper.

Harper was still alive!

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