Meeting The One For Me Chapter 64

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 64-Joseph’s mother had lost contact with Cascadia’s relatives for decades after marrying his father.

So, he didn’t know anything about Nathan’s memory loss from the car accident.

He just thought Nathan was a bit strange.

Nathan left the hotel and saw a doorman opening the taxi door for a guest.

He pushed that guest away and squeezed into the taxi. Amid the guest’s curses, he threw all his cash at the driver. “To Cloudmill University! Hurry up!” When the driver saw his injured arm, gloomy face, and so much cash, he stepped on the accelerator and rushed out.

Audrey lay on the bed tossing and turning after a shower. She didn’t know what to do with the baby in her belly.

Thinking of her previous meeting with George in the car, she decided not to let Ryan know about the baby.

She also blamed herself for forgetting to take contraceptive pills.

Suddenly, her phone vibrated on the bedside table. She reached out from the quilt, took the phone, and looked at it. It was an unknown number.

She was worried that something had happened to Harper at school. So, she sat up and picked up the call.

“Hello?” “Audrey, I’m downstairs! Come down!” When Nathan’s commanding voice sounded, she thought she heard it wrong.

Unable to get her response, he looked at the phone and saw the call was continuing. He became irritable. “Audrey, can you hear me?” “You have no right to order me!” she answered, annoyed.

If she had received his call before she decided to give up on him, she would have rushed downstairs. She would seize any opportunity to get along with him to help him recall their past relationship.

But she didn’t want him anymore.

She couldn’t hold back her anger. “We’re divorced. I left you and came to Cloudmill. You shouldn’t come to me again for any reason! You used to avoid me and even drugged me. Aren’t you trying to stop me from pestering you? But what are you doing now? Are you eager to make me hate you even more?” It might be the effect of her pregnancy. His commanding tone stimulated her, and her emotions fluctuated strongly.

He clutched the phone tightly and almost said some harsh words but suppressed them.

Thinking of her pregnancy, he softened his tone. “I’m calling you with your schoolmate’s phone. I’m downstairs. Come down. I have something to say.”

“If you don’t want everyone to know about your pregnancy, come down now!” When she saw the message, her heart skipped a beat. But soon, she realized the truth.

Azure must have seen the pregnancy test kits in her trash can.

There were many experiments in the laboratory that pregnant women weren’t suitable to participate 1. in.

Since the people in the laboratory knew it, his cousin Joseph would also know it.

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