Meeting The One For Me Chapter 62

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 62-But Nathan couldn’t ask his friends. If he did so, they would know he had recovered some of his memories.

Amelia was already insecure because of his past relationship with Audrey. He couldn’t add to her uneasiness.

Audrey came out of Cloudmill University, calmed her emotions, and went to pick up Harper. She smiled and asked Harper, “How was school today?” Harper answered with sign language, “Very good. I like my classmates v care of me! I feel a little shy.” “That’s good!” She rubbed Harper’s head.

s very much! They take good Harper nodded, looked at her seriously, and told her, “Audrey, I’m happy to transfer to the new school! Our life will be good.” She smiled and held Harper’s hand. “Yes, our life will be better in the future!” After sending Harper back to school, she returned to her dormitory. Before entering her room, Azure, who lived beside her, opened the door and stuck out her head full of foam.

“Audrey! Can I use your bathroom? The water heater in my room broke. I don’t have hot water! I’m freezing to death!” “Yes, go ahead!” She opened the door to let Azure in. Instantly, Azure, wrapped in a bathrobe, rushed into the bathroom.

When she took off her jacket, she suddenly remembered the pregnancy test kits in the trash can. She walked to the bathroom nervously and knocked on the door. “Azure, can I come in to get something?” As soon as the sound of water stopped, Azure asked, “Are you in a hurry? I’ll be done soon!” She pursed her lips. The trash can was under the sink, so Azure might not see it.

“It’s okay. I’m not in a hurry.

Azure quickly washed the foam off her head, came out, and put on her bathrobe again. While wiping her face, she saw the pregnancy test kits and their packaging boxes in the trash can. She was startled.

She glanced toward the door and squatted to take a closer look. Sure enough, they were pregnancy test kits and packaging boxes. And they had parallel bars!

She was dumbfounded for a moment and stood up abruptly. She thought, “Oh my God! How does Audrey get pregnant when she doesn’t even have a boyfriend? Or does she have a boyfriend but didn’t tell us?” No wonder Audrey wanted to come in to get something just now, probably because she was afraid that Azure would see the pregnancy test kits!

With gossip in mind, she quickly left the bathroom and thanked Audrey, “Thank you very much! It’s too cold. I’ll go back first!” Audrey pretended to be calm and nodded with a smile. “Okay!” She thought Azure hadn’t noticed the pregnancy test kits.

When Azure returned to her room, she didn’t even have time to dry her hair. She immediately created a new group chat and added Daphne and Justin, whom she was close to. But she accidentally added Joseph too.

AzureSky asked, “Do you two know who Audrey’s boyfriend is?” CutieDaphne replied, “When did Audrey have a boyfriend?” AzureSky sent, “Believe me! She has a boyfriend!”

AzureSky wrote again, “Hmm… Could it be that bastard?” CutieDaphne asked, “What did “What did you mean?

HandsomeJustin responded, “Azure, don’t talk nonsense!”

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